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Who is Jim Hemp?

In the highly competitive CBD market, Jim Hemp is not a superior brand compared to big brands like Green Road and CBDfx. Its popularity is not as high as those of the brand, but like most CBD merchants, their starting point is Correctly, a group of friends from Indiana created Jim Hemp to give people access to high quality, reasonably priced CBD oil and other cannabis products.

There are not many comments about Jim Hemp on the Internet, and these evaluations are still in love with the trend of polarization. Most people think that Jim Hemp’s products give them a good experience, but some customers think that these products do not give them the desired effect. This article is the most authentic feedback we have brought to you after a deep understanding of Jim Hemp. From raw material information to products and price analysis, whether it is good or bad, please continue to read it, in case it is worthy. What about it? Or just click on: https://www.jimhemp.com, you can experience it for yourself.


Highlights of Jim Hemp

  • Non-GMO organic cannabis plant

Jim Hemp’s cannabis plants are all non-GM farms from Colorado, USA. They are harvested from sowing to harvesting. All the cannabis plants are organic, natural, and the full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from them is all they have the most effective basis for the product.


  • Carbon dioxide extraction

Those who know a little about the CBD market should know that the process of marijuana is very important. Even if you have the finest cannabis plants, they are not used well. It is also a very pity. Jim Hemp uses advanced carbon dioxide extraction technology to achieve the best cleaning process. The resulting extract does not contain any chemicals, pesticide residues, and the purity of the CBD is 99.9%.


  • Three distillation process

More than just carbon dioxide extraction technology, Jim Hemp uses three distillations that few merchants can do. Distillation of this separation process ensures that no other new impurities are introduced into their products.


Inadequacies of Jim Hemp

  1. Third-lab party tested

Jim Hemp claims that all of their products are accompanied by a third-party analysis certificate (COA), but in fact they did not publish the information, and we could not find the so-called “lab-tested” information on the Internet.

  1. Not evaluated by the FDA

At this point, Jim Hemp is more honest and has a clear statement on their website: “All their statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,” so they admit that their products are not for the diagnosis, treatment. To cure or prevent any disease.

  1. Product Categories

For a CBD brand, focusing on CBD oil is a good thing, but Jim Hemp’s CBD product is too scarce. Strictly speaking, there are only three oils with different CBD content. Open their official website, except for the three CBD products, the rest are all kinds of T-Shirt! If you have already opened their website, don’t get me wrong, Jim Hemp is indeed a CBD brand. If you still have doubts, please continue to read it or click on their official website: https://www.jimhemp.com



Products – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As mentioned above, Jim Hemp only sells CBD oil, not other CBD products any more. The organic non-GMO cannabis plant from Colorado undergoes three carbon dioxide extraction techniques and three distillations. This series of processes guarantees the full result. The full spectrum of cannabis oil does not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides and pesticides.

This CBD oil is 30 ml per bottle, but there are three options for CBD content: 300 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg, which are priced at $39.88, $59.88, and $99.88, respectively.

In addition, if you are a clothing enthusiast, Jim Hemp’s several T-Shirts will also be a good choice.

Conclusion & Coupon Code

Frankly speaking, through the above analysis, as a CBD brand, Jim Hemp is not mature enough, but in terms of CBD oil, they are successful (specifically, according to user feedback). If Jim Hemp can display more information that customers have the right to know, such as third-party laboratory test results, product information, etc., it should be more trusted by customers. And finally, don’t forget to use our coupon code “hemp30020” to get a nice price At 20% Off!  https://www.jimhemp.com

Review Who Is Jim Hemp ? – Brief Review, CBD Products, Coupon Code for 2021.

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