Based on the belief that 60% discount for veterans, long-term disabled people and low-income families, Lazarus Naturals is a brand you should try, such a company that fulfills its mission through community outreach and assistance programs, on the other hand, It shows that they are full of confidence in their products. A fair evaluation, Lazarus Naturals is a potential company, after all, the CBD boom has arrived.

How do the products of Lazarus Naturals produce?

Lazarus Naturals products use cannabis ethanol to extract CBD from cannabis, which is to soak the rich cannabis flower or separator in highly sturdy grain alcohol, then cook it at low heat for many hours to make a tincture, and keep marijuana at low temperature. Molecular activity in this process The active compound in cannabis can be injected into neutral alcohol. Although vinegar or glycerin can replace alcohol, alcohol does produce the best tincture. Applying low heat for a considerable period of time. This makes the final result a potent liquid that can provide the effects of cannabinoid molecules, although the manufacturing process is simple but takes a long time. The CBD is then purified and distilled to give a high-quality CBD. Most producers on the market usually add carrier oils and other supplements to improve the taste of the product, but Lazarus does not contain any solvents.

In the next step, the product inspection is carried out: we use ethanol to separate the CBD and other derivatives from the plant material. Then, test the effectiveness and solvent of the crude oil – it is important to note that the solvent used (sugar cane ethanol) is the same as that found in alcoholic beverages, which is safe for human consumption. You can find the results on the page for each product.

After the initial test is completed, a second test is carried out: the original CBD oil is refined into a distilled CBD, and the efficacy is tested again. Since the distillation process removes any residual alcohol, two solvent tests were performed.

If the CBD isolate is refined, we test the solvent and potency again. Lazarus Naturals’ products include tinctures, capsules, isolates, coconut oil, pet products, RSO, lipstick and more. You can find the products you need in one store, not only to enjoy the discount but also to save on shipping costs.

Highlights of Lazarus Naturals

  1. Assistance program, if you are a long-term medically disabled person, as long as you provide a medical certificate or a disability income admission notice as a disability certificate, if the US military veterans must provide DD-214, military ID card, state-issued identity Cards or veteran endorsements or VA card scans or photos to get a 60% discount on full-price retail orders. This discount applies only to veterans. Any low-income US citizen can apply for our assistance program. To apply for low-income assistance, you need to send us a copy of your previous year’s tax return. Your annual tax must state that your income is below the federal poverty level.
  2. Strict product testing: Lazarus Naturals products undergo a high level of testing protocols to ensure the highest quality and safest products are sold, starting with the use of quality cannabis as a base material. First, any large amount of cannabis is transported to the laboratory to test heavy metals and pesticides. After extraction, the heavy metals and pesticides in the crude oil, as well as the potency and residual solvent, were tested again. All batches were sent to a third party laboratory for efficacy and quality analysis. All of these test results are visible on each product page. To view the test results, click on the Test Results tab, which displays a PDF of each batch containing information about heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and potency.
  3. Honest quality: Lazarus Naturals do not exist to deceive or conceal customers in order to sell products, or even ambiguous words that mislead customers, such as when asked to use Lazarus Naturals products, will not be positive in drug testing? The answer is that if a full-spectrum product (specific) is used, then the THC levels allowed by the federal government, as well as other cannabinoids, may result in a positive test, depending on the test being administered. If this happens, Lazarus Naturals assumes no responsibility. If this is your main concern, then we strongly recommend that you do not choose the CBD. Everyone knows that the CBD and THC can play a better role. Even pure CBD, there may be false positives in drug testing.


What is worth buying in Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals’ products range from tinctures, capsules, separations, coconut oil, pet supplies, RSO, lipsticks


Lazarus Naturals tinctures are rich in flavors, whole plant extracts, with a full range of natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Each of our batches of CBD tinctures is tested for third-party pesticides, heavy metals, and potency, providing all the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD oil.

