With the expanding application of using CBD, more and more people are taking attention to the benefits of CBD. At the same time, scientists and experimenters are taking efforts to research the effects of CBD constantly. Some studies have shown that CBD can help people to solve some health problems, including the pain of the human body, insomnia and so on. CBD even can be useful for cancer patients to overcome nausea that cancer causes. And one of the most approval thing that CBD can affect is anxiety.

Anxiety and the traditional medicines for it

Anxiety isn’t accepted by people in the usual situation. Actually, appropriate anxiety is an adaptive reaction behavior, it can help people to make a response to what probably threat to us thus contributing to identify the potential dangers and take effective action to avoid these dangers. But if anxiety that people suffered is beyond a suitable degree that means patients can’t manage these reactions effectively, the anxious patients may be diagnosed as clinical anxiety. A series of symptoms related to anxiety will accompany them and affect their work and daily life. Facing this situation, the patients need to relieve symptoms caused by excessive anxiety by certain means.

The researches in recent years show that diseases related to anxiety have an effect on most of the population in the United States. There are nearly 20% of adults in a population of over 18 years old suffering anxiety-related diseases in America. To solve this difficulty, the large pharmaceutical company in the United States have developed many drugs for treating anxiety-related diseases, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac, Zoloft, and sedative ( the most popular drug is benzodiazepines like Valium, Xanax).

Although these drugs are traditional drugs for treating diseases related to anxiety, they are effective for many patients in the early stage. However, with the increase of human resistance and the passage of time, some drugs do not respond well to the human body. Some patients may not see significant improvement after using these drugs. Other patients even can’t stand the side effects drugs caused. In addition, the worse case is that sedatives like valium and Xanax make the user addictive easily. Faced with the above situation, people are in urgent need of a new alternative therapy to treat anxiety.

CBD and anxiety

Cannabinol as a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants has gradually demonstrated its role in improving anxiety-related symptoms. According to a study of CBD users in 2018, anxiety has become one of the main reasons for the consumption of cannabis derivatives. So today we will take a concrete look at whether CBD is really effective for anxiety as shown in the study. If so, then how does CBD work? In addition, there are other issues that patients need to pay attention to when using CBD to treat anxiety.

How does CBD work?

In recent years, with the efforts of clinicians and scientists, many animal studies and human experiments have shown that CBD has strong anti-anxiety properties. CBD is well tolerated and safe to use in treatment. And CBD may be beneficial for the treatment of some anxiety-related diseases such as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, mild depression and so on.

If CBD can effectively treat anxiety symptoms as the studies show, how does it work in the human body? Understanding the process by which CBD works is essential for patients with anxiety. But before delving into the research, let’s first look at how traditional anti-anxiety drugs work. The treatment principle of anxiety and depressive symptoms is to use the serotonin system to transmit signals, which play a certain role in the brain. Serotonin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that works to regulate mood. SSRIs(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) developed by pharmaceutical companies increase the availability of serotonin in the synaptic space by blocking the reabsorption of serotonin in the brain. It can help brain cells transmit more serotonin signals, which ultimately reduces anxiety and improves mood.

The treatment of CBD is similar to that of SSRIs, which promotes the transmission of signals in brain cells through serotonin receptors. But unlike traditional therapeutic anxiety drugs, CBD may act more rapidly on serotonin and the process is safer.

In addition to affecting serotonin,  CBD has been shown to treat anxiety-related symptoms by helping neurons in the hippocampus of the brain regenerate. The hippocampus is a major brain region in the brain and plays a key role in various brain functions, especially for memory formation and cognitive function. The size and damage of neurons in the hippocampus are closely related to anxiety and depression. Patients with anxiety disorders usually have smaller hippocampus in the brain. And suicide can occur if the neurons in the hippocampus of the patient’s brain are severely damaged. Patients who successfully treated anxiety and depression showed neonatal neurons in brain scans. This indicates the importance of neurons for patients with anxiety. Although this is a very complex biological process, research on this aspect is still at a basic stage. But CBD still provides hope for us about how we can most effectively treat anxiety-related diseases.

