THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. After smoking or eating, it can take up to three hours for the effects of cannabis to wear off.

The high caused by smoking or eating marijuana lasts longer than the effects of most prescription drugs, which usually last only a few hours.

Because of this, many people smoke or eat marijuana before they go out at night. Since most users have no idea how long it will take before they feel normal again, they may use more than one drug at once (using both marijuana and alcohol). This is called polysubstance abuse.

Illegal drug tests and THC

The main test used for detecting THC in urine is called a GC/MS, which means gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. This is the same technology that police use to detect drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Urine tests can detect THC for about two weeks after you take it in. The average person will still have detectable levels of THC in their system as long as they are taking the drug every day, according to studies from the University of California at San Diego.

If someone smoked marijuana on Monday and then stopped using it for the week, he or she would still have some THC left in his or her system because the body takes time to get rid of it.

drug test for THC
drug test for THC

The body is able to eliminate THC within a few days. However, if you’re driving or operating heavy machinery, the drug will stay in your system for weeks.

The average person has about 1 milligram of THC in their system after smoking one joint. If you smoke three joints at once, the amount of THC in your blood increases dramatically.

The average person tests positive for marijuana after smoking two to three times more than they should have. A typical user can expect to test positive anywhere from two days to one week after consuming too much marijuana.

Blood drug tests for THC

Blood drug tests for THC are very accurate, with a detection window of only about 1 hour after your last use. The blood test detects both active THC and its active metabolites, which remain in your body for days and even weeks after you’ve stopped using the drug.

In addition to being able to detect recent use, the test will also detect any missed doses or periods of abstinence during the previous week. This is important because it allows doctors to determine how long you’ve been using marijuana without knowing it!

Blood tests can measure both active THC and its metabolites. These chemicals can remain in your system for days, weeks or even longer depending on how often you used marijuana and when you last used it.

A blood drug test for THC looks for the presence of THC metabolites. These metabolites are created when the body breaks down THC. The length of time these metabolites remain in your blood varies depending on a number of factors, including how much THC was consumed and how active the person’s metabolism is.

Will CBD oil show up on a drug test?

Yes, absolutely. Just like THC can. It’s important to note that CBD oil will not show up as a positive result if you are tested for THC — it’s an entirely different substance. But if you are tested for both substances and they happen to be present in your system at the same time, they will register as both positive tests.

CBD oil with THC

In order to test positive for either substance, the blood must contain enough of the substance to register as a positive test. In other words, if your blood contains only trace amounts of THC or CBD, then you won’t have any detectable results when tested with a standard drug testing kit (like the ones found at most drug testing facilities).

This is where things get tricky when it comes to CBD oil and THC-free products like edibles or topicals that may contain traces of cannabis but aren’t intended for human consumption. Because these products aren’t intended for humans, there isn’t much scientific research out there about how long these products can stay in your system before showing up on a drug test.

The length of time that marijuana stays in your system largely depends on the frequency and amount of usage.

Marijuana stays in your system for a lot longer than you may think. The length of time that marijuana stays in your system largely depends on the frequency and amount of usage.

It takes anywhere from two to four days for marijuana to leave your system, but it can be longer depending on how often you consume cannabis. For example, if you smoke marijuana once per week and use it in moderation, then it will take about two weeks to leave your system.

If you smoke marijuana more frequently or use large amounts of the drug, then it’ll take longer for THC to leave your body. In fact, some users report having THC still in their blood up to six months after they stop using marijuana.

The length of time that marijuana stays in your system is even shorter if you ingest edibles rather than smoke them as well as if you have a high tolerance for THC (meaning that your body has become accustomed to higher levels).

Generally, the THC will be eliminated from the system within two to four days after discontinuing use. However, individuals who partake in frequent and heavy marijuana use may see the THC linger in their system for up to a week.


The effects of marijuana last for a few hours, so it’s important to not use too much. If you take too many hits of THC, you will begin to feel the effects sooner. The effects of marijuana can last up to 15 hours, but this is not always the case. Some people only feel the effects for a few minutes after smoking or eating marijuana.

Some people have reported that they have felt these effects for a long time after smoking or eating marijuana. This is because they did not wait long enough between taking their first hit and the second one.

The best way to avoid feeling any effects from Marijuana is by waiting at least 30 minutes before trying another hit. If you’re using some sort of vaporizer, then waiting even longer than that is even better!

The high from Marijuana lasts between 3-6 hours depending on how much someone smokes or eats during those hours (and whether they smoke or eat with friends).

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