What is ILGM?

As we heard of I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), a person is worth being mentioned. His name is Robert Bergman, the founder of ILGM. He begun to grow marijuana in Amsterdam about 25 years ago. At the beginning, Robert grew only 5 plants in a small home-based workshop, he has done a lot of work on growing and collected knowledge about it, and he thought it was time to share his experience on every thing of growing weeds to make people who want to get a better life from marijuana, so he decided to make up his team and to share his knowledge on ILGM, at that time, as a platform for sharing. As time goes by, thanks to the legalization of marijuana in some countries and more positive effects on it have been discovered, more and more people are getting interested on growing weeds by themselves, so ILGM is getting popular among weeds requester. And now, ILGM offers all knowledge and shares tips of weed growing to its customers, from suitable seeds choosing, cultivating and plants caring to harvesting.

What do they provide?

As we mentioned above, ILGM is a company who contributes to grow marijuana over 25 years, they are totally practiced on it and they know the most vital factor of growing high-quality marijuana plants – SEEDS, the first and basic step to grow marijuana. If you are ready to start growing your own marijuana or cannabis (for medical), you’d better choose the best source for your seeds, and ILGM guarantee it to you.


Marijuana seeds in ILGM have several types: feminized, autoflowering, fast flowering, regular, and medical. You can choose it which is most suitable for you.

Feminized seeds assure your plant can be pollinated and it always brings amazing bud. If you are a beginner, the automatic seeds could be your best choice. Because it is with no light cycle requirement, and you can grow it all year round. As medical researches on cannabis have been done more, prejudice on cannabis is gradually decreasing. ILGM provides the collection of cannabis seeds which are ideal for medical use due to high CBD or other characteristics contained.

Guides for Growing

From ILGM, you can receive the whole process of marijuana growing, no matter you are a green hand or a adept who gets trouble on planting, both you can find a guide here.

  • For beginners, you’d better read a grower’s dictionary first, and you’ll realize what you ca do if you plant marijuana, for smoking, hash or eating. Also, you can gain the information about the choice of seeds,soil and fertilizer. The seeds are be divided into two: indoors and outdoors. The basics you need to know, growsite and when and how you should harvest marijuana plants, answers for all those questions are listed on the ILGM online store.
  • After purchasing the products, you may meet some troubles on planting, such as nutrients, pests, diseases controlling and treatment, environmental stresses, especially for beginners, those problems are absolutely tough. ILGM offers the plant care guides and teaches you how to identify and treat marijuana plants.
  • If you are suffer from depression, pain, you want CBD to relieve your symptom but you do not trust the purity of CBD retailers, the ILGM medical cannabis growing by yourself is the best choice for you. You can see the growth of marijuana with your own eyes to plant a reliable raw material of your CBD.

Brand name: I Love Growing Marijuana(ILGM)

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