Contents overview

  • Brand introduction: 420 SEEDS and its main features
  • Regular and feminized cannabis seeds: how they are different and why select fiminized seeds
  • Autoflowering cannabis: basic knowledge of autoflowering and its pros and cons
  • Sativa and indica: how they are different in functions and something about hybrid seeds
  • Indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds: the history of both seeds and which one is preferrable
  • Ranks of top 5 strains on 420 SEEDS: here listed a table for more details
  • Conclusion: choose the proper sex, type and so forth can help you harvest more

Brand introduction:

420 SEEDS, a well-known cannabis seed shop founded in 1999 originally, has one single-minded goal: to deliver the worlds finest genetics to your door, every time. Besides, 420 SEEDS supplies cannabis seeds that  are produced in Holland and directly come from the dutch producers. Because 420 SEEDS cannabis seeds come straight from the source, so it has a competitive price and assured quality.

What is more, 420 SEEDS sells seeds in packs of 10 and ships worldwide with discrete delivery. In addition, if you want to purchase cannabis seeds, then you can charge via secure SSL encrypted card payment. And 420 SEEDS accepts Visa and MasterCard as well as several other cards.

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The features of 420 SEEDS

Discreet package

Every seed in 420 SEEDS is checked over and over again, they will delivery seeds to your door in a secure package before you stored them in perfect conditions.

Freebie and rewards

For every order, 420 SEEDS will throw in up to 15seeds as a thank-you. And they will give you reward points to spend on whatever you want. In order to seize every change of 420 SEEDS new releases, special offers and giveaways, you should join us on Facebook and Instagram.

Safe and secure

To satisfy customers, 420 SEEDS not only offers good seeds, advice, service, but also protects the privacy of customers, they will not reveal your personal information to others.

Payment options

There are various options in 420 SEEDS, including credit card, debit card, Bitcoin, cash payment, bank transfer and check order.


Introduction of regular and feminized cannabis seeds

For regular cannabis seeds:

Regular marijuana seeds are plants with a pure and original genetic, and it has pulled out all existing varieties at present. Regular seeds can offer male or female plants.

Without the chemical inducement to intervene, customers can naturally obtain regular seeds. As people know, a male plant can pollinate to a female plant by wind and other factors, and this is how to make a regular seeds.

At the very beginning, you can not tell whether a regular cannabis seeds will produce a male or female plant. But when it comes to flowering stage, you can easily distinguish male or female seeds. Because male seeds have oval pods and female seeds can produce a chalice teardrop.


For feminized cannabis seeds:

The feminized cannabis seeds can only produce female plants, that is to say, all seeds are female. It provides you with the easiest way to grow your own herb with excellent quality.

420 SEEDS distributes feminized cannabis seeds banks in Piensa En Verde pass rigorous quality controls. And they are more than accredited with full warranty. Besides, cannabis seed banks such as World Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Seeds Sweet and so on try to make s good result.

For example, they make genetic crosses with increasingly better outcomes, exquisite taste, more powerful and especially plants that are major producers.


People widely accept autoflowering cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis varieties switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage automatically with age. And it is against the ratio of light to dark hours required with photoperiod dependent or short-day strains.


Usually, you can harvest many autoflowers in less than 10 weeks. Dwarf varieties can still give decent yield while it has short stature. However, there is super autos that can take over 100 days to mature and can reach over 6 feet tall.


Pros and cons of growing autoflowering cannabis strains


Rapid harvests and flowering times

Autoflowering plants are small and compact

No change in photoperiod required



The size of autoflowering strains is genetically smaller

Lower THC content. In other words, the cannabinoid content of the yield may be less than a regular strain


The introduction of sativa and indica

Sativa and indica are two main types of cannabis, and they are used for a number of medical and recreational purposes.

Sativas will cause an invigorating and energizing effect such as head high. And it can help increase creativity and focus and reduce stress or anxiety.

Indicas are associated with full-body effects typically, such as reducing insomnia and increasing deep relaxation.

Tips: the category or type of cannabis is not the only factor to test the effects you will experience.


The features of hybrid seeds

While indicas and sativas may have their own distinctive traits, their qualities tend to run opposite to each other. However, hybrid strains can have both traits of indicas and sativas. That is to say, it offers the physical relaxation of an indica, and keeps you energised and bright of an sativa.

Apart from that, it may give you a psychedelic feel and typically sativa cerebral, whilst still keeping that indica sleepiness.

With some boldly reaching for the sky and others staying short and bushy, the variety in hybrid seeds is very diverse. As a popular choice, customers tend to choose high-grade feminized hybrid seeds on 420 SEEDS.


The difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds

Usually, it is doable that you either plant indoor cannabis seeds outdoors or plant outdoor cannabis seeds indoors. But if you want to make the most of your purchase, then you should avoid doing so.


The history of indoor and outdoor seeds

At the very beginning, all cannabis seeds were outdoor seeds. With the evolution of cannabis, the success of the plant as a global species is partly due to how adaptable it is.

After that, a recent species, indoor cannabis, has been created by humans. Some cannabis seeds will produce plants that could thrive in the freezing extremes of mountains.

After all, whether to choose indoor or outdoor cannabis seeds?

On the one hand, you should know what type of your desired cannabis will dictate where you will plant it. On the other hand, you should be sure of where the grow will be situated will decide what type of seeds to choose.


Ranks of top 5 strains on 420 SEEDS:

  1. Hollands Hope Regular Seeds, see more details on
  2. Lemon Haze Regular Marijuana Seeds, see more details on
  3. Pineapple kush Regular, see more details on
  4. Thai X Skunk Regular Marijuana seeds, see more details on
  5. Big Bomb Regular By Bomb Seeds, see more details on

More information about the top 5 strains on 420 SEEDS:

name Hollands Hope Regular Seeds Lemon Haze Regular Marijuana Seeds Pineapple kush Regular Thai X Skunk Regular Marijuana seeds Big Bomb Regular By Bomb Seeds
price $33.78 for 10 seeds $27.31 for 10 seeds $27.94 for 10 seeds $21.72 for 10 seeds $29.21 for 10 seeds
sex Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular
yield 400-500g/sm 400-500g/sm 400-500g/sm 300-400g/sm Over 600g/sm
THC&CBD THC: 15%-18%

CBD: Low


THC: 15%-18%

CBD: Low


THC: 15%-18%

CBD: Low


THC: 15%-18%

CBD: Low


THC: 10%-14%

CBD: Low

CNB n/a

Flowering time 10-12 Weeks 14 Weeks 10-12 Weeks 14 Weeks 10-12 Weeks
genetics Indica Dominant Sativa Dominant Indica Dominant Sativa Dominant Big Bud x Bomb #1 Indica/Sativa
Plant height Med: 100cm-180cm Tall: 180cm-220cm Med: 100cm-180cm Med: 100cm-180cm Med: 100cm-180cm
type Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular



I hope this article can help you understand more about some basic knowledge of cannabis seeds. After reading through the article, can you see why these 5 strains on 420 SEEDS is the best 5?

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