Brand introduction

Today, I am going to introduce a famous marijuana seeds brand, and it is Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. This brand started from 1997, and they mostly sell marijuana seeds online now. In addition, they have solved many issues, from obtaining quality and shipping methods, to harvest and plant care.

The group of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

On the one hand, they have gathered a number of top marijuana growers who all share the same goal: making sure that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds only produce the very best. On the other hand, they continuously work on improving the quality and develop new cannabis strains. And they hold the belief that everyone should benefit from marijuana for medical, recreational or educational purposes.

The feature of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the first and among the largest seed banks on the internet. They are here to serve the real cannabis connaisseurs, the small-scale home growers who demand the highest quality. There are many clients all over the world who are very pleased with the excellent services. Whether you are looking for feminized or auto-flowering seeds, high CBD strains or combination packages. You will find a wide range of premium marijuana seeds at affordable prices at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.


SWOT analysis of AMS


as a famous marijuana brand, AMS has impressed people for these traits, first, AMS offers free shipping on all orders worldwide. Second, AMS guarantees your privacy and security. Third, AMS accepts a broad range of payments methods including Bitcoin.


there is not enough marijuana product for sale. And sometime, some hot seller seeds may sold out.


with more and more CBD product on the market, growing marijuana is going to be a new trend.


there are also some other cannabis seeds shops like 420 SEEDS.


Different type of seeds at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering seeds:

The difference in taste between regular and autoflowering seeds is small. Back in the days, when cannabis ruderalis was discovered and crossed with indica and sativa strains, the quality of autoflowering cannabis seeds was poor. Today, you can not taste the difference between a delicious AK47 XTRM grown out of autoflowering seeds or the regular way. So buy you autoflowering seeds at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

A big advantage of aotoflowering seeds is that you no longer depend on the weather or light. Autoflowering seeds grow fast because they skip the vegetative stage and do not need a strict lighting schedule. Plant your auto flowering seeds in June and they are full grown strains in August, when summer is in full swing.

Feminized seeds:

More and more growers start to use feminized cannabis seeds, which are modifies to produce female plants only. Feminized seeds guarantee the space being used will be most productive. And above all: they grow fast, big and furious. So, if you are motivated by results, feminized marijuana seeds ensure your investment will be worth it.

Regular seeds:

Once a regular strain is in the flowering stage it is easy to tell the difference between the male and female plant. Male seeds have teardrop shaped pods and they will be bigger than the females. The female plants grow white hairs. Among growers who do not min producing male plants, regular marijuana seeds are still popular.


Indica seeds VS sativa seeds

Indica seeds:

Indica seed is called the gold from the Himalaya, because indica cannabis seeds find their origin in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, india and the surrounding areas. Some indica seeds are mixed with sativa to create new strains. Indica seeds grow wide and stay shorter than sativa plants. Indica strains smell sweeter and stronger than sativa buds.


Sativa seeds:

The energy of sativa gives you focus and happy feelings all day long. Growing sativa cannabis seeds is also recommended for medicinal smokers because of the positive effects for pain relief. According to leafy, sativa weed seeds grow out to tall strains. They can reach out several meters, mostly under 3 meters. The light green leaves are long and thin, like the well know marijuana icon.


Indoor seeds VS outdoor seeds

Indoor seeds:

If you want to be growing cannabis indoors, you can choose Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds indoor plant seeds. And it refers to plants that are particularly recommended for indoor growing. Although all of them do well in a greenhouse and outdoors, these seeds grow to their full potential when growing cannabis indoors. Here at AMS, you will find some of the all-time best, award winning indoor marijuana seeds. These strains were selected because they thrive in indoor conditions, giving you best results.

Outdoor seeds:

Growing cannabis outdoors is literally a piece of cake. All you need to know is in what kind of weather you are growing your outdoor marijuana. Do you live in a place where the sun is always shines, in a Mediterranean climate? Or is your climate fresh and wet too? Sunny, temperate or cold: for each climate, AMS has outdoor marijuana seeds for sale.


How to grow marijuana?

Growing marijuana indoors is fast becoming an American Pastime. The reasons are varied. With the increased interest and experimentation in house plant cultivation, it was inevitable that people would apply their knowledge of plant are to growing marijuana. Here are key factors of growing marijuana.

  • Soil: your prime concern, after choosing high quality seeds, is the soil.
  • Containers: after you have prepared your soil, you will have to come up with some kind of container to plant in.
  • Fertilizer: some fertilizers can burn a plant and damage its roots if used in to high a concentration.
  • Light: without light, the plants cannot grow.
  • Temperature and humidity: the ideal temperature for the light hours is 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and for the dark hours there should be about a 15 degree drop in temperature.
  • Ventilation: proper ventilation in your growing room is fairly important.
  • Dehumidifying your growing room: for instance, cannabis that grows in a hot, dry climate will have narrower leaves than cannabis grown in a humid atmosphere.
  • Watering: if you live near a clear mountain stream, you can skip this bit on the quality of water.
  • Bugs: if you can avoid getting bugs in the first place, then you will be much better off.
  • Pruning: they have found that pruning is not always necessary.
  • Harvesting and curing: now that if you have grown your marijuana, and you will want to cur it right so that it smokes clean and will not bite.


Top 5 hot-sale marijuana seeds at AMS

1. 420 carat feminized

2. Afghan

3. Afghan feminized

4. African

5. AK 47 XTRM ®


Details of Top 5 seeds at AMS

Name 420 carat feminized Afghan


Afghan feminized




AK 47 XTRM ®


Price $70 $40 $50 $40 $40
THC Up to 23% Up to 20% Up to 20% Up to 20% Up to 24%
Indica 65% 100% 100% 40% 25%
Sativa 35% 0% 0% 60% 75%
Yield indoor Up to 550 grams/19.4 ounces per sq meter Up to 425 grams/15 ounces per sq meter Up to 350 grams/12.3 ounces per sq meter Up to 375 grams/13.2 ounces per sq meter Up to 700 grams/24.7 ounces per sq meter
Height indoor Up to 100cm/39.4 inch Up to 120cm/47.2 inch Up to 60cm/23.6inch Up to 90cm/35.4 inch Up to 80cm/31.5 inch
Flowering time 9-10 weeks 9-10 weeks 9-10 weeks 11-15 weeks 8 weeks
Harvest month September / October September / October September / October September /November September / October
Grow difficulty Moderate Easy Easy Moderate Moderate



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Finally, you can not only get all kinds of marijuana seeds, feminized or regular, indica or sativa, indoor or outdoor at AMS, but also buy fertilizers, merchandise and so on. So, if you are a beginner in this field, no worries, AMS also provides a guideline for those who do not know how to grow marijuana. Apart from that, here are a table on the top 5 seeds for you to alter. Now, if you want more details, click , more surprise, less trouble.


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