Update: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated its policy on medical cannabis travel, stating that the use of cannabis-derived CBD products or any products approved by the Food and Drug Administration is virtually entirely legal.

In 2018, according to the Agricultural Improvement Act, cannabis was reclassified as agricultural products and was no longer considered a controlled substance, which means that products using cannabis-derived CBDs are legal under federal law.

According to federal law, cannabis is still considered an illegal substance due to its content of tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis which can induce psychoactive activity. The THC content in cannabis does not exceed 0.3%, while the THC content in cannabis exceeds 30%.

If you think you are easily anxious on the plane, you can use CBD to calm you down in the anxiety of a turbulent or turning flight.  It allows you to relax and enjoy flying without worrying. The CBD can even suppress the uncomfortableness of your body. For example, pain, nausea, and epilepsy…

But you still need to pay attention to a few points:


Query local state laws on the CBD, and many travelers mistakenly believe that federal law is better than state law. Although this is a very complex topic, different scenarios lead to different outcomes. In the case of the CBD, states are allowed to implement stricter regulations than those mentioned in the 2018 Farm Bill.

If a state is considered to be traveling in a state where the law is legal, there is no federal or local violation. However, if local law considers this to be illegal, if the local, state [or federal level] does not accept the prosecution, the traveler may face seizures, fines, penalties or denial of entry.


Call the airline to verify if you accept the CD-ROM. TSA’s screening program focuses on safety and aims to identify potential threats to aviation and passengers. Therefore, TSA security personnel will not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substances are found during the security check, TSA will refer the matter to law enforcement officials.


You must ensure that the drug you are carrying is an FDA-approved drug containing CBD (such as the pediatric antiepileptic drug Epidiolex). Please be sure to bring your prescription and any relevant documents. Additional testing will determine the THC level in the product and, therefore, whether it is legal in the federal government. However, this test can take several months.


Find out the rules of the TSA regarding the amount of liquid allowed on board. Not only does this save you time in customs clearance and check-in, but it also prevents inconvenience to officials. Some people may know little about the product. Also, make sure the product is properly packaged, ideally not open, as most airlines do not allow you to use an opened bottle. It is also important to check that the bottle is properly labeled.

Personal advice:

For security reasons and avoid any legal fees – or at least while waiting for TSA to search for your baggage and check the rules book – it may be worthwhile to leave your CBD product at home.
However, if you must travel with a CBD product (such as an FDA-approved drug), take a copy of the product analysis certificate with you and make sure you are familiar with the laws of the particular state that you will travel to and from.


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