With CBD product goes viral in the USA market, different kinds of CBD products are popping into people’s sights. In the meantime, people come to realize the function of CBD product is not only for people, but also for pets to lessen their stress. However, the benefits of CBD products for humans are becoming accepted and known increasingly, the use of pets is still somewhat elusive.


What is CBD product?

Found in cannabis and hemp, CBD, or we may call it cannabidiol, is a compound without the psychoactive effects from hemp. As a matter of fact, CBD products are extracted from hemp instead of marijuana in most cases.


Why should you give your pet CBD product?

Currently, there hasn’t been formal study to stand the point that CBD can be used as the medication for pets, because the research of how CBD affects pets is still on the rudimentary stage.


But what scientists do know is that in the central can peripheral nervous systems CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid receptors, which can help maintain the body balance and keep a normal healthy state in it.


Even though there is no definitive evidence can verify the medical use of CBD product, but rumour about how CBD product can treat neuropathic pain and help to control seizures is on and on.


Apart from that, other functions of CBD product like anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea effects, cardiac benefits, anti-anxiety impact, appetite stimulation, and possibly can help to resist cancer are widely spread mouth by mouth. So no wonder people think these may not just rumour.


Is it safe for pets to use CBD product?

Speaking of whether CBD is safe for pets, the first thing is you should make sure the CBD product for pets should come from hemp rather than marijuana, because even though both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, other components are different. Besides, the more important reason is CBD product for pets should be from hemp with lower than 0.3% legalized amount of THC, which will not cause pets high.


In short, it is safe to give CBD product to your pets as long as it is from legalized hemp and you should be sure of the quality of the product, here are three standards for you to verify if the CBD product you bought is reliable:


First, you should choose the CBD product with a label written only for pets on it, because there might be some chemicals that can affect the digestive system of pets in CBD product for humans. And this is what you should be aware of for the health sake of your pets.


Second, you should make sure the whole process of manufacturing CBD product is formal. Therefore, there are two things you should check if it is qualified.


For one thing, from the origin, the farm where planted these hemp is better to be located in America or Europe with a relative high standard of planting. For another, the quality of CBD oil relies on extraction method, and the most secure and cleanest method is CO2 extraction.


Third, you should check COA of the CBD product you bought if the amount of CBD and THC is correct. Furthermore, you need to make sure it is the latest version of COA , and it presents the ingredients of the product accurately, because everyone has the right to ask for COA.


Can we give our pets CBD product with a human dose?

You should not give CBD product for human use to pets because unlike humans, pets are more sensitive. And if you put overdose CBD product to your pets, they may get some digestive problems.


So I suggest you should follow the dose written on the instruction, and ask the advice of your vet, because different pets have different right amount of dose. Besides, it may take two weeks to see CBD accumulated in the body of your pet.



Is there any difference for different animals to use CBD product?

For puppies:

Dogs can be ranked as the most popular pet for people, as we all know, they are docile, loyal, but easy to get hurt. If you happen to have a dog, I believe you are not willing to see you furry friend in pain or distress.


In fact, dogs can suffer the same ailments, such as arthritis, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, and insomnia, as humans. To solve this problem, CBD product is a good choice for your pets to lessen their ailments.


What dosage does your dog need?

Unlike humans, puppies are taking less dosage of CBD product even though this product is safe and natural. As a general rule, the particular dosage of you dog depends on its size and weight.


Usually, there will be a dosage chart on the CBD product for pets, which you should read it carefully. Because some product may have different concentrations for large, medium and small puppies.


What is the best CBD product for dogs?

According to users’ feedback and review, pet CBD oil from CBDfx is undoubtedly the most popular one among hundreds of products. Here are details about this hot seller:


What is it?

It is pet CBD oil, and it is good for medium breeds of 20 lbs to 60 lbs, which is ideal for dogs with regular size. Besides, it farmed from organically grown hemp and extracted using clean CO2 that is the rigorous standards of extraction method.


