Brand Introduction:

AMMA LIFE, a famous CBD brand in Britain, offers food supplements produced from whole plant hemp extract, which is cannabis sativa. As for its function, if you take it regularly, then it can help to support well-being and maintain optimal health.

AMMA LIFE CBD products are only available for sale in the U.K. and European countries. To assure its safety, all products sold have less than 0.2% THC content and are within the legal requirements for the sale of hemp. Besides, extracts for all products come from licensed and industrial hemp.

Quoting the word from AMMA LIFE group, “our mission is for everyone to benefit from superior grade CBD supplements and to live healthy, creative and happy life”, we can see they are committed to serve their customers well.

Also, we can enjoy the goodness of hemp and let it play a part in us living life to the fullest. For instance, we can choose a lifestyle that invites the regular use and intake of legal cannabis sativa. Or, we can enjoy the very first cup of CBD tea in the morning, and take a few drops of CBD oil throughout the day. In the evening, you can get a massage with CBD cream wiped on your skin.

The Characteristics of AMMA LIFE

Enormous potential 

Even though more and more people started to accept CBD products, there still are many people who are unaware of how cannabinoids can help everyone to gain optimal health.

Even though CBD is currenctly the most well-known cannabinoid; however, there are over 100 other cannabinoids present in cannabis sativa, as well as all of the wonderful terpenes. And this is why they only add whole plant extracts to the CBD supplements product range. The entourage effect gained from ingesting a full spectrum of cannabinoids is greater than choosing CBD isolates.

Finally,  their aim is only just beginning to discover the extent of the immense potential cannabis extracts can have to help us achieve true well-being.

Quality guaranteed 

First, they use some of Europe’s most specialist hemp farmers at AMMA LIFE, growing their crops outdoors in Holland, Spain and Lithuania without any pesticides or herbicides. Second, just as nature intended, the highest grade of GMO-free seed is used to produce the finest crops.

State of the art extraction methods are then applied to create superior-grade CBD oils and the best whole plant cannabis supplements in the world. Therefore, all batches of CBD are tested regularly by independent third parties to ensure that the exact content of CBD is present in every bottle. Also, they test to ensure no heavy metals, fungi or unpleasant microbes are in there.

Apart from that, the group of AMMA LIFE is passionate about giving more. They continuously strive to find new ways to ensure customers get the most out of their CBD supplements, introducing innovative ranges such as water soluble CBD spray and CBD tea.

Living the Amma way 

AMMA LIFE is a pioneering UK CBD company that began life back in 2014, when whole plant CBD products were just emerging in the UK. The word Amma originates from the West African Dogan tribe and was the term used to describe their supreme creator or sky god. It pertains to the unformed, created universe, full of unrealized potential.

CBD is at the forefront of a new consciousness, and CBD products can act as a vehicle to help others achieve their unrealized potenial. They regularly witness the optimizing health effects of legally grown cannabis sativa and its main active component, cannabidiol.

CBD oil and whole plant hemp extracts are just one element of a balanced lifestyle, alongside a healthy diest, relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, regular exercise and self-care. They embrace this holistic approach and they are dedicated to create an Amma life community where they can help to educate the world about hemp and combine the greatest passions.

Refer-a-friend program 

When you find a product you love, you just want to tell your friends. Each time you recommend AMMA LIFE to a friend, which then leads to a successful Amma life purchase online. They will give you Star Drop points for your friend’s first purchase. You can find out more about the rewaids system by logging into the account of AMMA LIFE website:

A Guideline for You to Choose a  AMMA LIFE CBD Product

At the very beginning, there is a general guideline for you to consider the CBD strength of the content in case you do not know how to choose.

Firstly, the stronger the CBD content in a product, the more effective it may be in optimizing your well-being. Secondly, AMMA LIFE products range from 4% CBD to 30% CBD content.

