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CBD is a new and rapidly growing phenomenon with sales tripling in the last three years. Overwhelmed by flooding advertisement, more and more people are joining the seemingly unstoppable trend. But still, many hold an expectant attitude due to different reasons.

1) Safety

People who are of two minds about taking CBD products are most likely to ask, “Is CBD safe? Should I worry about getting high and addiction?” The worries come from the notorious reputation of marijuana. However, the main psychoactive component of marijuana is THC rather than CBD. Let alone most CBD are extracted from hemp products which contain less than 0.3% of THC.

Here is what is unexpected. There is something like sibling rivalry going on between THC and CBD. They both “grow up” in cannabis plants and have an effect on the brain’s cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors. It’s the form of effect that explains why they induce different results. While THC stimulates the activation of these receptors, producing a euphoria or high associated with marijuana, CBD is a CB1 inhibitor, blocking any intoxicating effect caused by CB1 receptors. As a matter of fact, taking CBD along with THC can reduce the effects of THC. That’s to say, CBD can INHIBIT the high effects. That’s the opposite of getting high. Surprise surprise!

A report published by WHO suggests, “While the number of studies is limited, the evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.” “CBD does not produce the effects that are typically seen with cannabinoids such as THC. It also failed to produce significant effects in a human study of abuse potential discussed below…” “At present, there are no case reports of abuse or dependence relating to the use of pure CBD.” These are good answers for the questions.

2) Benefits

Another question naturally follows, “What can I benefit from CBD?” Well, the answer is actually quite blurring since CBD works differently depending on the individuals taking it. But according to the feedback comes from CBD users, including myself, CBD is a miracle worker in bringing relief and recovery both physically and mentally. There are of course other advantages of taking CBD but you’d have to find out yourself.

Lots of companies and organizations have been working on the therapeutic use of CBD. In June 2018, FDA approved the first plant-derived CBD prescription medicine Epidiolex produced by GW Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, in patients two years of age and older. This is the first FDA-approved medicine containing a purified marijuana-derived drug substance. It’s also the first time an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of patients with Dravet syndrome has been approved. And it’s only the first step for public to realize the benefit of CBD. More medicinal products that contain CBD are in development, some of them like Arvisol, Zynerba and Bionorica are achieving good progress. Remember that Epidiolex was once in that list, so let’s just wait and see, shall we?

Shopping Tips

When you step into a supermarket, you need to know what you want. But you won’t truly know what you want if you don’t know about what you want. Now, quit playing on words. Let’s get down to business. From my experience of trial and error, I suggest you look into two major aspects when shopping CBD.

1) Organic

For those who consider purity and safety to be most important factors when choosing a CBD product, it’s impossible to ignore the role that “organic” plays. You might wonder, why is “organic” so vital in cannabis growing? That is because the roots of cannabis plants pull out not only nutrients but also chemicals from soil. Imagine what’s going to happen if you pour chemical fertilizers and pesticides. So if you are not ready to consume contaminated CBD products and risk to ingest dangerous toxins and heavy metals, organic is a must! Other than that, organic cannabis causes less environmental impact and offers an improving taste. So Rule No.1: Always choose organic ones!

2) Types

If you don’t know about types of CBD, how on earth are you gonna choose the most suitable one for yourself? Different types can vary greatly. Here are three main types of CBD on the market, isolate, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum contains all cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant, like proteins, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. So if you are a decisive anti-THC, don’t buy any products labeled ‘full-spectrum’!Broad-spectrum also contains multiple cannabis-derived cannabinoids but is typically free of THC. There might be, however, a trace of THC in broad-spectrum CBD depending on brands and products. Isolate does not contain THC, in fact, it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids except CBD. It’s definitely the purist and seemingly the best, but the truth is, the synergistic effects of multiple cannabinoid perform better in many cases, like in the effective treatment of inflammatory conditions.

FOCL’s Creeds

Now we’ve come across what we should choose and are ready for the next step. But in this stage you’re very likely to get lost in what we are actually choosing from. Many of us who are trying to get broad-spectrum products may face a big problem, that is some brands tend to use CBD isolate in their products to cut expenses but label them as “pure CBD”. You call them sneaky? Well, meet those who were busted mislabeling or misrepresenting by lab tests conducted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. They call their CBD-free merchandise “CBD products”! Though the survey was only ran in UK, we may grasp the whole picture of CBD industry and CBD market. Given the facts that the market is booming while unregulated, getting an ideal supplier is like winning a lottery.

