Brand Introduction

Since 1997, Ali Bongo has been serving Norwich and East Anglia with all its social needs. Also, many people has witnessed it from the small, perfectly formed beginnings of a market stall to a grandiose store. Now it is meant to tend the needs of smokers all around the world.

After 16 years of trading, tens of thousands of happy, return customers and an award winning attitude you can shop assured of a positive experience. Though a small independent company, Ali Bongo thinks like the big boys with regard to service, promotion, offers and stock. Thinking this way has helped it keep going all these years with so many satisfied customers.

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The Features of Ali Bongo

Stores with 16 years history

With this many years in the head shop retail business it really is well placed to look after all your needs. Of course, there are literally thousands of happy customers who are satisfied with Ali Bongo.

World wide shipping

Ali Bongo will deliver anywhere in the world, provided that the goods you have ordered are legal in there destination country.

Safe and secure

Ali Bongo takes customers’ safe and security very seriously. For instance, online payment is done through Quick Pay who one of the worlds most popular and secure on line payment systems. For your information, Ali Bongo does not ever have access to your full card details, as well as it never ever passes on your details to a third party, and it always report card fraud. Surely, Bitcoin is also an acceptable payment method.

Source new products

Ali Bongo has a very dedicated team that spend hours sourcing new products for customers all the time, so they will always find something new and interesting to check out, even for the most frequent of visitors.

Excellent value

In this price conscious world Ali Bongo strives to not only give you an amazing choice, but also an excellent price too. If you are a frequent customer, you should know how competitive the price is.


Different Type of Products at Ali Bongo


As the featured product at Ali Bongo, bongs fitted with various features designed to expand the smoker’s surface area against the water, you will get the delicious flavor of your favorite herb without the hot inhale that every smoker hates. The good thing is there are the latest glass bongs are designed for both flavor and comfort.

At Ali Bongo, there are ash catchers, precoolers, bong bowls, adapters and so forth for you to choose, see more details on

Food and drinks

At Ali Bongo, you can find edibles as well, including soft drinks, fanta, KoKoNuggz, cannashot, fristi and so on. And they are delicious and nutritious. To see more details on


There are hookah pipes and other pipes at Ali Bongo. When it comes to hookah pipes, they generally come in three different sizes depending on the occasion but are offered in many different styles and appearances. Also, it includes but not limited to such themes as Acrylic, Bohemian, Exotic, and Modern designs that cater to all different environments.

Hookahs are generally made out of aluminum, iron, zinc, brass, nickel, and stell materials to ensure an authentic and quality style appeal. The demand for variety in the western world has yielded to Hookahs consisting of either one hose, or mutiple hoses.

Besides, mutiple hose hookahs are used in such occasions where more than one smoker desires to use the less time consuming. However, using proper etiquette guidelines, single hose hookahs still produce the best smoking experience available and offer the age-old customs of passing the hookah to other smokers.


A vaporizer, colloquially known as a vape, is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. For its function, plant substances can be used, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other hers or blends of essential oil. However, they can also be filled with a combination propylene glycol, glycerin, and drugs such as nicotine or tetrahydrocannabinol as a liquid solution.

Skins and blunts

Blunts, lighters, skins, tips and roach are also main products at Ali Bongo. To be specific, blunts are the newest smoking sensation to hit the shelves in 2019, they add that extra edge to your smoking experience. In addition, lighters are perfect for a whole plethora of activities such as smoking and camping. The lighter at Ali Bongo has a normal flame and a turbo flame in the middle. As for skins, we are talking about hemp skins that can be used for organic hemp rolling paper.

Rolling gear

Rolling gear, such as rolling box is made from hardwood and covered with a high quality and highly durable piano lacquer. In this rolling box, it contains papers, roach, grinders, storage cans, baggies, lighters that are everything to roll a cigarette.

Especially at Ali Bongo, a mixing tray and an M card block are included to make your rolling needs much less finicky and are both removable. And it is probably the most prestigious and practical rolling boxes you can get.


Concentrate tools and extraction equipment are two main type of this kind respectively. Firstly, concentrate tools such as the scrapper, which has one end in a spoon shape and the other a scrape or pick shape which means cutting, dissecting and picking up concentrates is an absolute breeze.

Secondly, extraction equipment such as the butter machine that is scientifically designed for a specific purpose. For example, it can create incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labour. Specifically speaking, the butter machine combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit.

On the one hand, the butter machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps your herbal extract. On the other hand, it offers all at the correct time intervals and temperature. Hence, you can achieve your desired infusion easily, safely and consistently.


Except for bongs and pipes, there are also something else for you to choose. Such as books and magazines, detox and testing, snuff stuff etc.

For instance, the wax liquidizer at Ali Bongo can convert your favourite extracts, oils and concentrates into a fully vapeable e-liquid designed to increase flavour and allow you to enjoy them to the max.

Surely, as for the good part, there are some great benefits for you to convert your oils into vape liquids. In this way, no matter where you go , you can vape them on and go. So, it is a bit more discrete than getting your rig out in town too. The fun part is no one will suspect a thing.


For entertainment purpose, Ali Bongo also sells items such as body jewellery, clothing, games, crafts, textiles and graffiti etc.. More products are on


Reviews of Ali Bongo

The rating of Ali Bongo is up to 9.5, which is awesome in comparison to similar brands. See more reviews and feedback on

Hot-sale Products in Different Type

Name Picture Price Link Features
Chongz Mini Goose Bong $30.84


  • Great size for oils
  • Cool design
  • Available in 3 colors
OG Flavoured Chocolate Budz 4.5oz by KoKoNuggz




  • Indeed chocolate
  • Taste good
  • No additives
Incredibowl i420




  • Lifetime pipe
  • Unique design
  • Tasty smoke
Subdab Portable E Nail


  • No-fuss way to enjoy
  • Secret integrates compartment
  • Unique shape
Silver Match Turbo Jet Lighter




  • Pure raw power
  • Used for welding
  • A locking system
Weedor Hardwood Box with Piano Lacquer




  • Covered with durable piano lacquer
  • Removable
  • Less finicky
Dexso Oil Extraction Tube Pro




  • A Swiss precision product
  • High-quality materials
  • Hands free


High Life Glass Base Large




  • Replacement glass base
  • Available for all models
  • Large size
Lauren Rose Collection – Cocaine & Caviar Full Black Suede Snapback Hat Cap




  • 70% acrylic
  • 30% cotton
  • One size fits all

Contact Information

For America: 011 44 1603 760055

Global hot-line: +44 1603 760055


Opening time: 10 AM – 6 PM Monday to Saturday, 11 AM – 4 PM Sunday

Freight charges: start from £3.5

In the End

Finally, Ali Bongo is an innovative store where you can find all kinds of bizzare objects. Furthermore, mostly it sells some equipment and gadgets with regard to marijuana.

Besides, if you are a fan of this kind, then Ali Bongo will be a good option for you. The reason is it not only has good reputation in this field, but also has miscellaneous of products that are available.

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