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Mission of Breazy

The mission of Breazy is to empower its customers with the freedom of choice.

As for Breazy, it is dedicated to building a seamless and personable shopping experience which enables its customers to find what they want, with maximum choice and minimum effort. Likewise, its employees are committed to listening to its customers and responding to their needs. So it is inspired by the opportunity to discover what’s next.

Breazy is proud to be 100% independent of big tobacco and is very active in vape advocacy. So it supports many organizations including The Right To Be Smoke-Free Coalition & CASAA, as well as others.

In addition, it’d like to thank you for visiting! Because as a small business, it lives for its customers. And its goal is to provide you with the best online shopping experience possible.

Above all, customer service is the foundation of its company. So if you aren’t happy, neither is breazy. To keep you happy, it does things differently. It is investing heavily in customer service, and promise that when you email it, it will email you back.

Breazy’s traits

It is proud for Breazy not only to donate 1% of net profits to charity, but also is 100% independent of big tobacco. So it has seen first hand what cigarette smoking has done to its loved ones.

On the one hand, freedom of choice is why it loves vaping. Because the choice to live a life that is richer and more enjoyable. And its hope is to introduce you to something new that you’ll love. For example, the possibilities in the community it is all creating seem endless, and this is definitely exciting!

On the other hand, the health of you and your loved ones is very important to Breazy. That’s why Breazy ONLY sells e-liquids from vendors that use child resistant bottles, and top shelf ingredients. While it knows that the world isn’t perfect and that these safeguards do not fully protect its loved ones, it knows this is the right thing to do. Therefore, the safety of you and your family is a priority for it and that’s why it has such high standards for its products.

Note: It doesn’t sell to kids, and doesn’t market to kids. So if you are not 19, or can’t buy its products legally where you live, please leave its site.

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Different Types of Products at Breazy

Vape Deals

Breazy vape deal

The Best Vape Deals on EJuice and Vaping Hardware

Get the best vape deals on popular brands, everyday deals on e-liquid, cheap vaping deals starter kits, and free shipping on orders $50+. It is excited to offer cheap vaping deals on the best quality products from top brands. It keeps things fresh and affordable with the best vape deals on everything from vape juice to vaping accessories and hardware.

Vape Juice Deals on the Most Popular Brands

It offers more popular vape ejuice brands than anywhere online. It has fantastic e liquid deals on your favorites vape brands. Buy from 1600+ of the best brands without shopping around! There is always something new and it always has great vaping deals on flavors and e liquids you’ll love. Vape juice deals are only the beginning.

The Best Vape Deals on Quality Hardware and Accessories

It has tons of vaping hardware and accessory brands, too. Buy Procolor, SMOK, Rolo, Suorin, and MyJet systems for cheap. Regular and disposable vaping systems are on sale now, and it always has the perfect replacement and improvement hardware in stock and ready to ship. Its variety is your deal and it believes the best vape deals are those that help you get great products and the best prices.

Cheap Vaping Deals on Starter Kits

The best way to score a vape deal on everything you need to start vaping is by buying a vape starter kit. Shop top vape brands like Nunchaku and T-Priv without the hassle. There’s no assembly required. All you need is a battery and your favorite juice to start vaping with any of its cheap vaping deals on starter kits. It stocks mod and disposable atomizer tank systems for e-liquids, “cigalike” sticks and pre-filled ejuice pods, and pod mod open loop systems for nicotine salt e-liquids. Your taste doesn’t determine if you qualify for a great vaping deal.

Free Shipping on EJuice Deals and Vape Accessories $50+

Cheap vaping deals can save you even more with free shipping! It offers free shipping every day on orders $50+. Combine ejuice deals with rechargeable batteries and chargers or buy a squonk mod from our huge selection of vape hardware. 

Vape Starter Kits

New to vaping?

Vape starter kits are uniquely packaged with everything a new vaper needs to enjoy their early vaping experiences. Its vape kits are packaged with the hardware and pre-filled e-liquid “pods” you’ll need to get started, taking all of the guesswork and piecemealing of out the equation. With a variety of popular starter vape kits in stock, it makes it so simple to switch to vaping. 

A vape starter kit is an easy way to get you vaping faster. Find the vape setup that works best for you, or try something new! Some of the most popular vape kits for sale online include a mod and disposable-atomizer tank systems, while other vaping kits including “cigalike” stick batteries with disposable pre-filled e-liquid pods. It is so excited to offer the top brands in the newest designs, including badge pods, pen sticks, and all your other favorites.

The Best Deals on Vape Mod Starter Kits

Get great deals on mods and tanks when you buy them together in a vape kit. Some vape starter kits also come with batteries, and some even come primed with e-liquid pods. If you choose a starter vape kit that doesn’t already come with batteries and eliquid, it has got you covered! Add your favorite e-juice or a new flavor of vape juice you’d like to try and you’re ready to go. Easy Breazy!

Buy preset and adjustable voltage mods or try pen-style mods with day-long battery life. It has all the latest vape hardware and accessories from top brands at the best prices online, and it wants to make it even easier to buy vaping supplies online. Enjoy free shipping on orders $50 or more with

1600+ Brands of Vape Juice for Your New Vape Kit

It offers the best deals on more than starter vape kits, buy everything you need today and save. Buy e-juice pods and e-liquid to top off your vape mod starter kit. Get a variety of ejuice flavors and your favorite liquids so you can experiment with your new kit as soon as it arrives. Its prices are some of the best online, and in its selection of 1600+ brands of vape juice is sure to include something for every vaper to enjoy!


