Today, the cannabis industry is booming. People can enjoy different forms and different types of cannabis products. More and more countries are legalizing marijuana, and the consumption of CBD products has increased significantly. One of the latest products based on cannabis is CBD water. Today, we will discuss the benefits and differences of CBD water.

What is CBD water?

CBD Water is the latest in creativity and the healthiest drinking water. CBD water is injected into the Cannabidiol molecule of nano-marijuana. Utilizing the advantages of today’s technology and quantum physics, normal-sized CBD molecules shrink to one in a million. With such a small size, the CBD is free to reach anywhere the body needs.

Most manufacturers use nanotechnology to actually add nanoscale CBD molecules to water clusters. In theory, these nanoparticles should pass through the cell quickly and provide a higher level of bioavailability. This is the application of quantum physics in action, which involves shrinking normal CBD molecules to a millionth of their original size.

According to records, nanomaterials are very small particles of one part per billion. Tiny particles are thought to help the CBD through the body and its cellular machinery in a more efficient manner than through the human digestive system. This is an interesting way to consume the CBD because it is considered far superior to traditional forms of consumption.

The bioavailability issue is critical because it determines the efficacy of the CBD. For example, if you consume this compound, up to 90% of the compound may be lost due to poor bioavailability. For CBD water, almost every part of the theory is in the place it needs, which means you need less things to feel its benefits.

Today’s nanotechnology has found a way to provide CBD for the body. People can now feel the effects of CBD water and use it as a treatment for many diseases.

Nanoparticles injected into the CBD can move freely throughout the body in a more efficient manner than traditional CBD oils or hemp oils that pass through the digestive system. This means that CBD water almost completely bypasses the digestive system and is immediately absorbed into the body.

How does CBD  water  works?

If you read any information about the injection of water into the CBD, you may encounter the term nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the process companies use to ensure that CBDs effectively penetrate body cells.

In short, nanomaterials are tiny tiny particles that make compounds more bioavailable than macromolecules. As a result, the company is breaking down the CBD into tiny particles and wrapping them in similar tiny water molecules to deliver the CBD as efficiently as possible to the cells of the body.

What are the benefits of CBD water?

Why is CBD water considered a scientific breakthrough? This precise nanotechnology for the production of CBD water allows the CBD in the water to pass through the blood-brain barrier.

This barrier is called a filtration mechanism that delivers blood to the brain and spinal cord while preventing the passage of certain substances. This means that the effects of CBD are very strong because they can pass the blood-brain barrier.

Because CBD molecules are almost the same size as DNA, they can be transported to every cell anywhere in the body. The CBD is very beneficial to the endogenous cannabinoid system. The system is responsible for regulating the central and peripheral nervous systems, the immune system, the cardiopulmonary system, and regulating sleep and appetite. CBD water helps every cell in the body, including the heart and nerve cells.

1. It can relieve pain

Outside the United States, nasal sprays containing CBD are used in 25 countries to help resolve neuropathy and general pain problems. Drinking CBD water produces a similar response in the body. It inhibits the body’s inflammatory response without the need for painkillers, which can help patients with chronic pain begin to relieve pain in a natural way.

2. It supports mental health

CBD is a compound that produces antipsychotic effects. From a pharmacological point of view, neurochemical and antipsychotic drugs can only be obtained by prescription.Natural features appear to be safer than pharmacological features, and as a result, clinical trials of CBD for schizophrenia are currently underway.

3. It relieves anxiety

Many diseases are associated with fear or anxiety. From post-traumatic stress to social anxiety and even obsessive-compulsive disorder, CBD can alleviate the high anxiety that some people may have. Over time, this may even be an effective way to limit the effects of panic attacks and seizures.

4. It may help fight some cancers

In 2011, researchers found that CBD helps to inhibit the growth of certain breast tumor cells without causing the same damage to health. The findings were published in the journal in 2006. Then, in 2011, the CBD was found to interfere with estrogen receptor-positive and negative cancer cells without affecting health.

5. It can reduce the risks associated with diabetes

Drinking any type of water helps regulate blood sugar levels. If you are drinking CBD water, your body may need less insulin to create a balance. The American Journal of Medicine published a report in 2013 showing that people who use CBD or cannabis products have a fasting insulin level that is 16% lower than the average population. It is also associated with a smaller waistline, which is an important factor in the onset of diabetes.

