With the popularization of marijuana legalization, more and more people use CBD to treat many diseases that people may suffer. This is the embodiment of CBD, but there are still many problems plaguing people who want to use CBD. Today in this article we will discuss the factors that affect the length of time the CBD stays in the human body and other hot topics about the CBD.

Let us first understand what the CBD is.

The World Health Organization has issued a report confirming that the CBD is a safe substance and its consumption does not have any positive effects on health.

CBD oil is made from the leaves and stems of cannabis plants. CBD is one of the main compounds of cannabis plants and one of more than 100 other cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. There are also cannabinoids in the human body, and its structure is similar to that of cannabidiol. These cannabinoids are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and are used to regulate many different bodily functions. The ESC is also responsible for maintaining a balanced body to prevent the possibility of contracting the disease.

The human body has a CB-1 receptor that is automatically linked to cannabidiol whenever you consume a CBD compound. Therefore, the consumption of CBD oil can accelerate the ability of the endogenous cannabinoid system to promote homeostasis, thereby improving the body’s ability to resist infection and free radicals.

Factors that affect the length of time that CBD stays in the human body system

Due to the many benefits of CBD, people are keen to know how long CBD oil can remain in the human body system in order to know when to stop or reduce their daily intake, and then perform scheduled physical exercises or physical examinations. In fact, this is not a simple question, because the length of time that the CBD stays in the human system depends on many factors. It is based on the number of users of the CBD and the time spent. If you are undergoing a medical examination and want to know if the CBD is still in the body, the way medical examinations can affect the CBD’s stay time. But in most cases, medical tests are not actively looking for traces of CBD in the body, but looking for traces of THC, because THC can make people “high.”

Many factors can influence the retention time of the CBD in the human body, including the amount of CBD users use, the way in which the CBD is ingested, and personal physical factors such as age, weight, sex, lifestyle, metabolism, and so on. Normally, if you use a small number of CBD, it will leave the human body system within a week.

1.CBD half-life

According to the early data, the one-time use of the CBD can last up to three days in the human body; moderate use, the CBD stays for 3 to 5 days; repeated use, the CBD stays no more than 10 days.

The above data is based on simple guidelines for limited research on the half-life of CBD. In pharmacology, the term “half-life” refers to the amount of time it takes for the total amount of a drug or substance to decrease its original value of HALF. The article published in the journals of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research showed that in a small study using only five participants, the average half-life of cannabinoids lasted 27 to 35 hours after a single dose. If the above study applies to a larger population, it means that within a day, the number of CBD in the human body system may be reduced by half. Another study cited in this article showed that the half-life of cannabinoids after administration was 19 to 30 hours using the injection of CBD. Repeated oral doses of CBD for six consecutive weeks showed an elimination half-life of 2 to 5 days in the patient’s trial. This finding means that it takes two to five days for the patient to clear half of the CBD out of the system.

2.Personal factors

In addition to changes in half-life, personal factors are also important factors influencing the retention time of the CBD in the human system. CBD is a fat-soluble molecule that accumulates in the system and remains in fat for a period of time. The half-life study data may provide general guidelines, but depending on the individual’s condition, the CBD’s residence time varies from body to body. Personal factors that may help the body to handle the speed of the CBD include weight, lifestyle, metabolism, and level of consumption.

CBD tend to be stored in the body’s fat cells, and chronic consumers with larger body mass index may hold longer CBD than those who rapidly metabolize and burn fat.

Similar to the BMI body mass index, people with active lifestyles and eating fiber-rich foods can eliminate the CBD faster than those who sit still and eat low-fiber foods. The more active the user, the greater the likelihood of burning fat and eliminating the CBD stored therein. Digestion of dietary fiber can excrete fatty compounds in the form of feces, thereby improving the ability of patients to clear the body’s CBD.

The speed at which any individual processes the CBD depends on its internal biological environment. Some people, regardless of weight and lifestyle, may clear and metabolize the CBD faster than others.

The frequency of human consumption of compounds and the amount of a given dose are also important factors affecting the length of time that the CBD stays in the body. The more times users consume cannabinoids, the longer they will be cleared. Similarly, the more dose given CBD is, the longer the CBD will leave the system.

How long does it take for CBD to start functioning?

When we understand the factors that affect the length of time that the CBD stays in the human body, the question about how long it takes for the CBD to begin to play its role cannot help but make people want to explore further. Because it allows the user to design a suitable dosage plan to choose the most suitable CBD product and delivery method. Regarding the answer to this question, the use of CBD is the main influencing factor.

1.Sublingual absorption

The most effective way to take CBD oil is through sublingual administration, the principle is that the CBD can be effectively absorbed through the sublingual tissue and directly into the blood, and then begin to effect the human body. The user only needs to drop a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue and keep it for about a minute. Therefore, most people can expect that the effect of the CBD can be applied to the human body in a relatively short period of time (about 5-20 minutes).

2.Vaporizing or smoking

When you choose to evaporate or inhale the CBD, the CBD is absorbed by the lungs and then begins to function within a few minutes.

3.Topical administration

The use of CBD creams or painkillers is a smart choice for combating local pain, but it is not the fastest way to absorb CBD. Because when you apply the CBD cream to your skin, it absorbs through the pores, which means that the effect needs to take effect one hour or more after the application is completed.

4. Eat directly

CBD foods are very popular products and they can be found in the form of gummy bears, chocolate or healthy milkshakes. But when you are involved in the question when the CBD is working, CBD food is not the fastest way to start working. Because CBD foods need to be processed through the human digestive system and absorbed through the intestinal lining, such a process requires a delay of twenty minutes to an hour. However, if you eat CBD food on an empty stomach, you can speed up the pace of your function.

Is CBD safe to use?

CBD is a natural compound extracted from cannabis plants with almost no side effects. The way people use CBD most often is to get the CBD through CBD oil, so it is always important to ensure that no additives are used in the CBD oil. Ideally, CBD oil is thoroughly tested for THC content and is rigorously tested to ensure it is safe before it is sold in the market. In addition, please remember that THC is the cause of false positives in CBD oil testing, regardless of the CBD itself. Therefore, it is especially important to look for relevant experimental data before purchasing.

Today we explored hot topics about CBD, focusing on factors that affect the length of time that CBD stays in the human system. I hope that the above research can help CBD users to reasonably plan the amount of CBD intake.

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