Brand Introduction of BuyBest

BuyBest, a competitive online shop founded in 2017, focuses on e-cigs, small consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers, mini cameras. It chooses every product elaborately, to guarantee the top quality and low price for its customers. It offers free international shipping and quick customer services.

Its Vision

BuyBest is engaged in providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds your expectations. Its total commitment empowers them to work closely together with every customer. The service process is not complete when they ship your order, it is complete when you are totally satisfied.

Its Products

BuyBest’s product range covers e cigs, small consumer electronics, phone lens, min cameras. It is constantly expanding day to day to satisfy its customers’ curiosity and demands. You can always find new and surprising products at competitive price on BuyBest has been cooperating with the brand manufactures directly, only sell 100% original products and adhere to exceptional quality control processes. Its Services
It treats every customer with a professional, dedicated attitude regardless of order amount. Your messages will be always replied within 24 working hours. Your goods will be delivered directly to your door.

Its Guarantee

Different products have slight different guarantee, which is declared clearly before your order. It will provide you with professional advice or guidance for any questions or problems you encountered.

Its Strength

It has over 10,000 squares warehouse world-widely, namely Russian warehouse, Hongkong warehouse and Chinese mainland warehouse. BuyBest holds its own inventory in secure state of the art warehouse facilities, to guarantee that it can send your parcels in a fast and efficient way. 

Its Team

It is always proud to have this young but vibrant service team! Customer Satisfaction is of utmost importance at BuyBest. its service team can solve all your problems, from products guide, payment, shipping to after-sales and guarantee.

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Vape Starter Kits and Cheap Vape kits at BuyBest

Science says that vaporization is one of the most essential heating techniques that is done without burning or combusting harmful carcinogens as well. Also, the vaporizer is one such device that is used to heat or vaporize some of the essential oils or glycerin-based formulas from herbal to liquid substances, and finally the vapors released are inhaled.

Vape pen starter kit 

Vape pen starter kit is one such product that is readily available at this website and other associated products like liquid vaping products can also be purchased from the company either by visiting the place or online website. A single mouse click can make you purchase the items like vape pen battery charger, thick oil pens, batteries, mods, accessories, and dual coil wax atomizer as well. The quality of products is worth mentioning that for sure cannot be available anywhere else that too at such affordable prices for sure.

Sometimes hot deals are also available and to grab such deals it is better to sign up an online newsletter, as it will keep you updated about the same from time to time. In case you are willing to subscribe to some social media platforms then also there are options like facebook, twitter, and Gmail. In case you have queries and questions then also an online messaging option is helpful, as instant queries can be obtained there and then. Also, the contact number is available over the website along with an email so that you communicate effectively and quickly with the company’s customer representatives from time to time.

Customer service

The company aims at satisfying customers to the best in every possible way, as client satisfaction is their topmost importance as it helps in long term healthy relationships. The company also aims at expanding its network to the maximum by serving a large number of clients and for this once you feel satisfied with the services for sure you can give reference to others as well. Let your near and dear ones along with your family and friends also know about the vape pen sales company for its quality products and services. So, try the services and products for once and for sure you shall enjoy using them. In case of complaints, you can get in touch with the company to overcome problems and complaints, as the company is ready to serve you anytime.

Drop Shipping at BuyBest

What is drop shipping at BuyBest?

Drop shipping is a business mode that it sends items directly from its warehouse to your customers. You just need make an order on its website after you receive an order from your customers. The advantage is that you will not take any risk because you don’t need to worry about overstocked products.
How does drop shipping work?

  • Apply for an account on its web.
  • Send them message on BuyBest or send email to to talk about drop shipping business.
  • Receive orders from your customers.
  • Place same orders on its web. (Please leave your customer’s address and note “Drop shipping”)
  • It will send item to your customer directly.

Why choose BuyBest?

  • Its products are 100% original with security code which can be verified on official website.
  • 8% to 10% discount are available for dropping shippers, and more surprise will come soon.
  • In order to protect your benefits, the package sent to your customers will not contain its logo, price or other information.
  • It has professional colleagues to solve problems of drop shipping and it provides best after-sale service.

Is BuyBest battery flashing?

That’s a common question. This is mostly caused by over tightening your atomizer or charger to push down the central pin of battery. And the battery will lose connection with your cartomizer.

The simple way to deal with this problem is to remove cartomizer and check the thread end of your battery carefully and use a cocktail stick or paper click to raise the center pin gently. And then screw cartomizer back.


