Is CBD Oil  Safe for Children?

CBD oil is gradually becoming the treatment of many different diseases, and such ideas are becoming more and more popular. Can the CBD oil (cannabinol) extract from plant pots become a newcomer to calm the children down? As the states illuminate the lights for this green plant, the parents are more curious about the oils that have derived from cannabis, but they are still hesitant to use them for their children.

There is a general consensus in our culture: “Don’t give pot to tots”. In everyone’s perception, CBD oil is harmful. Is this really the truth? And you just want to know that under what circumstances, we can make the benefits of the CBD greater than the potential negative impact.

However, in fact, medical cannabis is completely safe for treating childhood diseases and illness conditions.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) federal consultant unanimously approved the approval of Epidiolex on April 19, 2018. This is the first prescription cannabidiol drug recommended by the FDA committee for the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy. Dr. Bonni Goldstein also said that the effective rate of her adolescent patients treated with CBD is 70-75%.

Broadly speaking, the CBD molecule of medical marijuana is a miracle that families of sick children have been looking for. Educating parents to receive benefits related to the CBD is often more helpful in allowing them to decide on the treatment of medical marijuana. Children actually have contact with cannabinoids after birth shortly, because human breast milk is the source of endogenous cannabinoids, which can help the baby to develop and grow to some extent.

We will list some other reasons below so that parents can easily know that CBD oil is safe for the treatment of children.

1.THC and CBD Are Different.

Both THC and CBD are the main compounds in cannabis plants, but THC is psychoactive. In other words, THC will make you “high”, but CBD does not have this property. Each of these two compounds has different functions. THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) can be addictive because it binds to the brain’s CB1 receptor. However, CBD does not bind to the CB1 receptor, so it does not make people become “high” after consuming it. In addition, CBD oils for children’s medical treatment are legally sold through pharmacies and contain CBD – THC ratios, such as 19 to 1. CBD oils sold through the Internet generally do not contain THC. It is worth noting that some medical scientists believe that if the CBD is not used with THC, it will not produce efficacy.

2. Children’s Disease That Can Be Treated by CBD.

Dr. Lucido cautioned against using CBD oil for children without the advice of a professional doctor. He suggested that it is best to make a legal purchase from a pharmacy recommended by the hospital. CBD oil can effectively treat seizures, infantile autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), anxiety disorders and depression. One thing to note is that, as mentioned above, the ratio of CBD to THC may vary, which depending on the child’s condition and the treatment being accepted.

Charlotte Figi is the protagonist of a successful case of medical cannabis treatment. She calmed her epilepsy caused by Dravet syndrome by using CBD. Before using the CBD, poor Charlotte had 300 epilepsy per week. Without help, she couldn’t move, talk or eat. In the end, in desperation, Charlotte’s mother bought CBD oil at the local pharmacy, and their life has changed since then. Charlotte’s incidence has been reduced to less than once a week, and her life has been saved.

3. Pay Attention to Purity and Quality.

It is certain that 100% pure CBD is THC free, but not all CBD is 100% pure. Parents should be aware that when giving any medication to their children, safety should be given top priority, of course, including the CBD. In most states, it is illegal to sell THC-containing CBD on the counter, but if parents choose online shopping, they may not be able to get real protection. The US Food and Drug Administration is working hard to focus on everyone who sells CBD oils containing tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), but for now, they have no way of catching every bad guy doing this.

Therefore, as a parent, you must learn to select your child for the best CBD oil products. It is best to read the comments, ask the professionals, and do all the preparations well for the children.

4. Regular Treatment Costs May Be High.

If you want to use CBD oil as a regular treatment for your child, you must understand that it is not cheap. In most states, insurance does not cover such fees, so you need to pay $500 a month for out-of-pocket expenses on your own. Of course, the premise is where you buy and where to pay taxes. The cost of the CBD may be a burden for some families, but without the use of such medicine, there may be no way to provide a more effective treatment for the child. There is a suggestion here that one of the best things these parents can do is to write a legislator to encourage insurance companies to start helping to pay some, if not all, of the expenses.

* Consult a professional doctor before choosing CBD for your child.*

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