In 2018, American and European zones, especially the North American market, started to attach great importance to CBD-related cosmetics, even the Asian cosmetic market has been impacted by the CBD trend from Europe and the U.S. since the very beginning of 2019. Therefore, no wonder the rumor has it that CBD is going to lead the new trend of the global cosmetics market in the upcoming days. Well, let us analyze if it really works:

1. Do you know what CBD is?

To analyze if CBD products will dominate the cosmetics market, we need to know more about CBD itself:

CBD is the main chemical component of cannabis, which is mainly extracted from female cannabis plants. It is a non-addictive component of cannabis, with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidation, improving learning and memory, neuroprotection and reducing intestinal motility.

In general, CBD product contains almost the same amount of CBD and THC, and the THC is from the industrial hemp with lower than 0.3% THC. So you can receive the benefits, such as skin care and lessening pain, of CBD and the minimal effects of THC.

2.How about the position of CBD product in the cosmetics market now?

Speaking of what kind of CBD trend in the cosmetics market will be like, The first thing we need to know is where the CBD product stands in the cosmetics market at present.

For one thing, the legalization of marijuana continues to promote all over the world, and the growth potential of CBD keeps going up. Many countries have begun to implement some policies related to legalizing marijuana in the past two years on account of CBD can be applied to some medical and research field.



For another, the scale of the CBD product market is growing. Based on the effects of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, analgesic and anti-anxiety, cosmetics with CBD ingredients is going viral among the cosmetics market. According to FMI(future marketing insights), the latest research report of CBD Skin Care Market industry shows:

  • At a rate of 33%, the scale of CBD skin care products market grows rapidly. In 2017, the scale of global CBD skincare market was nearly worthy of $370 million, and it is expected to reach $645 million in 2019.
  • North America is the largest market of CBD skincare products. North America has the largest consumer group of CBD skin care products, as well as CBD product manufacturers and brand owners, and will continue to be the most profitable target market for CBD skin care product in
  • CBD skin care oil is still the first choice among CBD skin care products as the result of its features of anti-aging and acne scar removal.

With the promotion of legalizing marijuana and the booming scale of CBD product market, some relevant CBD products are on the market of Europe and America, and they are wildly used. For instance, you name it, and you will find it on Alchimia grow shop where are full of CBD products, such as CBD oil and capsules, OBD extractions, CBD edibles, CBD pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, CBD e-liquids. Statistics reveal that about 23% of customers cost 21 to 50 dollars per month to purchase CBD products in the U.S., and the number is increasing year by year.

Speaking of the leading brands of CBD products, Alchimia is frequently mentioned by CBD fans, which created in 1995 and was inaugurated in 2001 with the objective of gathering all cannabis growers of the area and sharing knowledge, genetics, and ideas. In 2013 it created the Alchimia Solidària Foundation, dedicated to investing a part of the benefits of the company in local projects related to people, culture and environment.

Today Alchimia has more than 6000 items listed for sale, with more than 1500 strains and 63 seed banks, among which it has Philosopher Seeds, its own seed bank created in 2008 to share its best genetics with its clients and friends.

Here are some pictures of CBD cosmetic products of Alchimia:


  • Endoca CBD lip & Skin Balm (this product offers the balm enriched with 20mg CBD, which can make your lips and skin look moisture in general. Also, this lipstick is perfect for treating dry and irritated skin. Besides that, it can be used all year round and has antioxidant and anti-sebum effects with the help of CBD)


  • Trompetol Extra Tea Tree (it with added tea tree oil concentrated in CBD than the classic version, which is a benefit for fighting against skin problems. This product offers antibacterial and antifungal features due to the help of tea tree oil, and it can be used for acne, eczema or herpes problems. Furthermore, it contains no preservatives, artificial fragrances, or dyes and has an entirely natural composition)


  • Cannabidiol Sensitive skin (it is designed for sensitive skin, the composition of Cannabidiol marijuana balm is totally natural and no essential oils contained, which is an ideal choice for people who had wounds, burns, scars or chapped lips on their skin. In addition, this product is made in the Czech Republic by the company Naturfyt Bio that is aimed for the days are of dry or damaged skin and to protect and moisturize sensitive skin)

3. Will CBD products rule the market of cosmetics?

  • According to an American magazine, Beauty Independent, and other mainstream magazines, GCI and Allure, from North America recently published with regard to the prediction of the trend of CBD skin care markets, they agree there are at least five trends are going to overwhelm the future CBD cosmetics market:
  • More cannabinoids will be applied to products, not just CBD. As people know, the two main components of hemp are THC and CBD. Luckily, recent research has demonstrated that the rest components may become a part of the new medicine that is good for people’s health. As a matter of fact, terpenes, another chemical in marijuana, which works in tandem with CBD to enhance its effects, are now being observed by brands in the US
  • The amount of CBD cosmetics type is skyrocketing. In the field of health and beauty, CBD products are mainly designed to lessen pain, anxiety and skin care, but many brands are introducing more cosmetics containing CBD. For example, Alchimia has recently launched Cannabios Sunscreen designed to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays using only high quality organic and biologic ingredients in its composition, adding natural extracts of cannabis with a high percentage of Cannabidiol (CBD). Now it is sold out!                           
  • The target consumer group of CBD cosmetics is restlessly enlarging. The youngsters are always faithful fans of CBD skin care products. However, CBD products are not only suitable for them, but also for people who have serious skin problems. The target group of CBD is varied as well as prevailing with the word spread by some mature consumers with an urgent demand of skin care.
  • CBD products will be backed by numerous professional skin care organizations. For the time being, more and more SPA and beauty salon are in favor of CBD cosmetics products, which indirectly accelerates the development of some services like facial care and manicure care.
  • CBD is also wildly applied by dermatologists and medical spas, mainly because the chemical of CBD can help with post-treatment skin care. From sliders and microneedles to waxes, lip injections, fillers, and botox, CBD is a powerful ingredient in accelerating healing and recovery.
  • More brands will participate in the new CBD trend of cosmetics markets. A famous brand of CBD products, Alchimia, set a good example for how CBD product is prevailing among the skin care market, but there still are some brands have not gotten the change to step onto this field for they are fearful of the risks they may take if something wrong with it.

In the near future, whether via incubations, acquisitions, small investments or joint ventures, many cosmetics giants are making strategies for entering the CBD cosmetics field. As for now, many original brands like Alchimia and other brands dominated by females are competing for the market share of CBD while some other giants are hesitated to do so. Hence, they predict that these giants will not wait a long time to realize the growth potential of CBD, in this way, more and more cosmetics giants will invest their resources into the field of CBD cosmetics market.

In the end, after skimming through this article, I believe you have already had the answer if CBD is able to become the main trend of the cosmetics market in the future. With a renowned brand like Alchimia taking the lead in this field, there is no denying that miscellaneous brands will pop up on the market of CBD cosmetics in the pending days.

Review Will CBD Become the Main Trend of the Cosmetics Market in the Future?.

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