  1. Blood Orange Highly Effective CBD Tanning Agent ($40.00 – $125.00): For those who prefer a higher concentration of CBD with a surprisingly citrus flavor, the Blood Orange Highly Effective CBD Tanning Agent is a good choice. This product is available in 60 ml, containing 3000 mg, 15 ml, containing 750 mg.
  2. Tropical-style CBD tincture ($40.00 – $125.00): This product is available in 60 ml, 3000 mg, 15 ml, 750 mg, and more distinctively, they use a gradient dropper so they can be easily seen How much tincture you are taking, it tastes more intense than citrus
  3. Wintermint Flavored CBD Tanning Agent ($40.00 – $125.00): For those who prefer a higher concentration CBD with amazing mint flavor
  4. French Vanilla Mocha Efficient Tanning Agent ($32.00 – $110.00): blends with natural source vanilla and coffee flavors as well as our high-quality cannabis extract


  1. Energy Formula 25mg CBD Capsules ($15.00 – $50.00): Vegan and gluten-free, free of artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Ingredients: organic brown rice flour, L-theanine, Rhodiola, plant cellulose (capsule), caffeine, CBD isolate, vitamin B12, coconut oil. Available in 10-40 capsules
  2. Relaxation Formula 25 mg CBD capsules ($15.00 – $50.00): vegan and gluten-free, free of artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Ingredients: Ashwagandha extract, L-tryptophan, plant cellulose (capsule), chamomile extract, L-theanine, CBD isolate, organic brown rice flour, vitamin B6, coconut oil. More effective in solving long-term health problems.

CBD Isolate

Terpene Infused or Raw CBD Isolate ($30.00): 1 gram of bio-CBD isolate or terpene-infused CBD isolate, Hawaiian citrus, lemon-lime, and Valencia orange. CBD isolates are a unique product that can be used in a variety of ways. Although it is insoluble in water, it can be easily dissolved in various carrier oils. This is a great product for those who want to make their own food or food. The isolate of Lazarus naturals has been activated so you can simply dissolve and consume it.

4. CBD coconut oil ($12.00 – $38.00)

CBD coconut oil is made by mixing distilled cannabis extract into organic coconut oil. RBD coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways. The coconut oil CBD has been activated so it can be used directly. You can cook or bake with coconut oil to make a cosmetic or lotion. It can also be applied directly to the skin or eaten. If you are new to the CBD, this is a great product that can be used locally or internally.

5.CBD Pet product ($12.00 – $38.00)

CBD is a naturally occurring molecule that functions in the animal’s endogenous cannabinoid system, helping to support normal joint activity and soothing nerves. The CBD pet cockroach is made from a full-spectrum CBD extract and mixed with fractionated coconut oil. 1 ml of our tincture contains 15 mg of CBD.

  • Less than 15 pounds: 3 drops (1.5 mg)
  • 15-30lbs: 6 drops (3 mg)
  • 30-60 pounds: 10 drops (5 mg)
  • More than 60 pounds: 20 drops (10 mg)

6.CBD balms ($15.00 – $50.00)

Cedar Citrus CBD Balm is made with organic mango butter, organic beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, organic cedar oil, Valencia orange oil, hemp extract, oleic acid, and isopropyl myristate. The paste combines a light fruit aroma with a deep woody aroma


logistic issue

Domestic shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50 in the Lazarus Naturals store and other popular CBD brands currently available in all 50 states. The law is constantly updated, so we strongly recommend that you consult with the local government to ensure that you are satisfied with the level of the legality of the use of cannabis CBD products prior to purchase.

Overseas transportation: Lazarus Naturals can be shipped to most countries in the European Union and some South American countries, but it is highly recommended that you consult your local authorities to ensure that you are satisfied with the level of the legality of using these products before purchasing. For international orders, you will be solely responsible for the delivery of the product. Lazarus Naturals is not responsible for shipping delays and we cannot refund items seized by customs. When you select a country, you can find a complete list of the countries we ship to during the checkout process on the Lazarus Naturals website.

Physical retail stores: Lazarus Naturals products are available at retail outlets across the United States. Check out the store’s store locator to find a retail store near you.

Once you complete your order on the website, Lazarus Naturals will send you an email to verify your order. This email will outline your order and provide an invoice number so you can contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to keep this email because queries with no reference numbers may be delayed. But Lazarus Naturals will send you tracking information and confirmation when your package is shipped.


When taking CBD, the CBD tincture product can be placed under the tongue and sublingually. This process can increase the absorption of the product. But be careful to stay away from grapefruit, because CBD and grapefruit have similar enzymes that can affect how your body handles certain drugs. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting a new dietary supplement program. If you have received a medical professional’s specific instructions for grapefruit, please treat any CBD product with the same care.


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