Eczema can be classified as one of the most painful skin diseases, and the cause is complex (both physical and psychological), easy to relapse, and often grows in places that are not well handled, such as elbows, knees, internal skin of the arms, etc.

Researchers at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical School conducted research on existing research on the subject and concluded that cannabinoids are effective against eczema.

Information about CBD cream

CBD cream is applied directly to the skin. Their active compounds penetrate and are absorbed by the skin, interact with surrounding cells but do not enter the bloodstream, and even if the CBD ointment contains psychoactive cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not cause any euphoric response. So you can use it with confidence.


The effect of CBD cream on eczema

Body treatment

  • CBD has an antipruritic effect. Eczema patients often scratch the skin due to itching during eczema, making the skin repeatedly irritated, dry and sensitive. However, CBD has a strong antipruritic effect. CBD plant cannabinoids inhibit the activation of mast cells by interacting with our endogenous cannabinoid system. (Mast cells are immune cells that release histamine upon activation, which leads to Intense itching and inflammation) achieve an itching effect.


  • CBD has a bactericidal effect. It has been found that Staphylococcus aureus colonization is a complication of eczema and a driving factor for eczema. The antibacterial properties of cannabinoids have been cited since the 1980s, but a more detailed analysis of individual cannabinoids found that all five major cannabinoids inhibit the potent activity of various S. aureus strains. The CBD sterilizes the affected area after helping the patient to relieve itching.


  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, cannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol – have been shown to interact with the CB 2 receptor of the endocannabinoid system to stimulate anti-inflammatory responses.


  • CBD has a sensitizing effect. The THC component in the CBD ointment can inhibit allergic contact dermatitis by activating the CB1 receptor.


  • CBD cream is very moisturizing and has a skin repairing effect. It can moisturize skin that is getting dry due to eczema. (You can know more about it at



  1. Stress, anxiety and other social psychological factors can also induce or aggravate the condition of eczema, so the psychological cause can not be ignored, CBD has a calming effect, which can reduce anxiety. The 2017 study published by the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil stated said that the CBD alleviated the anxiety of patients with anxiety disorders. Previously our article discussed the psychological impact of the CBD (you can know more about it at


  1. CBD can relieve sleep disorders and improve sleep quality. According to clinical psychologist certified sleep expert Michael Bureusu in the 2017 Haaf Post, the study will help patients who cannot sleep because of eczema.

CBD VS Steroids


Topical treatment drugs for eczema is steroid ,but the side effects are worrying if used steroid-containing ointments for a long-term.

Although the effect of steroid creams are fast, the FB Eczema Sharing Zone evaluated that a series of serious side effects caused by misuse of steroid:

  1. There will be obvious cracks in the application position, even if the drug is stopped, it will not disappear.
  2. If it is used in the eyelid area,the steroids are easily absorbed by the eyeball, which may cause serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataract.
  3. Absorption of excess steroids will round the face and cause the body to become swollen. If used excessively on the face or mouth, it may cause redness and dark particles, and even cause acne or perioral inflammation.
  4. Steroids can make the skin thinner, causing the subcutaneous microfilament vessels to become more visible and prone to bruises.
  5. Children’s skin is thinner, and it is easier to absorb steroids into the body, causing all kinds of serious side effects.

In summary, the use of steroids is quick and effective, it is easy to cause reliance, and it will be “addictive” if you don’t notice it. It will be too late when side effects occur, or it should be avoided.


In the human experiment of eczema, it was found that the severity of itching and the rate of sleep insomnia were reduced by 60% on average. 20% percent of the subjects were able to stop using local immunomodulators, 38% discontinued oral antihistamines, and 33.6% did not need to maintain a topical steroid regimen at the end of the study.

“Maybe the most promising role of cannabinoids is to treat itching,” Dellavalle said.

A study included in the review found that 8 of 21 patients with severe itching or pruritus were able to completely eliminate and treat their skin condition by using cannabinoid cream twice a day for three weeks.



  • Pay special attention to the selection of the product to ensure that only non-irritating terpenes are included in the formulation. The CBD drug should be selected according to the characteristics of itching, inflammation and irritation of the skin, and attention should be paid to the CBD drug developed for muscle and joint pain.
  • Since the ingredients of CBD products are naturally free of medicinal properties,  you need to be replenished when you feel itch.
  • It’s not as effective as steroids. It should take a few more days to make the effect, and when used for the first time, there will be a slight tingling sensation, which may be a bit unaccustomed.

development trend

CBD can achieve multiple effects such as stop marks, redness, moisturizing and skin repair. It is fast and can be used for a long time. It is a new generation of excellent substitute for treating eczema without using steroids and other moisturizers.

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