Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is one of the famous components which would not be addictive. As the legalization of marijuana is carrying out in more states and countries, CBD business is really BIG now, especially medical industries, they get more freedom to sell CBD for people who suffering from seizure, depression, insomnia eczema and so on. For medical treatment, we usually see various types of CBD on the market, such as CBD oil, tincture, gummy dears and capsules. But all of those are need to be added into the food or drink. It maybe is a routine in your daily life, but every time you eat CBD, no matter what kind of types, it requires you you to add something. And now, there is an interesting way to consume CBD has been released that call CBD water. And this article is going to analyze this “interesting” to you.

What is CBD Water?

Someone will ask that what is CBD water? Is it a bottle of water added into CBD? Yes, it is. CBD water is indeed a water which added into CBD, but how does CBD add into the water is the “interesting” point we should talk about.

Actually, CBD water is made by manufactures using nanotechnology. That is a way that manufactures add nano-sized CBD molecules to water clusters. Yes, that’s right, CBD water is simply a kind of mineral water infused with nano-sized CBD. However, theoretically speaking, these nanoparticles could move quickly through your cells and produce a higher level of bioavailability which applies of quantum physics in action. This process would reduce normal CBD molecules to one-millionth of their original size. According to those tiny particles in CBD water, the CBD is more easily absorbed through the body and cell structures than via the digestive system.

Not all CBD water are made in the same way, but to get the great effect of CBD, it truly an effective way or even a tasty way by adding other ingredients, flavors or aromatic chemicals into it. And it is also an easy way to calculate how much the dosage you need to take everyday according to the ingredient content showed on the CBD water bottle.

Benefits of CBD Water

As we mentioned above, CBD water can affect your body’s cells immediately by its rapid bioavailability, those contain your heart, red blood cells, and nerve cells. And it also allows your immune system gets a boots by its outstanding antioxidant quality. So it means you can receive a faster recovery time and reduced pain from CBD water by its fast bioavailability.

And the other obvious benefit is that CBD water is completely non-intoxicating, in other word, it won’t get you high. That’s because the component of marijuana – CBD, not like the other component THC which can be addicted. And after drinking a bottle of CBD water, you should feel refreshed and energetic.

Trouble of CBD Water

Most scientists indicate that CBD water can truly increase the bioavalibility, but because of “nanotechnology”, people take more care about on its increased toxicity. This process may cause more limits for mineral consumption and vitamin. But there are no nutrients and phytochemicals existed. The so-called “nanoceuticals” can help to bypass the protective barriers of the body and expose it to biochemical quantities, and this process that it is not used to do before. Up to now, CBD water is still a new industry, more studies need to be done on nanoceuticals.

And there is another small trouble of CBD water, that is “entourage effect” which is a phenomenon where various cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana work together to bring a positive effect on human body. It means that when you use cannabis isolated, like CBD, you can’t get the full effectiveness of it. On the contrary, directly smoking cannabis will have a more effective outcome than using isolated CBD or THC. Most companies only add CBD in the sold water, it means you can not get the full-spectrum quality CBD oil from their products.

While the more benefits it can bring, we hope soon that there would be an answer of the trouble of CBD water.

Trustworthy CBD Water Brands

It is truly a new industry, but due to its fast reducing of pain and convenience, there are still trustworthy brands recommended if you need it.

CBD Living Water: The brand uses the nanotechnology to add nano-sized CBD and nutrients into their 7.4 PH water which can give you an immediate bioavailability. And now, this company has received a reputation as the most popular one in the industry.

Canna Nano CBD Water: It is an environmentally friendly company who uses the ocean water as their source which can contain the maximum natural minerals. Before adding high-quality CBD into it, the brand will mimic the evaporation, condensation and precipitation of the water.

Hemp Rain CBD Water: The brand is well-known with its full-spectrum hemp which contains CBD along with more than 70 terpenes. In other words, this water have various natural flavors and essential nutrients. By nanotechnology, the water has a pH 9+, which means it is really useful to keep your body in a balance.

And it is worth mentioning that the CBD water is not cheap. For instance, it costs $149.49 for a 24-pack of Canna Nano CBD water, and each bottle contains 500ml of water.

Written at the End

CBD water absolutely is a welcome product for CBD consumers because its faster bioavailability that can definitely get through your system. And it is much delicious than CBD oil, if you can’t stand the taste of hemp tincture, CBD water would be your better choice. Also, another point is that CBD water is extremely refreshing but it won’t get you high.

However, there is also a considering point that the price of CBD water is much more high than other CBD products, you’d better consider that if it worthy paying it. And as we mentioned above that nanotechnology is a trouble for CBD water, so for you, it is also should be a considerable factor before buying it.

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