We introduce to you the use of medical CBD today and analyze different form including advantages and disadvantages. Besides that, you also need to know the attention about it.

We discussed with experts the different forms of CBD, how they work, and your reasonable expectations. If you want to try to use the CBD to treat your health problems, please consult your doctor first, especially if you are looking for more mature medical care to help you solve your health problems.

Vape Pens

Some people get the CBD by eating the flowering part of the cannabis plant, which is similar to people smoking marijuana through cigarettes. However, more and more people now use the e-cigarette evaporator device or Vape Pens to obtain the CBD.

The device heats a small portion of the concentrated CBD oil until it boils, allowing you to Inhalat steam.

Advantages: Inhaled CBDs tend to enter the bloodstream 30 seconds or less faster than other forms .Quick action means it should affect the body faster, which is especially useful for relieving emergency pain or anxiety.

Dr.Raiman says Vape pens are easy to use because they produce very little smoke and are therefore not detected.

Disadvantages:  a solvent called propylene glycol is found in CBD ink cartridges for Vape Pens and electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. At high temperatures, propylene glycol degrades into formaldehyde, a chemical that can irritate the nose and eyes and may increase the risk of asthma and cancer. Dr.Earleywine recommends CBD Vape Pens with solvent-free oil.

Moreover, controlling the dose using Vape Pens can be particularly difficult. Dr.Earleywine says how much CBD you absorb depends on the difficulty and length of your inhalation. In addition, the labels on the device can be particularly confusing. A Vape oil containing 1000 mg of CBD, not sure what the whole bottle or inhalation is. In some cases, it’s hard to guess what your usage is.

Finally, even if you are using Vape Pens without propylene glycol, Backes places special emphasis on knowing that the long-term safety of inhaling CBD in any form is unknown. Evaporation of high concentrations of CBD or even THC in cannabis products is simply not possible.

It is therefore advisable to consider the lowest dose first, in which case a single inhalation and then wait a few minutes to see if there is an effect, such as whether to relieve pain or reduce anxiety. If not, try another one. Avoid breathing when you inhale, as this will irritate the lungs.

Tincture (drop or spray)

Backes said that the tincture directly enters the mouth through a dropper or spray. These forms of CBD are extracted from cannabis or cannabis plants using pressurized carbon dioxide or a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent was then removed under vacuum. The remaining CBD is diluted with oil to improve the taste and preserve cannabinol.

Advantages: Tinctures are the second fastest method of absorbing CBD and usually take 15 to 30 minutes. Quick action can make it particularly useful in treating pain or anxiety.

Disadvantages: The use of tinctures can’t determine how much CBD you get from a bottled dropper or per spray, especially if the bottle only shows the total CBD content and does not list the amount per dose. If you need to, ask the retail store for help or take out the calculator to calculate the amount of CBD per dose. For each dose of product containing a higher CBD content, the price may be higher.

Dr. Mitch Earleywine recommends that you take a dose of tincture before swallowing for 30 seconds or apply a drop of tincture on the inside of your cheeks. Because this can accelerate the impact of the CBD. If you put the tincture on your tongue, the effect will be reversed. You may swallow it back quickly and send it to your digestive tract, which will absorb the CBD more slowly. If you add a CBD tincture to your food or drink, it can take up to 30 minutes to get into the bloodstream.

You can start a small dose and see your sensitivity. Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel any effect until you reach 30 mg per dose. Sustained conditions such as chronic pain may be better able to cope with daily doses. Remember to shake the bottle before using the CBD, as the CBD is often stuck on the side of the bottle.

External friction and balsam

Topical application can be applied directly to painful muscles or joints, and pain can be relieved by reducing inflammation. CBD balsams typically include extracts that are mixed into a fat, such as beeswax or coconut oil. This formula not only makes it easier to apply the product to the skin, but also allows the CBD to penetrate.

Advantages: Topical medications do not need to be absorbed throughout the body. This may be safer, which is important if you use the CBD regularly. Little is known about the long-term safety of CBD and other cannabis products.

Disadvantages: In order to achieve results, the product may need to contain a lot of CBD, which may make them expensive. For example, Manhattan’s Hemp Garden sells an external product called Full Spectrum that contains 500 milligrams of CBD per 4 ounces for $50. Another company sells its Extra Strength topical, containing a 100 mg CBD at a small but still concentrated 1.3 ounce dose, for $52. The company sells low-density versions for $32.

At a retail store, you need to ask if you can sample the product first. Because some people started to feel the effect almost immediately after using. Others said they would find them relieved later that day and re-purchase the product. And some people have not got any relief at all.

Edibles and Pills

When eating or drinking CBD in a beverage, you may smell the taste of the new mowing. However, the taste of some cocktails or coffee may overwhelm the taste of the CBD and make it undetectable. Most pills are odorless.

