With the development of the CBD market, there are more and more traps for CBD products, because the CBD oil industry has not been regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This means that more people will buy unsatisfactory products.

What makes the buyer angry is that when he communicates with the merchant with the unsatisfactory CBD oil, but he finally finds that he has not read the CBD label carefully. As a consumer, there is still a sense of deception. I can feel this feeling because I have experienced the same thing. Today’s article is mainly about telling you how to read the CBD product label and avoid the label trap.

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1.CBD brand

From the CBD brand, you can find out the details of your CBD product.

  •  Where is the product from?
  •  User evaluation
  •  Brand ranking
  • Understand the strains of CBD and the extraction process, by the company in manufacturing products. Some companies are able to sell their CBD products at relatively low cost because they use cheap and toxic petroleum-based solvents such as propane, hexane, pentane, and butane, which may be harmful to humans.
  • You can also check the third-party test results of the product through the brand’s official website. Make sure your product is safe, pure and non-polluting.

2.Clarify CBD types:Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, Isolate

The first thing is to understand that is this a whole bottle of CBD or mixed CBD with other things?

The product type should be clearly stated on the package. We also had an article about the different CBD oil products types, you can go and see, it will be very helpful to you. If you are going to do a drug test, it is very important to distinguish the product type.


  • Full-spectrum CBD oil retains the original cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, THC, although it is most effective, it may have an impact on your drug test.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil retains cannabinoids and terpenes but clears THC
  • Isolation is pure CBD, no other cannabinoids and terpenes

3.CBD content

The goal is to know exactly how much of the CBD is ultimately serving you. Some labels on CBD oils are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, but they don’t contain any CBD.

This part is prone to problems because many people do not understand the meaning of the numbers on the CBD oil bottle. The number refers to the cannabinoid or the CBD you want to buy.

In general, these types of numbers are available on the CBD oil bottle.

  • XXXmg cannabis extract, cannabinoid extract can be replaced by CBD.
  • XXXmg cannabinoid content, cannabinoid content contains other ingredients, not just a simple CBD. Specific CBD content can communicate with customer service or view third-party product testing.


4. Don’t ignore the list of ingredients on the CBD label

There are recommended dosages on your product label, as well as recommendations for maximum use, in addition to the number of cannabinoids and other cannabis extracts.

  • Other ingredients shown may be carrier oils, any beneficial herbs, artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavorings.
  • For carrier oils, the coconut oil, MCT oil or hemp seed oil listed on the label is not uncommon. This sometimes leads users to believe that their product is not a CBD product. But rest assured, these are just the carrier oils from which the CBD extract is diluted.
  •  For CBD vape products, the ingredient list usually tells you whether it contains propylene glycol (PG) or plant glycerol (VG). CBD vape liquids do not include carrier oils because evaporation may be harmful to your health

5.Batch number on the CBD oil label

While many companies share their lab tests online, they may only share one result among many companies that use to make products. The content of cannabis plants can vary widely, from the distribution of terpenes to the concentration of various cannabinoids. Therefore, even if the batch seems to be no problem, the next batch may have completely different results. Combine CBD oil with laboratory testing. Viewing the CBD lot number helps to maintain consistency and transparency in the laboratory tests for each batch. Third-party CBD lab reports are the best way to understand the true state of the product. Some brands even use a QR code that is directly linked to the batch test.

Make sure you can view the test results for a specific batch of cannabis products to make sure you know exactly what is in the bottle.

6. Pay attention to whether there is detailed contact information of the company.

Detailed address, phone, email, the social account is also the guarantee of after-sales service of a reputable brand

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