Some time ago, it seems to be a bit bad because of my insomnia. It is my best plan to treat my insomnia with natural strength. It happened that my good friend and I talked about my insomnia in a coffee shop. She told me that she used CBD to treat her anxiety. The role of CBD is very magical. In the conversation, she actively recommended me to the Avida CBD. To be honest, after listening to her experience, I became interested in the Avida CBD. After saying goodbye to her, I went to Avida’s official website to check the relevant brand information. After I had no problem in ensuring quality and test report, I chose to try this brand. (website: )


Initial experience

It is mango flavor when I opening the CBD oil bottle. oh my god! I like this odor very much. This smell seems to make me reach the tropics and embraced by the sun. There is absolutely no marijuana smell that I was worried about before.

I chose the CBD mainly to treat my insomnia, so I decided to use it before I was ready to go to bed at night. Because I don’t have a vape tool, I plan to drip it directly under my tongue. The Avida CBD suggested that I start with a full dropper and adjust it to my feelings and status later.


How do I feel when I take Avida CBD oil?

When I drop the Avida CBD into the cavity, the CBD oil is sweet, with a strong mango flavor, like candy with a little plant aroma. In the mouth for about 50 seconds, I turned off the lights and waited quietly for the Avida CBD to work. About ten minutes, the whole body slowly felt very relaxed. I don’t remember the specific time because I don’t know when I have already asleep.

The next day, I felt that the whole brain was very relaxed, During the period of insomnia, my body was very stiff and heavy in the morning. This effect makes me feel very surprised, completely different from the feeling of sleeping on alcohol.

Scientists have been trying to understand how the CBD works to treat insomnia. They found that the CBD interacts with many different proteins, receptors and other chemicals in the brain. Our body actually has an endogenous cannabinoid system that produces our own cannabinoids. The system helps regulate many physiological processes such as appetite, mood, pain perception and cognition. The ingested CBD also interacts with our body’s endogenous cannabinoid system and its receptors. These interactions enable the CBD to affect many functions of the body, from mood regulation and sleep-wake cycles to pain perception, inflammation, and seizures.

By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help reduce anxiety, which is the leading cause of insomnia. As anxiety decreases, people can fall asleep easily and improve their sleep quality. According to the study, CBD is also useful for people with chronic pain to alleviate insomnia.

The CBD helps to naturally manage the sleeping order. A small dose of CBD can stimulate alertness and reduce daytime sleepiness, which will contribute to good daytime performance and sleep-wake cycle consistency. (Source:

 for two weeks

During the week, the dose I used was a full dropper. I had a perfect sleep for almost five days, and I felt energetic and flexible when I got up the next day. I also found that my anxiety has also dropped, and the small things that have made me crazy have also been reduced. I have also escaped from the state of anxiety and self-blame because of physical exhaustion, brain confusion, and inability to concentrate on work. But after two weeks of use, I gradually found that my falling asleep time was prolonged. I don’t know whether my body adapts to the role of the Avida CBD or my dose problem. After talking with my friend, she said that she also has this situation, suggesting that I can try to change the way I use CBD oil. In the latter use, I will reduce the number of times of Avida CBD, or increase the using dose, and see whether the situation will improve.

My overall feelings about Avida CBD

Avida CBD is really helpful for my anxiety and insomnia. It is indeed an effective natural treatment. I am very happy to try it. And I will continue to use it later, but I won’t rely on it, just use it to adjust my lifestyle.

In the midst of a large number of CBD brands, the taste of the Avida CBD is definitely in the top, and it is very popular with everyone, especially those who are sensitive to the marijuana taste. The price is also lower than other CBD brand products, and the coupon code can also be used. I also saw other enticing tastes on the official website of Avida CBD, I really want to try.

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