Please try to clean your atomizer first using the Guide Here. If you put your atomizers away for several months and they can’t perform well when you begin to use them, please firstly try to clean your atomizers completely. It is quite useful.


Firstly, check its item description to see whether it has special function, for example, 5-click protection.

Secondly, try to charge the battery for a while. Though the factory has charged, it may be lose power in warehouse or during transit.

Atomizer & Battery

Meanwhile, sometimes the battery and atomizer aren’t so flush with each other, you will need to adjust their terminal connection. The atomizer terminal may have been pushed down in the rubber seat so it isn’t reaching the battery terminal. Please try using a bamboo skewer and wiggling the atomizer brass terminal out of its rubber seat carefully a little bit by sticking the pointed end in the atomizer hole, then do the same with the battery.

It tried its biggest effort to offer detailed description in product page. Also it appreciates your having a check to see whether it has mentioned some tips in product page. It appreciates any time and effort taken to attempt fixing these issues before contacting them. If the above doesn’t work, please feel free to send an message or email to contact them within 48 hours, it will respond as soon as possible to assist in resolving your issue

In 2019 Best Pod Mod Kit at BuyBest

The pod mod kit gets everything you like about the box mod and compresses it in a convenient and portable pod device. Pod mod kitalways comes with a long-lasting battery, advanced chipset, huge e-liquid capacity and also fantastic coil options. Some kits also have a led display screen, in other word pod mod kit can fit your pod system and box mod functions needs. So it’s a good choice for starters and experienced vapors.

Today I’ll show you 3 best pod mod kits 2019, hope you can get your favorite kit.

BuyBest vape kits
SMOK RPM 40 Pod System Kit 

($28.99 now)

SMOK RPM 40 pod mod Kit is an ultra-portable pod mod that shapes like a cuboid and is covered with glossy finish and characteristic material, making the whole device look fancy and stylish. Here are various eight colors for you to choose from.

SMOK RPM 40 pod mod Kit Features:

  • Ultra-portable pod mod that shapes like a cuboid
  • Large 1500 battery capacity for longer vaping time
  • Newly IQ-R chip shortening the firing time to 0.001S
  • Max output power—40W
  • 0.96 inch TFT screen to clearly show the detailed vaping data
  • More coil options

BuyBest collections

($46.99 now)

The VOOPOO VINCI MOD Pod System Kit is an intelligent Mod Pod Kit, coming with a new generation of GENE.AI Chip and a 1500mAh built-in battery to reach a Max output of 40W power and provide a high range of 5-40W. The intelligent coil visible Pod, and 0.96 inch TFT color screen are also available for you.

VOOPOO VINCI MOD Pod Mod Kit Features:

  • Activate inhaling with the big cloud. Output power adjustable between 5-40W
  • A new generation of GENE.AI chip
  • Manual & Auto modes, meet diversified user habits
  • Intelligently adjust power to match coils
  • 0.96″ TFT color screen
  • PUFF curve will records vaping habits for 2 weeks
  • Juice & nic salt compatible and visible pod
  • 1500mAh built-in battery


($35.99 now)

The VOOPOO VINCI R MOD Pod System Kit is an intelligent Mod Pod Kit, coming with a new generation of GENE.AI Chip and a 1500mAh built-in battery to provide three voltage mode 3.8/3.5/3.2V. The intelligent coil visible Pod is also available for you.

VOOPOO VINCI R MOD Pod System Kit Features:

  • Activate inhaling with big cloud
  • You can adjust the output voltage to 3.8/3.5/3.2VA
  • The new generation of GENE Al chip
  • Manual & Auto modes, meet diversified user habits.
  • Intelligently adjustable power to match coils
  • Juice & nic-salt compatible and visible pod
  • 1500mAh built-in battery


That’s all the Best Pod Mod Kit 2019, do you want to get one? BuyBest also has more best electronic cigarette onlinevape flash sale,coupon deals, take time to get your first vaping device there now! Free shipping worldwide and fast delivery!

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Contact Information at BuyBest

If you have any questions during visiting or purchasing at, please don’t hesistate to contact them by the following ways. 

Message Center:

It provides and recommend online message service on its website which you will get a fast reply for efficient service!


To prevent emails being blocked by your email system, it recommends you to add its email address to your address book/whitelist. If you don’t receive its reply on time, please remember to check your SPAM/JUNK folders.

Working Time: 

Its customer service team is available on Monday – Friday from 9:00AM – 6:00PM CCT (GMT+08). Normally it will reply your message within 24 working hours. If you contact them on the weekend or after 6:00PM, don’t worry, it also will get back to you next business day at the latest.

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