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If you’re looking for a 100% transparent and trust-worthy partner to accompany you with your health trip, look no further, 3Chi is your best choice. The company was awarded Best Minor Cannabinoid Formulation, Best CBD Tincture, CBD Cosmetic Skincare by the CBD Expo Tour. All the cannabis compounds that 3Chi uses in their products are extracted form pure and organic hemp that are homegrown and locally sourced, using CO2 to prevent toxic pesticides and solvents. They strive to explore the best formula to make sure all the products reach the optimal synergistic effects for their customers. Both delivery and customer service are exquisite as it is. You really couldn’t ask for more!

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Unlike most cannabis-related companies, 3Chi features a rather more comprehensive product line that does not only involve CBD, but also engage many other cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, THCv, CBC, CBG, CBN and CBT. Feeling a little bit confused? Let’s get to know them one by one.

1.Delta 8 THC Products

Many of us have heard of THC. It is the most famous star when it comes to cannabis as it is always associated with a “high” when consuming cannabis. THC interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system to create a “high”, specifically by binding to and activating the CB1 receptors in your body.

The main Delta 8 THC Products that 3Chi sells are vape cartridges and edibles. Vape lovers have to try these amazing Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges! Each comes with a glass CCELL cartridge, a ceramic core and mouthpiece to offer the best vaping experience! Give it a go and they will become your new favorites! Wanna consume Delta 8 THC while enjoy delicious desserts? 3Chi has got you covered! Gummies, cookies, brownies or even cereal treats, all infused with optimal amount of Delta 8 THC of the highest quality. Take a bite and feel the amazement that they bring to you!

2.Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

Among more than 120 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, CBD is considered as a promising rising star. More and more people are using CBD to treat anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, seizures among other health conditions. Unlike Delta 8 THC, CBD does not go straight to act on the ECS, nor have any binding affinity to either the CB1 or CB2 receptors. Its advantages stem from its regulation of ion channels in the body.

The single CBD product line that 3Chi serves is wide-ranging itself. You can get premium CBD Oil, CBD relief cream, broad spectrum CBD distillate, CBD isolate and CBD vape cartridges here in 3Chi. Especially the purpose oriented CBD Oil. Whether you are looking for a calming relief, a sleep helper, or a focus assistant, you can always get the specific kind of products that meet your need.

3.Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv) Products

THCv is a compound that is not naturally produced in high concentrations in most cannabis plants. Compared to THC, THCv appears to be much more low key. In fact, THCv and THC share lots of similarities, one of which is the capability of getting you “high”. The potential benefits of THCv involve a lower blood sugar level, improved inflammation, a better bone growth etc. According to studies published in several medical Journals like Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Neurobiology of Disease and Pharmacology, THCv may also be useful in treating Epileptic seizures Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and so on working as anticonvulsant and neuroprotective agents.

When shopping for THCv isolate, you should look for those with a viscous that is as extreme as a solid, like this 3Chi THCv isolate. The oil shattering at room temperature does not mean spoilage. It is a perfectly normal phenomenon. But still, remember to keep it cool and dark, away from direct sunlight.

4.Cannabichromene (CBC) Products

CBC is a little-known cannabinoid that can be found in small levels in the cannabis plant. While there isn’t much evidence from research, it has been shown to enhance the effects of other cannabinoids. Individuals who previously claimed no effects from CBN have reported complete effects when CBN is combined with little doses of CBC.

The whole cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds industry is yet irregulated, buying your products from a reputable source can make a big difference. 3Chi is one of those caring companies believing in transparency and reputation. The bulk CBC Oil is made of superior hemp-derived CBC and keeps a 90%~99% purity. Besides, 3Chi ensures a steady supply for all customers which count up to 20 kilos per month with a price as low as $13,999.99 per kilo.

5.Cannabigerol (CBG) Products

The name CBG might sound like a stranger to you, but as the mother of all phytocannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp like THC, CBD, CBN and CBC, it is definitely a big deal. CBG, like CBD, has been used to treat pain without the intoxication effects of THC and other cannabinoids. CBG has been shown in studies to have therapeutic properties. However, there are few human studies on this topic, and more study is needed in this field. CBG may one day be proven beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), glaucoma, Huntington’s disease, and other conditions, according to some promising animal research. Its ability to fight cancer cells has also been demonstrated in animal studies.

The CBG product line covers CBG tinctures, CBG isolate, CBG oil and concentrates. More importantly, 3Chi presents only the best in the market. All CBG products in 3Chi are pharmaceutical-grade, making sure their customers get exactly what they want.

6.Cannabinol (CBN) Products

CBN was the first naturally occurring cannabinoid to be isolated in its pure form, despite the fact that it is not the most well-known member of the cannabis chemical family. It was considered to be the cause of marijuana’s intoxication effects until THC was discovered. The fact is that CBN has no intoxication effects by itself since the strength it interacts with CB1 receptors is only about one tenth that of THC. It has showed promise as a therapy for insomnia, pain reduction, inflammation, and other ailments.

3Chi provides high concentration bulk CBN oil that is completely hemp-derived. If you are troubled with mental conditions like anxiety, it may be your perfect night pacifier! The CBN isolate powder also contains over 98% CBN. It even works better than the CBN isolate oil when applying!

7.Cannabicitran (CBT) Products

CBT has the same chemical connection with CBD that CBD has with THC. It was found to reduce ocular pressure in rabbits, suggesting that it might be used to treat glaucoma and other diseases. You should be aware, however, that CBT lacks supported data for its safety and efficacy, so bear that in mind as well.

Right now, 3Chi focuses on the very one CBT product – CBT Isolate. Containing more than 95% of CBT, this CBT isolate has a low to moderate viscous that does not crystallize and is clear in color suggesting the perfect compound status and quality.

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