6. It promotes a healthier heart

Having a high glucose environment in the body can damage the tissues of the cardiovascular system. There are three main benefits to consider here: reducing vascular inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels and lowering high permeability. While CBD water is certainly not a magical solution, it can be an integral part of a healthier lifestyle when diet and exercise change.

How much CBD water should I drink every day?

Drinking CBD water is really beneficial. If you drink it without medical purposes, it is recommended to drink at least 10-25 mg per day. On the other hand, if you need the benefits of CBD water to treat certain symptoms or diseases, it is recommended to use 2-10 mg of water per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, if you weigh 50 kg, you need to drink 500 mg of CBD water a day.

Comparison of CBD water and CBD oil

There are many differences between CBD water and CBD oil.


Compared to CBD oil, CBD water has a refreshing taste. CBD water has no taste, you can mix it with several fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the taste of high quality CBD oil is a bit unpleasant and not everyone can bear it. Some people add other flavors when they want to consume CBD oil.

2.Absorption rate

Compared to CBD oil, CBD water has a faster absorption rate. Therefore, if you need a supplement that works quickly, CBD water is ideal.


If you are the first to hear the word bioavailability, let us first introduce its meaning. Bioavailability means how much of the supplement you consume is actually in your body. When you take supplements, it doesn’t mean your body will consume 100% of the nutritional supplements and put them in your blood.

Therefore, by stating the bioavailability of a supplement, we first define how much supplement is actually absorbed into the blood. If the bioavailability of the product is very long, it will not make a huge difference whether or not a specific supplement is taken. The supplement is absorbed into the blood and the bioavailability of the product is higher.

If you inject intravenous supplements, this means that bioavailability will be 100%. However, the question is what happens if you take oral supplements through the mouth? If the supplement does not enter the bloodstream, it does not do any useful work.

The fact is that water-soluble CBDs have a high bioavailability and are almost 100% absorbed into the blood. Compared with water molecules, oil molecules are much larger, making it harder for the body to absorb it. This is why CBD water is at least 90% more efficient at absorbing into the blood than CBD oil.

Another fact is that our body is made up of 60% water and the oil does not mix with water. The highest bioavailability of these companies to obtain CBD oil is 10%.

Therefore, you need to reduce the CBD water to get the full advantage of the CBD. If you are eating CBD oil, you must take a larger amount to get the same result. This means getting more THC, which will make you feel better.


The main problems brought by CBD water are related to nanotechnology. Some scientists worry that it will increase toxicity. Particles called “nanoceuticals” can bypass the body’s protective barrier and expose the body to biochemical quantities that are unfamiliar to our body.

The question about the follower effect has emerged. This is the action of cannabinoids and terpenes, which work together and have a positive effect on the body. When only one of them is used, or when only CBD is used with water, the effect is lowered.


CBD water contains pure CBD, while on the other hand, CBD oil contains additional natural cannabinol and terpenoids. As far as the whole plant is used, the effect of CBD water is worse than that of the CBD oil.


The fact is that CBD water has a higher bioavailability than CBD oil, but it also leads to the price of water. CBD water is more expensive than oil. The price of CBD oil is almost half of the price of CBD water.

Where can I buy CBD water?

Contrary to what you might think, the CBD is not legal across the United States. We hope it is clear, but unfortunately, the different state and federal laws in the country are confusing. However, it should be self-evident that CBD water is legal in all states where marijuana is legally used for entertainment purposes. Although most people think that CBD oil is legal because of the 2014 agricultural bill, this is not the case.

In any case, you can purchase CBD water directly from the above company’s website. Although it is technically illegal, the chances of being arrested for buying and using it are minimal; unless you live in Indiana.

Final thoughts on CBD water resources

CBD Water is a potentially exciting product because it allows you to consume cannabinol because it knows it will definitely pass through your system. In addition, if you can’t stand the taste of cannabis, it is a cool alternative to CBD oil. When it comes to it, it is also very refreshing.

However, CBD water is also very expensive, so you have to decide if it is worth paying more than oil. In addition, people are still concerned about the safety of nanotechnology, especially in food and beverages. There are currently only a few reputable companies selling it, and you still have to be careful not to violate the law, even if no one really knows what it relates to the CBD oil.

Review CBD water and the difference from CBD oil.

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