If you are just a cannabis recreational consumer, you will not want to know why you should take it, and how to take it. At present, the medical potential of cannabidiol is constantly being discovered, and CBD has made breakthroughs in the treatment of mental illness, whether it is depression or anxiety. Recent research shows that it can even block the growth of cancer cells and tumors. This is why CBD is becoming more and more popular for patients. Even if you are not a patient, you can get some benefits from the CBD.

If you have the idea of using BCD as a medical treatment, here are a few ways to take the consumption of it.


By smoking, the CBD will enter your body system through joints, blunt or bong, which is a viable option. Sometimes the product you choose may contain THC, but don’t worry, it won’t cause side effects, even if, it’s just a little bit.

However, there is a disadvantage in this method, that is, you have to suck the smoke into your lungs, which will increase the lung pollution and cause harm to your lungs. This is also a good reason for that it is not better than other methods to consume CBD. But there is a healthier alternative way to it – Vaping.


Why should we say it’s much healthier than smoking? Because vaporizing CBD oil with a vape pen, the oil is almost purified without any impurities. Form this way, you can enter your system without using any chemical ingredients.


Oil is the most popular way to consume CBD. Because CBD oil is not only with high-quality, but also extremely versatile. You can mix it with your daily food or drink. Even you can use it as edible oil just like olive, coconut oil.


This is the most ordinary way to intake CBD as a medication, you just need put it into your mouth then drink a swig of water, and you finish it well.


Tincture and oil are often seen the same, except that tincture is placed under the tongue and enters the blood system through the sublingual artery. In addition to this, there are still some differences between the two. The concentration of tincture is more than oil, and its extract is more like alcohol or glycerin. Therefore, some components can be retained after using tincture, but oil may completely evaporate.


This method can make the CBD into any food you want to eat so that it can enter your digestive system. This method breaks down nutrients and enters the body’s circulatory system. Another advantage of this approach is that you can get the CBD you need every day from different forms of it, like health care products. It makes you much easier get CBD you needed. The common forms are:








Dissolvable Strips

Dissolvable Strips has been used for the treatment of bad breath for many years, but some people do not know that it is also used in CBD consumption. Whether it is THC strips or CBD strips, it depends on your own needs. However, it is not available in some places, so you should ask the local budtender for details before purchasing.


Cream is also a way to get the CBD. It enters the system through your skin, so the methods described above do not work as fast, but are safer, at least without the risk of addiction.


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