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AHO, short for American Hemp Oil, is a renowned brand for CBD product. First, the mission of AHO is to offer consumers a one-stop source for all their CBD needs. Second, it strives to deliver the most comprehensive information about CBD, abbreviation of cannabidiol, online by using science and research as the guide. Third, it also offers high-quality CBD products made with the best natural ingredients as part of the mission to make CBD more accessible to the public.

Speaking of the people at American Hemp Oil, they are bright and energetic. That is to say, all of them are passionate about CBD and helping improving the lives of others. Therefore, to improve customers’ lifestyle and overall quality of life, they take the use of natural and safe products seriously.

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The Traits of AHO

Totally natural

The ingredients make the product extremely effective and tasty. All the ingredients used are safe and legal and contain zero THC.

90 day guarantee

The goal of AHO is to make life as easy as possible for customers. And they have set their return policy in simple and easily understood terms.

Free shipping

AHO offers free shipping to all customers with every order to the United States. Similarly, they also ship internationally for only $10.

Third party Lab tested

Every product comes with the third party laboratory test document on each product page, so you know you are getting the best.

CBD Oil Has Been Prevailing for Recent Years

CBD oil is the fastest growing natural remedy on the market today and for a good reason. But you may wonder does it work? And, what may it help with? Cannabidiol is made from the hemp plant. But not just any old hemp plant. Usually speaking, good CBD hemp oil is made from high CBD, low THC hemp plants. Well, THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol.

Unlike marijuana based products that are produced from different plants containing high amounts of THC and are considered illegal. However, because cannabidiol products are derived from the purposely grown hemp plant, there are only trace amounts of THC.

To be specific, THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana based products. There are currently over 85 cannabinoids, and THC and CBD oil are the most common ones in marijuana.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Over the last decade, the medical world has been scrutinizing and studying the acience and the benedits cannabidiol has to offer. Especially in helping people with specific ailments. In the past two years, there has been immense excitement and massive press coverage of CBD hemp oil.

Doctor of Barack Obama’s first chioce for surgeon general, Sanjay Gupta, produced a documentary called WEED, first shown on CNN. This groundbreaking documentary painted a picture of the power cannabidiol has to fight disease, take away the pain and so much more.

Here listed 7 benefits of CBD oil:

Cannabidiol may help with pain

Dating back to 2900 BC marijuana has been known to treat pain. Recent discoveries in the medical field and documented in medical journals around the world have concluded cannabidiol as beinmg a key component to relieving pain.

CBD may help with anxiety and depression

The World Health Organization has stated depression as the most significant disability in the world and anxiety ranks 6th. As we all know, anxiety and depression are typically treated with pharmaceutical drugs. However, these drugs may come with unwanted side effects like insomnia, sexual dysfunction, drowsiness and so forth.

Cannabidiol may be beneficial for arthritis

As explained earlier, cannabidiol has potent anti-inflammatory effects. And thanks to this CBD may give people arthritis relief and joint pain relief. Along with slower disease progression of your arthritis, cannabidiol does this by reducing pain, swelling and you may see reduced joint destruction.

Cannabinoids may help with insomia

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, CBD oil might help you to some extent. Research from the University of Colorado School of Medicine suggests taking cannabidiol before bed improves the sleep quality of people with insomnia.

Cannabidiol may help epileptic seizures

This breakthrough is one of the most exciting discoveries in the field of epileptic seizures. A survey conducted with parents of children who have epilepsy reported jaw-dropping results. 84% of parents reported seeing fewer seizures in their children. In fact, the children also experienced better alertness, better moods, and improved sleep quality.

CBD may help with acne

Although acne is caused by many different factors such as genetics, bacteria, inflammation and the overproduction of sebum. Thanks to recent studies it appears CBD may help with acne due to its inflammation qualities and its ability to lessen the production of sebum.

Cannabinoids might have neuroprotective properties

Studies have started to lead researchers to believe that CBD ability to act on the endocannabinoid system and other neuro systems in the brain, may lead to giving people neurological disorders some help.

Different CBD Product Type on the Market


CBD tinctures are the most typical way to buy CBD oil. Compared to other products, tinctures are probably the most popular and provide the purest form of CBD. It is possible to get tinctures with flavors which can make the oil more comfortable to take.


CBD capsules are similar to your everyday multi-vitamin. Capsules make a comfortable alternative to pwople who do not wish to taste the cannabidiol oil. Therefore, if you take medication tablets, capsules will help integrate cannabinoids seamlessly into your daily routine.

Topicals and creams

CBD creams and topicals are becoming more popular in the forms of lotions, salve, lip balms for multiple reasons. The biggest reason why people love  topical is that people can apply CBD hemp oil straight to the problem area. Furthermore, they can be easy to use as they are applied similarly to a moisturizer.

The Four Products of AHO

Pure CBD Hemp Oil


AHO best-selling CBD hemp oil is the perfect product for both new and experienced users. Besides, the CBD oil is available in different strengths so you can choose the best option for your individual wellness needs and personal preferences.

Overtime, a daily dose of CBD may help you cope with everyday struggles like feelings of anxiety, joint and muscle pain, and difficulties sleeping.

CBD Pain Relief Cream


AHO all-natural CBD cream has been specially formulated to deliver a potent, concentrated relief directly to the site of pain. In addition to pure hemp-derived CBD, each 4 oz. Container of CBD pain cream contains other soothing natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, rosemary leaf extract, and peppermint oil.

This all-natural CBD lotion is a perfect option for pain related to injuries or conditions such as arthritis. What is more, it is also an excellent alternative to help you loosen up before exercise or recover after a workout.

CBD Gel Capsules


AHO CBD capsules provide users with a familiar way to take their daily dose of CBD. With easy-to-use dosing and delivery, CBD gel caps are an excellent option for those who are new to CBD supplements.

American Hemp Oil pure CBD capsules are made with all-natural ingredients and contain no solvents, pesticides, or other unnatural substances.

CBD Oil for Pets


AHO bacon flavoured CBD oil for dogs and cats is the perfect supplement to promote pet wellness in a completely natural way. A daily dose of CBD oil for pets may help the four-legged members of your family overcome many of their daily struggles such as anxiety, inflammation, and even symptoms of epilepsy.

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At AHO, you may notice that they only provide 4 types of CBD product, which is utterly different from many other brands. But that may be the reason why they offer high-quality product and high-standard service. So, on account of the aforementioned traits, AHO can be an ideal option if you happen to be a fan of CBD user.


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