As the leader of British CBD products, CBD Armour is like a gift from God. The CBD oil developed by top scientists is the best and purest. Whether in the raw material collection, production process or after-sales service, CBD Armour always demands itself at the highest standard and the highest level.

CBD Armour is a London-based, high quality CBD business. They hope to bring “health” to the majority of families in a natural and organic way. This is also the mission and goal of their brand. They provide affordable, high-quality CBD products to everyone, without any preservatives, flavors, chemicals or alcohol, and the cannabis they grow are certified organic.

Highlights of CBD Armour

  1. Organic raw materials

CBD Armour is involved in the cultivation of cannabis, harvesting, and extraction of cannabisdiol. The process of making the products is organically certified and grown on their most advanced farms. The high quality premium cannabis seed oil under cold processing has a concentration of cannabinoids retained in the reactor of more than 10%.

  1. Rich health substances

In the CBD Armour products, full-spectrum cannabinoids are used, which are rich in cannabinol, in addition to CBD, as well as CBDGA, CBCA, CBC and THCV. Pasteurization at low temperatures ensures that their products do not contain any chemicals and contain healthy doses of Omega (Omega 3 and 6).

  1. Third party laboratory testing

Like other well-known CBD brands, all of CBD Armour’s products are tested in trusted third-party laboratories that do not contain alcohol, any chemicals, flavors or preservatives, and do not use Co2 during fractionation. There are no dairy products or added sugar, and according to the information they display on the page, these can be proven in third-party test results.

  1. Socially active

As the UK’s leading CBD oil brand, in addition to the special “Contact us” section on the official brand website, CBD Armour also has a series of more popular social tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They will update the CBD knowledge from time to time,which makes the CBD industry more and more be awared by people. They will also interact with people on these social tools, and reply to the message regularly.

Socially active

Inadequacies of CBD Armour – Two Lacks

All of the above mentioned advantages of the CBD Armour are based solely on the information they publish on the website, but as a growing brand, there are certainly some areas that need to be continuously improved.

Lack of Information Transparency

As CBD Armour himself said, their farms have been certified to cultivate and process cannabis plants, which are organic and whose products are tested in third-party laboratories. But in fact, this is just a talk, they can not produce any relevant documents to prove this.

Lack of Product Category

CBD Armour claims to be “the only UK oil market expert to offer a full range of the highest quality and purest CBD oils”. In fact, the “full range” here refers to the following products.

The lack of a wide variety of products means that the customer’s choice is narrow, which may become a negative factor for the brand to attract too many customers.

But in other words, the small number of products does not mean that the quality of the products is not good. CBD Armour’s products have received good feedback in many places. Although they still have some shortcomings, they have to admit that their products are really worth a try.

Product Recommended from CBD Armour


High quality raw hemp seed oil is extracted from the carefully selected organic cannabis plant – cannabis sativa for cold processing, and pasteurization at low temperatures is one of the most popular products of CBD Armour – 10% CBD OIL SILVER. What does this “10%” mean? That’s because in the reactor, the continuous flow of extracted oil ensures that the cannabinoid concentration is higher than 10%! And this product contains healthy doses of Omega 3 and 6, as well as rich vitamin E, calcium, potassium, zinc and protein, and is free of dairy products or added sugar, so it is completely OK for vegetarians.

10% CBD Oil Silver

10% CBD OIL SILVER contains 10 mg of CBD per ml and is available in four sizes: 10 ml (1000 mg), 30 ml (3000 mg), 50 ml (5000 mg), 100 ml (1000 mg), corresponding Prices are: $41.44, $110.51, $179.58, $345.35.

CBD Coffee

In the BRIT Asia Awards in 2018, CBD Armour launched their CBD Coffee for the first time, and they were the first retailers in the UK to release coffee containing CBD compounds. The perfect blend of CBD and Colombian coffee, CBD Coffee with toffee, red currant and caramel flavor is the ideal complement to your daily CBD dose.

6 packets per pack, 5 mg full spectrum CBD, a total of 30 mg CBD, fully meet the daily intake, priced at 23.47 US dollars. But now the product information displayed on the official website is “OUT OF STOCK”, and it is conceivable how popular CBD Coffee is.

Vegan Protein

Natural Proteins from Organic Cannabis Seeds – Vegan Protein provides the body with the fiber you need, as well as Omega3 and Omega6 to keep your body healthy. The lactose-free CBD Armour Vegan Protein is ideal for vegans and vegetarians without any added flavor or sweetener.


Vegan Protein is not a powder, it is small-size particle and costs $27.61 per bag.

Ultimate Hair Oil

  • Ultimate Hair Oil – AntiDandruff

Ultimate Hair Oil – Anti Dandruff from CBD Armour is simply a boon for customers who are suffering from dandruff. Anti Dandruff is made from natural organic plant extract oils (such as extra virgin olive oil, calendula extract oil, sage extract oil, etc.) to effectively remove dandruff while keeping your hair Healthy and shiny.


  • Ultimate Hair Oil – Nourish& Rejuvenate

It is made in the same way as Anti Dandruff, except that the organic oils used in Nourish & Rejuvenate, such as walnut oil, olive oil and chamomile oil, are specially used to restore the scalp structure and damaged hair roots. It can protect or mediate. The dual purpose of hair.


Both ULTIMATE HAIR OIL can be applied directly to the scalp or hair, each with 50 ml of oil, priced at $34.52.


This soap is a handmade soap made from premium ingredients from CBD Armour containing 15% CBD oil and a rich spectrum of cannabinoids: CBGA, CBCA, CBC and THCV. Extra virgin organic hemp oil naturally cleans the skin and promotes healthy skin cell production.


Each piece of soap weighs 110~120grams and sells for $27.61.


SKIN BALM, which combines organic calendula, bee wax, herbal extract and CBD, contains a high dose of CBD (40,000 mg in a box). It only needs to apply the cream to the skin to help sleep and mood, and also to fight the skin. Sick and painful.


The 50 ml SKIN BALM contains a total of 40,000 mg of CBD and is priced at $69.07.


Purchase Address & Coupon Code

If you want to buy CBD Armour products, only go to their official website:, there is free shipping in the UK, and free shipping in other countries for a limited time. Don’t forget to get a 10% discount on our coupon code “CBD10”.


To be honest, CBD Armour, as a British CBD brand, still has many shortcomings and limitations in the highly competitive CBD market. But their attitude in producing products makes their product quality guaranteed. If you are a person who has the courage to try new things, try the CBD Armour and it won’t let you down.

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