Scientific researches on CBD for treating anxiety

The earliest study on CBD for treating anxiety symptoms was the experiment in rats. And in the late, CBD was applied in clinical trials and studies on human anxiety. Among them, Brazilian researchers conducted two small studies on patients with an extensive social anxiety disorder. The results of these studies were relatively reliable.

One study report showed that the participants have a significant reduction in their anxiety after using CBD. And they are all socially ill patients. The researchers performed a brain scan to verify the subjective report of the patient. And the final results showed that the cerebral blood flow pattern was consistent with the anti-anxiety effect. In another small study, researchers simulated a public speaking test for patients with social anxiety. The report of these participants showed that their heart rate and blood pressure were stable. These indicators related to anxiety objectively proved that their anxiety reduces. The researchers concluded that CBD can reduce anxiety in speech performance of anxiety patients. CBD can relieve cognitive discomfort and discomfort in social interactions.

CBD and THC for anxiety

In addition to CBD we have known, THC is also a cannabinoid that people often hear. CBD has been shown to be effective in reversing the anxiety caused by THC in people’s anti-anxiety effects. THC is psychoactive and can easily cause euphoric and exciting reactions after taking it. In the study, when CBD and THC were administered simultaneously, CBD reduced anxiety caused by THC. And if the healthy subject is given CBD alone, there is no effect on them.

Regardless of the type of study, it can be shown that CBD can effectively reduce anxiety symptoms. But some problems appear. If you take CBD to treat anxiety, how much dose should you take? If you use a very high dose of CBD, what side effects will it cause on the human body? What issues should people pay attention to when using CBD?

What we need to pay attention to if we use CBD to treat anxiety

CBD is a natural medicine that effectively treats anxiety symptoms. And it does not cause side effects on the human body after use. However, because of the possible interaction of CBD with some drugs, it is important to talk to your doctor. The users should consult the doctor’s opinions before using CBD. In addition, you need to know the dose of CBD and choose suitable CBD products you need.

CBD dosage

Now that we have decided to use CBD to replace the traditional medical treatment of anxiety. So it is necessary for us to understand the specific dose of CBD we need. After reviewing a lot of essays and data, you may find that there is no clear guide to the use of CBD doses. This is because consuming CBD is affected by many factors in the process of use. And the specific situation of each person is different, so the dose of CBD is different for each person.

Experts recommend that we should start with low-dose and low-intensity CBD products. The patients can take 1 ml dose of CBD one hour before going to bed at night. After maintaining this type of administration and dosage, you need to pay attention to whether your body has some changes.  If you do not notice a  significant improvement in symptoms, you can gradually increase the dose and product concentration until your anxiety is significantly relieved. One thing to note is that the increase in the dose of CBD is gradual. The dose allows the human body to adapt slowly. Don’t add too much at once, otherwise, it may have the opposite effect. When you find a suitable CBD dose,  you will find that your anxiety symptoms have been significantly alleviated after using it for a while.

For the type choice of CBD product, it is recommended that you should choose one or more according to your own situation. There are many common CBD products in the market, including CBD tinctures, candies, pills, creams, and so on. Because we need to use CBD products to solve the problem of anxiety. So for the beginner of using CBD, you can try to start with CBD tincture.  That is because the use of CBD tinctures is very simple and the bioavailability of it is very high. Anxious patients place the liquid in the CBD tincture under the tongue through a dropper. Then after a few seconds of rest, the human body can easily absorb them from this way.


Although some experts have suggested that it is necessary to conduct more researches on CBD and anxiety, including large randomized controlled trials to examine the long-term effects and potential of CBD. However, there is evidence in the animal studies of CBD treatment anxiety and human clinical trials to confirm the anti-anxiety treatment efficacy of CBD. Compared with the traditional available medicines currently for anxiety, CBD has better efficacy and safety. CBD is a viable alternative to traditional medicine for treating anxiety indeed.


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