According to the statistics of the 2018 Agricultural Bill, the US cannabis growing industry has reached $1 billion, and the CBD industry has gradually expanded as the health benefits of the CBD have been discovered by the medical community, and more and more countries in the world have admitted the legitimacy of CBD. The entire CBD market set for huge growth, so the new CBD brands are constantly coming onto the market, and the evaluation of the CBD cannot be stopped. I hope our comments can help you when you buy the CBD, after all, the price of CBD products is not cheap. Today we are going to comment on this CBD brand with its own unique style. Hemplucid company is different from its competitors because of its full-plant CBD products. The company does not have any propagation, it actually uses the entire cannabis plant (minus all plant resins and waxes) to develop their products. The difference between Hemplucid and its competitors is that it has a wide range of products and is inexpensive. The manufacturer manufactures and sells any product related to CBD, from hemp seed oil to vape liquid, even vape starter kit. Thanks to its high-quality processing and manufacturing technology, the company has developed Hemplucid’s water-soluble nanoencapsulated hemp oil that dissolves quickly in the body. All of the products’ THC less than 0.3 %, so they are legal in the United States.

What is Hemplucid?

Hemplucid is mainly for hypostatic store sales. You can find hemplucid products in dozens of stores in the US and the UK, but you cannot find out brand information on the official website, there is no detailed information about its founders or history expect how to become resellers and affiliates.

But you can browse their updates on Facebook ( is also a good idea to learn more about Hemlucid’s brand information. Although the official information is not complete. Fortunately, Their organic certificates are complete, and their CBD products are not only from the famous organic certified farms in Colorado, but their processing also determines organic products, which greatly enhance their competitiveness and product quality. These two organic proofs can be found on their official website.

 unique style

  1. The entire CBD extraction process uses the CO2 extraction method, which uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the desired phytochemicals (such as CBD) from the plant. The CO2 extraction process does not contain any of the harsh chemical solvents commonly used to extract CBD oils. Carbon dioxide extraction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is also considered to be the world’s most expensive and safest method of plant extraction, high purity: the production of cannabinoids is effective, without chlorophyll, with minimal risk of contamination. Maybe you will think that I have seen a lot of CBD brands using CO2 extraction methods, and what is special for hemplucid. In particular, the co2 extraction method used by hemplucid can contain whole plant formulations and CBD isolates with consistent integrity. Who wouldn’t want to have a full-spectrum cannabis oil effect in a risk-free, high-purity CBD?
  2. rapid effects but no ill ones. Hemplucid’s products can be absorbed into the blood faster and blood vessels pick up the drugs and bring them to the liver and other parts of the body.
  3. Innovative, each product has its own uniqueness. In the following article, I will introduce the information about recommending the product in detail.

1.Review of Hemplucid’s CBD Tincture

Hemplucid sells a whopping four whole plant tinctures, but I recommend Whole Plant CBD Water Soluble, Whole Plant Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil Tincture.

The whole plant CBD Water Soluble uses nanotechnology.  a single cannabidiol (CBD) molecule has a diameter of about 4440 nm. So when the company talks about shrinking the particles to the size of the nanoparticles, it means they shrink it by 4440%, and the water-soluble nanotechnology used by hemplucid shrinks the particles down to a small enough size that makes body is more likely to separate it to process into a compound that interacts with the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), and the CBD is also easier to bind to lipids and water in the body, into the bloodstream, and the liver. Nano-CBD has greatly improved its bioavailability and the speed of CBD. You will feel the changes that CBD brings to your body Within 10-15 minutes ,but Hemplucid suggests starting with 2/3 of the dropper.


Water Soluble can be:


Mixed with drinks and liquids

Sublingually administered

There are 4 sizes:



1000mg:$ 149.95


but Hemplucid suggests starting with 2/3 of the dropper.


2.Hemp Seed Oil Tincture

The ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in this tincture is 3:1, which is very ideal. It also includes potassium, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium. It is a partial tincture and has a range of potential benefits, including improved digestion, healthy skin, and balanced skin tone.

250 mg: $46.95


500 mg: $84.95


1000 mg: $149.95


1500 mg: $199.95


3.Whole Plant Hemp MCT

This tincture uses MCT oil as a carrier. MCT oil represents “medium chain triglyceride” oil. It is a combination of coconut oil and palm oil. By mixing the two oils together, you will certainly have a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (compounds that give “healthy and cosmetic” oils with excellent therapeutic and cleaning properties) – not extracting the two oils first is more harmful. Long-chain triglycerides (difficult to metabolize and usually end up as stored fats).this MCT tincture is one of its most durable options. It is ideal for those who want to experience CBD for hours without taking other doses.

150 mg: $29.95


300 mg: $54.95


500 mg: $84.95


1000 mg: $149.95


1500 mg: $199.95

Kalki CBD gummies Series

Hemplucid’s Kalki series provides IsoTerp tinctures and colloids for people who like CBD isolates. The advantage of this patented technology is that it offers both advantages: pure CBD isolation and turbocharged terpene power. We are also impressed by Kalki gummies, which uses zero artificial spices, organic sugar sources and natural colorants such as turmeric and concentrated grape juice. Hemplucid also removes terpenes when manufacturing CBD separation products in sharp contrast to some of the highest quality Gummies we’ve ever seen. CBD in this series of products is combined with terpenes such as terpenes, limonene, laurel, and pine.

CBD wax: Many CBD companies use polysorbitol esters, -80 and-60 in CBD dripping and CBD frost. These are emulsifiers treated with ethylene oxide, a toxic chemical with health risks. We suggest that natural substitutes such as beeswax would be better suited to the spirit of Hemplucid. The wax contains 200 mg of refined CBD concentrate at a price of $44.95.

CBD Soft Capsules: There are four strength options, 30 caps per bottle. The advantage ranges from 15 mg to 75 mg per bottle at a price of $219.95.

CBD Edible Fudge: Each fudge contains 25 mg of CBD, and you can get $5 or $139 for only $34.95.

CBD Lip Balm: This is an interesting product that allows you to micro-CBD anytime, anywhere. Each tube contains 50 mg of CBD for $9.99, which soothes and moisturizes your lips.

CBD Body Cream: this body cream is equipped with a 2-ounce bath. You can purchase 500 mg CBD option at $84.95 or 1000mg at a price of $149.95. It is designed to treat local pain without oily residues.

CBDA Body Cream: 2 ounces CBD contains 1000 mg CBDA, priced at $149.95. CBDA has different characteristics from CBD. CBDA has been shown to inhibit COX-2, so it has anti-inflammatory properties and can treat pain disorders such as arthritis. The cream has a pleasant citrus fragrance and is a convenient choice for you to carry on your journey.

Hemplucid also sells CBD products for cats and dogs.

User evaluation

More evaluations can be found on the Hemplucide website. Hemplucid has a very user-friendly and easy to navigate website. The information section of the website can help new CBD users. We also appreciate the upcoming site and provide nutrition and laboratory testing information for each product.


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