Brand Introduction of BuyBest

Established in 2017, BuyBest is a competitive online store that focuses on e-cigarettes and other kits (such as mini camerasb and luetooth speakers). It carefully selects each product to ensure the highest quality for its customers with a competitive price. Besides, it provides international transportation for free and good customer service.

What they want for their future

BuyBest is committed to providing you with superb selection of the best accessories, timely delivery and quick customer service, as well as unparalleled shopping experience. Its full commitment enables them to work closely with each customer. Especially, they can not call their service is complete as long as you are not completely satisfied.

How about their products

There are lots of products at BuyBest such as cell phone lenses, micro cameras, small consumer electronics, and e-cigarettes. It is expanding to meet customers’ curiosity and needs. Amazing new products are frequent at at competitive prices. BuyBest has been working directly with producers of brands, selling only 100% of its original products and following excellent quality control procedures.

Their good service

No matter how many orders, it will be dedicated and professional  attitude to treat each customer. In addition, they will answer your message within 24 working hours as well as deliver goods to your door directly.

What they can guarantee

Warranty varies slightly from product to product, please state clearly before placing your order. It will provide professional advice or guidance no matter what problems you do with.

Other good side of them

In Russia their warehouses cover 10,000 square feet. BuyBest has its own inventory in a state-of-the-art secure warehouse facility to ensure it can deliver packages quickly and efficiently.

How about their team

Luckily, they have this young and energetic service team! BuyBest values customer satisfaction a lot. Its service team can effectively solve your problems in many aspects.

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Vape Starter Kits and Cheap Vape kits at BuyBest

According to scientists, vaporization is close to the important heating technologies, and it does not require burning or burning harmful carcinogens. Moreover, an evaporator is such a device as to heat or vaporize some essential oil or glycerine-based formula from herbs to liquids, and finally inhale the released steam.

One such product is the Vape pen starter kit, which is easily available on this site and can be purchased from the company by visiting the site or online for other related products, such as liquid vaping products. It is worth noting that product quality certainly cannot be offered anywhere else at such an affordable price.

The company is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction in every possible way, for customer satisfaction is what matters to them, because it helps build long-term healthy relationships. The company also aims to maximize its network by serving a large number of customers, so that once you are satisfied with the service, you can be sure to refer to others as well. So give the services and products a try and make sure you enjoy using them. If there is a complaint, you can contact the company at any time to solve the problem or complaint, because the company is ready to serve you.

Drop Shipping at BuyBest

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is like a model about sending items from the warehouse to you directly. Once you receive your customer’s order, you simply place an order on their website. And you don’t have to take any risks for the merits that there is no such overstocked products.

How does drop shipping work?

Apply for an account on their website.

Send them a message or email at BuyBest to to discuss direct shipping.

Receive orders from customers.

You can place the same order on their website. (please leave your address and mark “drop shipping”)

It will send the goods directly to your customers.

Why choose BuyBest?

You can verify on its official website if it is 100% original and with a security code.

Falling shippers get discounts of 8 to 10 percent, and more surprises are coming soon.

To protect your interests, packages sent to customers will not contain other information.

Their professional team can solve direct transport problems and provide the after-sales service at best.

Is BuyBest battery flashing?

The simple solution is to remove the atomizer and carefully check the threaded end of the battery, then gently lift the center pin with a cocktail stick or paper click. Then screw back into the atomizer.


If you have left the atomizer for a few months and it doesn’t work well at first, try cleaning it thoroughly first. This is useful.

The battery

First, check its description to check if there is some special features, such as 5-click protection.

Second, try charging the battery. Although the factory has been charged, power may be cut off during storage or transportation.

Atomizer and battery

It does its best to provide detailed instructions on the product page. Thank you again for checking to see if there are any tips mentioned on the product page. Also thank you for your time and effort in trying to resolve these issues before contacting them.If the above method does not work, please feel free to contact them within 48 hours by sending a message or email and it will reply as soon as possible to help solve your problem

In 2019 Best Pod Mod Kit at BuyBest

The Pod Mod suite takes everything about Box Mod and compresses it into a convenient and portable Pod device. Today I can show you three of the best Pod Mod suites for 2019, and hope you get your own.

SMOK RPM 40 Pod System Kit 

($28.99 now)

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit, covered with unique materials and smooth surface and shaped like a cuboid, is an ultra-portable Pod Mod. So the whole device is exquisite and stylish. There are eight colors available for you.

SMOK RPM 40 pod mod suite features:

  • 1500 battery capacity for extended e-cigarette time
  • new iq-r chip reduces trigger time to 0.001S
  • maximum output power — 40W
  • the 0.96 inch TFT screen clearly displays detailed vaping data


($46.99 now)

VOOPOO VINCI MOD Pod system kit is a smart MOD Pod kit equipped with a new chip and 1500mAh built-in battery, with a maximum output power of 40W, which can provide 5-40w power output. Smart coil viewing Pod and 0.96 inch TFT color screen are available as well.

VOOPOO VINCI MOD Pod MOD Kit features:

  • The output power is adjustable between 5 and 40W
  • a new generation of chips
  • manual and automatic modes to meet diverse user habits
  • adjust the power intelligently to match the coil
  • 0.96-inch TFT color screen
  • fruit juice and nicotine-salt compatible pods
  • 1500mAh built-in battery


($35.99 now)

VOOPOO VINCI R MOD Pod system kit is a smart MOD Pod kit equipped with a new generation chip and 1500mAh built-in battery, offering three voltage modes of 3.8/3.5/3.2v.You can also use smart coil to view Pod.

VOOPOO VINCI R MOD Pod system kit features:

  • activate fog inhalation
  • you can adjust the output voltage to 3.8/3.5/3.2 VA
  • a new generation of GENE Al chips
  • manual and automatic modes to meet diverse user habits.
  • intelligent adjustable power to match the coil
  • fruit juice and nicotine-salt compatible and visible pods
  • 1500mAh built-in battery

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Contact Information at BuyBest

If you have any questions on, please do not hesitate to contact them in the following ways.

Message center:

You can send online message on its website


Working hours:

CCT (GMT + 08) provides its customer service team at 9:00am-6:00pm monday-friday. Typically, it will reply to your message within 24 working hours.

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