With the continuous growth of the cannabis industry, the CBD market has been filled with more and more products, from oils, drops, edibles, to newly introduced creams and waxes. There is always a different demand for everyone. Unlike other companies that argue, Kat’s Naturals’ approach to doing things is a bit different, which really set them apart from other competitors on CBD market. Today in this article, we will discuss together whether Kat’s Naturals is worthy of the reputation.

Kat’s Naturals Review

Kat’s Naturals is the only company among the few companies that offers both CBD isolate and full-specturm tincture. Their flagship product, the CBD Heal, is a 99.9% pure isolate, which means there is no THC. At the same time, they also offer a product called Balance”, a product that combines synergistic compounds of cannabis with potent dry separation crystals.

Also, Kat’s Naturals is one of the few brands that injects CBD into real hemp seed oil, and the same plant used to extract the active compound is a direct source of this oil. The approach combines the pure, organic nutritional benefits of raw hemp seed oil with the therapeutic benefits of the CBD itself.

High Lights of Kat’s Naturals

It may sound like Kat’s Naturals is no different from other vendors selling CBD products, but they offer customers unique products whose actual use is extracted and manufactured for treatment. They initially did not hesitate to admit that their oils have been used for other CBD products, not just the so-called “nutritional supplements” – the way a lot brands promote their products in order to cater for legal purposes.

Here I summarize a few of the reasons why so many customers choose to buy Kat’s Naturals products and insist on buying here.

  • Raw material production location:If you carefully compare to other businesses, you will find that there are very few commercial operations that can enter the pure, high-quality Tennessee industrial cannabis farm, but Kat’s Naturals is one of them. The organic cannabis plants they harvested from the Southeastern United States ensure the purity source of the product.
  • “Humanization” options: Kat’s Naturals will provide a “Keep It Coming” option when registering an order. If you choose this option, then every month, an order will be sent directly to your doorstep instead of every time after giving a single order online. And you can get a 20% discount that you can’t get when you order separately. The most important thing is that if you don’t need this option, you can cancel it at any given time.
  1. There is another option that makesme feel very cool – “TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT”. If you are a newcomer to the CBD who is curious and reading this article, then you must really try to use CBD oil to see if it is worth your expensive investment. Just Kat’s Naturals provides an opportunity for you to try. They provide a five-day “trial” promotion to test their most popular “Heal” tincture. This is really a very generous promotion. If you want to watch out if the CBD is useful to you, you can also do a three-weeks or one-month trial.
  • ReliableThird-Lab Report: As I mentioned above, before buying a CBD product, it is best to find out if the merchant has a third-party lab report to show that the merchant’s product security is guaranteed. Many CBD companies claim that their products have passed independent third-party lab tests, but when you try to browse their website to get the report, they are not seen at all. But on Kat’s Naturals’ web page, you can see this report on any of their product description pages.
  • Unexpected highlights – CBD Vape products:So far, there are many ways to consume CBD products, of which CBD Vape is a relatively new one. However, since it is particularly difficult to control the dosage when using CBD Vape, I generally do not recommend the use of CBD Vape products, but Kat’s Naturals’s products are really delicious and convincing. After you have tried, you will know why I said like that.
  • Need to be improved:To be honest, I have no way to say that Kat’s Naturals is perfect. After the consumption, if I give a useful suggestion, then I will say (at least so far): their website may makes the customer look through a little hard, especially for new customer, it may be very easy to get confused. I think if you add “About” and “FAQs” on the page, you should let the customer know such a good CBD merchant in the first time.

Kat’s Naturals Products

Kat’s Naturals offers 4 different CBD products: oral CBD drops, topical CBD cream, CBD evaporative liquid, CBD edibles. Many customers have received good treatment from these products. Whether it is for chronic back Naturals pain or restless legs, Kat’s Naturals’s products as a compound really play the role of “natural” elements. They not only provide customers with pure and healthy CBD oils, but also promise that 100% of these oils come from organic hemp seed oil, which has made their oil products gain an amazing reputation and far ahead of many of their competitors. Among them, “Heal” oil is the first choice of most customers. In addition to this, Kat’s Naturals’s other products are also very popular. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Kat’s Naturals’s complete product line.

Oral CBD tincture:

Simple, convenient, pure and effective are distinctive labels for Kat’s Naturals CBD oil. Their products are made from pure CBD isolate and infused with 1 ounce bottle of hemp seed oil. If you need do drug test regularly, their most popular product, the “Heal” tincture, would be the best choice because it does not contain any THC. If you like the synergy of other cannabis compounds, a full-spectrum compound “Balance” they offer is the recommended choice. I found that the user feedback for the “Heal” isolated tincture was almost perfect. And they also offer a range of CBD oils for pet care.

Topical CBD cream

Kat’s Naturals mainly offers 3 different topical creams for CBD:

  1. “Deep pain cream” for pain and inflammation – good for arthritis patients;
  2. “Capsaicin cream” for improving diabetes cycle – for patients with neuropathy.
  3. “CBD Skin Serum” for the treatment of skin, it is more like a daily beauty product, and some scientific researchhas proved that CBD has a significant effect on skin cells.

CBD evaporative liquid

The use of Kat’s Naturals on pre-filled disposable CBD Vape pens is relatively early, and some friends have confirmed that this is indeed very effective for migraine. They can last about 300 to 500 times of smoking, which is enough for most people. Please note that they may deteriorate due to excessive shelf life.

CBD edibles

This is a unique product of Kat’s Naturals that many people want to try. Activated marijuana is actually a high-content CBD that is separated from cannabis. You can add it to tea, coffee, juice, or any food or drinks you can think of. Since the CBD is decarboxylated (activated), you can get a therapeutic effect, with a tablespoon containing about 9 mg of CBD. This is a good choice for those who don’t like oral tinctures or don’t like to use the tongue to stick to the tincture.

Cost of Kats Naturals:

Oral CBD drops:

You can buy only one bottle for each Kat’s Naturals CBD oil, or register for a monthly delivery service as described above, which saves 20% on individual purchases. Available in 15ml ($72.00) or 30ml ($140.00), a single bottle purchase will provide 5ml “samples”.

Topical CBD cream:

“Deep pain” and “capsaicin” are available in 1 ounce ($45.00) and 4 ounce ($160.00); “Healing Skin Serum” is a dropper bottle with 15ml ($40.00) or 30ml ($75.00).

CBD evaporative liquid:

Kat’s Naturals has a very good value-for-charge rechargeable CBD Vape pens set, priced at $60.00, with original, mint and orange flavors to choose from. If you think the price is a little unaffordable, you can also choose a cheaper pre-installed disposable Vape pens for only $20. Kat’s Naturals also offers CBD E-liquid which can be used in refilled concentrated evaporators.

Kat’s Naturals edibles:

Kat’s Naturals provides two kinds of CBD food items: 1 ounce in a bag ($20 for 100 mg of CBD) or 8 ounces in a bag ($150 for 800 mg of CBD). If you are curious about this type of product, you can choose to try it out.

Final thoughts

We have to admit that there is indeed fierce competition in the CBD market, but through the above introduction, we can surely put this top hat on Kat’s Naturals’s head. And you can still get here: https://katsnaturals.com with  “couponpa15” to get a cheaper price, but the most valuable products. Of course, the most important and final thing is to choose the product that suits you.

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