Basic Infomation of  CloudV


Place of production: Glendale, California

Company Honours: CloudV is a 14-time best product award-winning vaporizer company. Since 2012, CloudV has continued to innovate and change its product line to offer the best electronic vaporizers on the planet. It holds a number of issued patents as well as numbers of pending patents on our products.

Product features: efficient, easy to use, practical, beautiful, easy to carry


Advantages of the product:

  1. The equipment is easy to open for cleaning and loading, and the remaining usage can be displayed.
  2. Batteries: They can be recharged quickly and used continuously for a week.
  3. Complete supporting facilities

Product shortcomings:  High price


Product Services:

  1. Battery Lifelong Warranty
  2. All orders in the United States are free of freight up to $59.

How to use Cloud Vapes?

Simply press the button on the pen and it will work.

Cloud vape evaporates materials by transferring heat rather than heating them directly.

The herbal evaporator heats the material at a lower temperature (convection) instead of burning, thus generating steam but not smoke.

The liquid or concentrate material is rapidly heated to the boiling point through an atomizer to produce a strong vapor that can be absorbed.

If you want to fill the foamer, just invert the glass. Fill in it from the bottom. Put the glass face up and breathe in immediately to catch the maximum amount of water. Excess water will pour out.

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The star of the highest sales volume product


Tornado atomizer efficient evaporation, no waste of materials((Click on the picture for detailed product information)


Platinum is similar in appearance to other vape pens, but it upgrades the atomizer and has a longer battery life – the cloud platinum batteries are rechargeable, lightweight, new heating elements, display screens, smaller ceramic bowls (to avoid waste) and wider nozzles.


It also has a unique design, the Tornado atomizer, whose chamber wall is like a tornado whirlwind, so that wax or oil can all slide onto the heated atomizer. There will be no oil spilling or wax sticking to the inner wall. On the other hand, cloud vapes can save you a lot of money. More cost-effective is the lifetime warranty for Cloud vapes batteries. In addition, the new display can let you know directly about your material vaping.


There are six colors to choose  (yellow, white, blue, black, pink, chrome) and a special Galaxy version. Unique Galaxy Design


Disadvantage: Cloud Platinum Atomizers is incompatible with Classic batteries



Classic is cheaper than platinum because it uses an old-fashioned nebulizer. Although it is an old-fashioned nebulizer, nebulizer still has more advantages than the ordinary evaporator.

Classic Portable Vape Pen is very small. It is about 4 inches high and less than 1 inch in diameter. You can put it in the pocket of your clothes. Appearance also has different designs and many colors to choose from.

Classic uses one-button design, very human. You just press the button three times to unlock it. Cloud V Classic will generate huge vapor clouds and taste great. Put your favorite concentrate, wax or oil in the vape pen and you just press the button and then press the button to start enjoying it.

Classic fully charged takes about 45 minutes, the battery will last about 1-2 days, Cloud V will provide you with portable mobile power supply. They can provide you with a 5600 mAh standby power supply. (Click on the picture for detailed product information)



  • Battery life is average. A single charge can provide 24-48 hours of service time.
  • The tongue is just a hollow cylinder.
  • High price
  • Their designs are applicable only to waxes and oils, but not to hay herbs.

Classic and platinum adopt high-quality ceramic tornado atomizers specially designed to push materials into heating coils for optimum evaporation. The atomizers or coils are semi-disposable and should last for about 2 months in mass use. This design provides very high steam quality and excellent efficiency. There is no actual difference in steam quality between the two.


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