What is the feature of this CBD product?

  • It is totally natural and organic easy-to-use for pupppies.
  • This product has organic ingredients and with high quality.
  • There are cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids and fatty acids in this oil, and the whole process used CO2 extracted CBD.


Why many people choose this oil?

  • People mainly used CBD product for easing pain, alleviating nausea, and reducing anxiety, also, this oil has the similar effects on pets.
  • CBD can lessen joint pain or hip problems for some older pets who encounter these ailments.
  • This product may provide a much-needed break from their neuroses for dogs that are nervous or anxious. In this case, your dog will bark too much because it is afraid of the world around it.
  • As many owners said, CBD oil can help to quell an upset dog who has a nauseous stomach or suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Well, the most important reason is these owners want to avoid diseases or bad effects on their dogs with the help of CBD product.


What is the demerits of this oil?

The dosage of this product may be too much for small puppies.


Tips: In the CBDfx store, there is other type of CBD oil, and small dogs can use it. Besides, you should offer CBD oil gradually, even for big digs. Because canine needs more time to adapt to it.


Some reviews (purchase or see more details from https://cbdfx.com/products/cbd-pets-hemp-oil-300mg/)




For kitties:

Compared to canine, there is a key difference between cats and dogs that is cats have more sensitive digestive system than dogs. Hence, pussies may not have a benign reaction to CBD oil, because it is designed for humans or puppies.


Therefore, you will need to get the CBD product with a special formula for pussies. If not, your kitties may have a stomachache after overdose CBD oil.


In which case should you use CBD product on cats?

Nowadays, more and more owners have used CBD product on their puss friends, because it can contribute to the following cases in cats:

  • Anxiety and stress caused by separation and other factors.
  • Aggressive behavior toward humans and other animals.
  • Keep meowing.
  • Skin irritation and discomfort.
  • Adapt toa new environment or a long bus trip.
  • Irregular bowel movements or dustbin phobia.


What is the best CBD product for cats?

When it comes to best CBD product, cat owners mention CBD pet tincture from renowned brand CBDISTILLERY frequently. Why this product enjoy a superb reputation in the CBD market? Let us see more information about this tincture.


What is it?

It is CBD pet tinctures that has been specifically formulated using seed oil from cold-pressed hemp. In addition, this tincture is ideal for most pussies with its moderate amount of CBD.


What are the traits of this CBD product?

  • 150mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per 30ml container.
  • Extracted from US grown industrial hemp in the aerial plant parts and sourced from Non-GMO.
  • This CBD tincture is safe for cats to consume perfectly.
  • It used CO2, the cleanest method of extraction, on hemp in the aerial parts.


Why many people choose this product?

  • This tincture can make cats feel relief and calm them down.
  • It is essential for cats to use the material of this CBD product that is from organic, cold-pressed hemp oil.
  • This tincture only uses high quality industrial hemp to make your puss enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD that is legal in America and with lower than 0.3% THC.


What is the demerit of this CBD product?

It may cause drowsiness or dry mouth in some special cases.

Tips: I suggest you should not offer your puss friend CBD oil and other medication at the same time. And before you intend to do so, you should inquire your vet.


Some reviews (purchase or see more details from https://www.thecbdistillery.com/product/150mg-cbd-pet-tincture/)



For other animals:

Except for cats and dogs, the two mainstream pets, other animals such as guinea pig, hamster, bunny and so forth can suffer stress just like humans, and CBD product is also fit for them. However, you need to be careful with the dosage for them, because they have a relatively smaller size. So, you should inquire your vet first if you want to enhance the life quality of these cute elves.


In the end, we have heard a lot comments to prove it is helpful for controlling pain and anxiety. What is more, the risk you need to take for CBD product is rather low. So, choose a right CBD product will avoid many problems. Luckily, you have got these two CBD products, and users wildly accept them.

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