Another thing to consider is the varying cannabinoid profiles active in each of the product ranges. Sometimes people will get on better with one product over another, and this is not always just about the CBD strength. Other cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBG, and CBC can play a role in how it may support or maintain your health.

As the graph shows, you can take it as reference when you choose the suitable dosage:

Different Type of CBD Products at AMMA LIFE


Speaking of CBD oil, it is a  popular way to take CBD supplements, which the Amma Life whole plant extract CBD Oils range from 4% (400mg) through to 25% (2500mg) CBD. As for its traits, it is only only enriched with terpenes, but also available for bundle Offers.


CBD e-Liquid also known as CBD juice: Vaping can be a convenient way to enjoy CBD. For one thing, benefits include quick absorption and almost instant effects. For another, this can be a great addition to any daily CBD supplementation.


Whole Plant CBD Paste (also known as CBD extract) is a great way to take CBD. Luckily, the CBD paste has a more condense finish, as there is no oil carrier mixed with the extract and it is full of the pure hemp goodness. On the one hand, it is available in a range of strengths from 20% (2000mg) through to 30% (3000mg) CBD. On the other hand, option to buy different sizes starting from a 1g sample size up to 10g.


Amma Life presents its most innovative CBD supplement – Water Soluble CBDX Spray enriched with terpenes from turmeric, black pepper, lavender, pine needles, hops and citrus. Taken orally, water soluble CBD can be utilised by the body quicker with increased absorption rates of up to 10 times greater than other forms of CBD solution! This is a great supplement to add to your hot or cold drink and to sip the CBD infused solution throughout your day. And it is vailable in different sizes.


As for CBD tea, the finest legal Cannabis Sativa leaves are carefully selected to go into every box of Amma Life CBD tea. To optimize its effects, the hemp is grown by specialist farmers in Europe without the use of any pesticides. Except for that, the CBD tea offers a delicate floral flavour.


At first, this CBD cream is designed for topical application. For one thing, it is a great way to absorb the powerful CBD cannabinoid through your skin and to leave it feeling hydrated and nourished. For another, the calming properties of this special formula help to soothe the skin.

The Nourishing CBD cream is suitable for sensitive skin and may be applied on challenging skin areas such as dry skin. Besides, his special formula has been designed to support the skin to maintain a healthy moisture balance, keeping it soft & hydrated.

Top 5 Best-Selling CBD Products at AMMA LIFE


25% CBD Oil  CBD Vape   20% PURE CBD PASTE  CBDX Water Soluble Spray  

CBD Tea 



£125.00 – £209.00 £27.40 £18.49 – £129.00 £23.50 – £75.00 £12.95


CBD 25% CBD 75% CBD 20% CBD 4% CBD

2% CBD


Less than 0.1% THC THC free 0.1% THC 0.05% THC THC free


  •  Non-GMO, 100% natural
  •  Suitable for vegans
  • Discount and reward points
  •  Suitable for tyro
  • Whole plant extract
  •  Premium extraction methods
  •  Easy to use and pleasant taste
  •  Faster absorption rate
  •  Delicate floral flavour.
  •  Enjoy at any time
Notice Food supplement Away from direct sunlight Store in a dark place Use within 3 months of opening.

Keep away from children

Rating 5 stars 4.9 stars 4.9 stars 4.8 stars

4.9 stars


Postage and Delivery at AMMA LIFE

One of the traits of AMMA LIFE is their inexpensive freight, you can see more details on the following picture:

Reviews and Feedback at AMMA LIFE

The fact speaks louder than words, hundreds of reviews reflect how customers think of AMMA LIFE

amma life

Contact Information of AMMA LIFE

emma life

In the End

At AMMA LIFE, you can always get the high-quality CBD oil if you want. In addition, the most impressive part of AMMA Life is its guaranteed quality and reward points.

That is to say, you can both check the certificate on the website and receive the benefits of reward points. Doesn’t that sound amazing? You really should experience how CBD can enhance your living quality.

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