Breazy juices

It offers over 1,200 of the best vape e-liquid products from your favorite brands.

Its wide selection of vape e-juice includes something for every vaper, fitting every flavor profile and category in any number of combinations. You’ll find ejuice to fit your every need and desire. 

Popular Vape Juice Flavors

No matter your e-liquid flavor of choice, you’ll find something that you’ll love in its large selection of vape juice. Its e-liquid/juice flavors are separated into a few broad categories including Sweet, Cereal, Custard, Dessert, Donut, Fruit, Menthol, Tobacco.

These categories include favorite liquid vape flavors, like tasty dragon fruit, sweet cereal, energizing coffee, sour lemon, and delicious warm cookies.

The Best eJuice Liquid Brands at the Best Price

At Breazy you’ll find great deals on all of your favorite brands of vape juice. It has got a huge selection from popular brands including Jam MonsterJuice Man E-LiquidJuice Roll-UpzSavageFuggin, and so many more. Find all your favorite vape juice brands and try new ones all in one place.

Salt E-Liquids

Its vape juice collection includes salt-based e-liquids for those who enjoy a cleaner taste and a higher nicotine dosage. This type of vape e-juice has been growing in popularity and it keeps its inventory stocked with a variety of flavors and brands.

Vape Pods and E-Liquid Bundles

Many vapers who use salt e-liquids are using a pod mod system. Keep yours at peak performance with its vape ejuice pod packs and replacements. It carries multi-packs at great low prices and for further savings, check out its e-liquid bundles. Shopping for bundles is a great way to save a ton of cash and get your favorite top-shelf juice for less. You can try mixing flavors or use them solo for hours of vaping.

Shop and get free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50. It offers some of the best deals and sales you’ll find anywhere online. If you’re looking for great variety and value in vape juices, you’re shopping at the right place.

Vape Hardware

Breazy vape hardware

Buy the latest vape hardware online from top brands with better deals and less hassle.’s selection of cheap vape hardware is always the best vape hardware, too – priced to sell with tons of great sale items! Replace old tanksupdate your mod, or try a full new vape system with some of the most durable and dependable hardware on the market. Whether you’re looking for a convenient cigalike or a squonk mod, it has the best vape hardware deals online! 

The Best Vape Hardware Deals Online

Get the vape hardware you need fast and with free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Choose from its large selection of pod modscigalikestanksmodsrebuildables, and squonk mods. It even offers vape starter kits for new vapers. Its cheap vape hardware covers everything you need, from tanks to box mods, at some of the best prices online. It has the best vape hardware from all the major brands, giving you an exceptional quality vaping experience with amazing deals and sales.

Squonk mods are popular, but many vapers new to the trend

These vapers have trouble finding all the quality parts they want – your search for vape hardware ends here! Get deep juice wells, dozens of box mods, full squonk mod kits, and all the best vape hardware to craft the perfect vaping experience. It also stocks rebuildables so you can preserve your full vape hardware collection. Its vape hardware deals give you the flexibility to build something uniquely suited to your tastes and you can still buy your favorite ejuice liquids for your new mod.

It stocks ready to use hardware for vapers on the go, too.

Buy cheap replacement tanks for your favorite mod or try a new model with any of its starter kits. Get vaping faster with our ready to ship selection of cigalikes and mods, and save even more at checkout. offers fresh vape hardware deals and great sales all the time. Get a deal on a new mod, buy extra batteries, or a full backup kit without breaking the bank. Try a new vape ejuice liquid and experiment with new flavors. It has great deals on all the latest vaping gear, so you can buy all the vape accessories you want, in addition to our broad stock of varied and durable hardware.


It has all the best vape accessories online from top brands to make vaping shopping quick and convenient. Enjoy free shipping on orders of $50 or more and deals on vape pen accessories, vape mod accessories, vape tank accessories, and all your other vaping needs at Shop the latest cool vape accessories for every style system. Buy batteries, cotton, chargers, and coils; everything you need to get the most out of your vaping experience.  

Great Deals on the Best Vape Accessories Online

Batteries and Chargers

Your hunt for cool vape accessories is over. Order powerful batteries and chargers to help you ultimately spend less and vape more with reduced waste. Buy USB and wall plug chargers with fast charging mode, short circuit protection, auto-detect charging, and over-charging prevention features. Get new batteries with longer charges and cool colors suited to all your mods.


It has great deals on cotton for every atomizer and vape system style. Buy new vape accessories, like precut cotton wicking designed specifically for your favorite sub ohm vape and organic cotton threading. Get cotton in lumps, wicks, rolls, pads, and more; these convenient and easy vape accessories are simple but important to using your vape system properly. It’s so important to buy top quality vape juice accessories from the best brands that will soak up your ejuice and keep the flavor pure.


It also sells accessories for vape mods. Burn out a coil? has you covered with its extensive stock of replacement parts and hardware. Its coils from top brands like SMOK, Uwell, Suorin, and more keep you vaping comfortably with any device and system. Buy single replacements or multipacks suited to your vaping habits and preferences.

Vape Shop Accessories with Free Shipping

It offers free shipping on all orders $50+, you can enjoy your electronic vape e-cigarettes and accessories with new e-liquid flavors. Buy e vape accessories online and cash in on some of the best deals on vape pen accessories, fresh cotton, cutting edge chargers, and everything else you need to get the most out your vape system.

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