So quality and transparency are two most crucial things that we customers care about. They are what FOCL cares about, too. I choose FOCL because it’s like an incarnate of trust to me and I can always get first-rate CBD products from them. Obsessed with obtaining the highest-quality CBD and superior-made CBD products, FOCL’s mission is to create effective plant-powered wellness products to support our peak performance.

FOCL includes botanical ingredients including quality hemp-derived CBD in the formulas, which have been proven to be rather effective. To maintain the highest standard, their products are all made of USA-grown organic ingredients, including the hemp plants for Broad-Spectrum CBD. They use nutrients and pesticides that are natural in origin to avoid chemical contamination. As a result, their ingredients achieve superior flavour and aroma, and increased potency.

In addition, all ingredients that FOCL use and every batch of their products are third-party tested, which ensures the safety and transparency of these CBD products. FOCL products are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities and are certified by TRU-ID, which is a famous university-based certification programme that uses cutting-edge DNA technologies to confirm the correct identity of the plant species or bacteria strain mentioned on the label. When I look at the 100% plant-based ingredients labeled on FOCL products, I know I can trust them with that. It is also worth noting that FOCL provides a 60-day satisfaction guarantee for every single product to make sure you have nothing to worry about. No harm in a FREE try, right?

FOCL Products

Rather than splitting efforts across multiple channels, FOCL narrows its focus on creating several really awesome products including CBD capsules, gummies, drops, and relief cream, making them much better than any others in the market.

1) CBD Drops

CBD drops are the most popular CBD products in CBD industry. It takes no more steps than a simple drop under your tongue, easier and more convenient to take for people who can get really lazyish when it comes to meds.

Some of CBD drops I used to try before FOCL have a strange grassy taste that could linger in my mouth for hours. Thank goodness my tolerance with the bad aftertaste ended after I started using FOCL CBD Drops. It’s a delicious organic flavor that most people would like. So no reason to retreat this time!

There are three doses for everyone. Starters looking for a trial experiment can go for 500mg. But I strongly recommend 1000mg and 2000mg for regular users as the price of per drop cuts down to half and more!

2) CBD Gummies

If you are a foodie, you have to try their yummy gummies! They are made into three fruity flavors – wild berry, orange cream and strawberry, all with a soft, chewy and sugary taste.

More importantly, both CBD gummies and drops are good at bringing you a natural relaxed feeling instead of dopey or dazed kind. The doses of CBD of the products are measured with professional knowledge and discreet care. Containing 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, a single gummy is all you need to get a refresh morning.

Some customers have grown into the habit of keeping the bottles near them whether in workplace or at home. So they place one bottle in company and one in the bedroom. When work puts too much stress on them, they reach for the chill-out bottles. For me, the dose keeps me more focused on my work. The productivity after I take them can surprise myself sometimes! Other than that, when people have trouble sleeping or simply just want to have a sweet dream, they take one drop or two and then the troubles DROPS away!

On top of that, they can also be of help in reducing muscle stiffness and soreness from training and workouts – Talk about versatile!

3) Relief Cream

However, you might want to know that this FOCL Relief Cream also works wonder for your bitter aftermath of exercise. And for those who have been suffering from chronicle pain, this Relief Cream is definitely a savior! It is saturated with high quality CBD and multiple soothing botanicaIs to boost the interactive effect. You will feel a instant cooling relief as you rubbing the cream into your aching parts. Apart from its amazing effect on pain, the mentholated smell pleases me as well. It’s not too strong but is enough to offer a refreshment after my tiring day.

4) CBD Capsules

There are three kinds of capsules made for special uses in FOCL. For example, we need to be focused and energized at days, so FOCL Day Capsules combines lion’s mane and L-theanine to improve your performance in cognition, memory, concentration etc., and adds rhodiola rosea to deal with your weariness and bring you back to your passionate working mode. For nights, we can really use some help to reduce the stress of the whole day and get more relaxed. So FOCL uses ashwagandha for the Night Capsules to alleviate inflammation and recover you from daily stress. Passion Flower and Valerian Root are also added for a deeper and better sleep. In Immunity Capsules, there are medicinal mushrooms boosting your white blood cells, reducing inflammation, and herbal adaptogens working as an antiviral, working together to amplify your immunity. You can buy just one of them or get them as a health bundle, either is a good choice for your next level.

Good Deal

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