Pros: Finding foods or drinks with CBDs in retailers, restaurants or cafes in some places can be quite easy. As a promotional event in Manhattan’s East Indian-style restaurant, customers can order CBD-infused ghee to add to any dish. In San Diego, cocktail lovers can order “Mr. Nice Guy” at the Madison on Park restaurant – including the vodka and Mescal mixed drinks from the CBD. Kickback is a manufacturer of bottled CBD-infused cold coffee and iced tea, selling its products in California, New York and Texas.

Tagliaferro in the Cannabis Garden sells candy and caramel candy in the CBD. If stored in a cool, dry place, these candies will have a longer shelf life because they will not degrade and they can be easily carried around in a bag or purse. Experts in marijuana science and policy say other baked goods, such as brownies and biscuits, may shorten their shelf life and need to be kept in the refrigerator to keep the CBD fresh.

Disadvantages: Kaminsky, a professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Michigan State University, said the drug seems to be an interesting way to take the CBD, but it is a particularly inefficient method. Because eating or drinking your CBD means it will enter the bloodstream through the digestive system, so it takes a while to feel it. In addition, the substance and other foods you eat may affect how the body absorbs it and destroy its potential effects.

You can also take a CBD in the form of a pill. Similar to taking CBD in food, the pill may take 30 minutes or more to digest before you experience the effect. However, the dose of CBD per dose should be clearer on the packaging than other forms. For chronic diseases such as fibroids, you may try to maintain consistent levels of CBD in your body, but pills may be an easier solution.

What should you know?

If you are considering using the CBD, please note that the quality of the products on the market is mixed. The wise choice is to look for products in the state that legalize the medical and recreational uses of marijuana. Because they tend to have stricter standards. Also, learn more about buying CBD products, including the pros and cons of buying online. Finally, please refer to the suggestions:

Consult your doctor. Your health care provider should know that all the medications and supplements you take, including the CBD, in order to best manage your overall care, help you determine the best treatment for your condition, and prevent potential drug interactions and other risks. Abrams said patients are often reluctant to tell doctors to add therapy because they are afraid of being severely punished. However, if you are already using the CBD, let your doctor know about you and don’t hide it.

In fact, in order to get a CBD, you need to get advice from a doctor in some states. (Doctors are technically unable to specify CBD or other illegal products in the federal government, but most states allow doctors to recommend CBD.) Although your health care provider may be less familiar with the CBD, he can introduce you to a health care provider.

Pay attention to harmful drug interactions. Studies have shown that CBD may disrupt the effectiveness of certain drugs and increase the risk of other drugs, especially at high doses. Abrams said that high concentrations of CBD tinctures may interfere with the liver enzyme system that metabolizes large amounts of drugs. These include blood thinners such as warfarin, antidepressants such as fluoxetine, and cholesterol-lowering statins such as atorvastatin.

In addition, other compounds found in cannabis plants (often called cannabinoids) may be present in your CBD product. According to the American Academy of Neurology, the most striking is THC, which can change your perception and have a long-term impact on learning and memory loss. Therefore, looking for a product that says it only contains CBD instead of cannabinoids, this may indicate the presence of other compounds. CBD-only products should not contain THC or others.

According to experts, some health problems, such as pain or anxiety, may replace certain drugs in the CBD. Therefore, if you and your doctor decide that you can use the CBD instead of prescription drugs, you need to be treated carefully under the supervision of a doctor to prevent symptomatic withdrawal and to ensure that your health continues to be managed properly.

Find a pharmacy. Because there are many different types of CBD products and there are no federally regulated standards, health care providers often do not know which form or dosage of CBD is appropriate. But now pharmacies will label the various forms of CBD suitable for use.

Expert Abrams said that although some doctors will be satisfied with the specified dose, many doctors will guide patients to talk to the staff in the clinic. This is a state-licensed facility where medical cannabis patients can purchase cannabis products in the legal state of the CBD.

Although training requirements vary from state to state, pharmacy staff often have the most expertise in delivery methods and dosages. Most of the staff who have to go through have experienced some type of marijuana training or have been using these products for many years. But you may want to ask about their background and experience. So you can find a technician or nurse at the pharmacy to advise you. Some state pharmacies look like doctors’ offices and have medical professionals, not pharmacies like a few years ago.

Be extra careful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although the CBD does not appear to be at risk of addiction and the side effects are relatively mild, there are few studies on the safety of CBD in pregnant or lactating women. A recent study published in the journal showed that cannabinoids can be passed on to the fetus through pregnant women. According to data from the National Drug Use and Health Survey, experts recommend that pregnant women and lactating women should be very cautious when using cannabis.

Because there are still many areas that are not known to us, such as how marijuana affects the baby’s rapid development. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that cannabis is harmful to English health and increases the risk of developmental problems. Based on the above, we recommend that pregnant or lactating women avoid smoking marijuana for their child’s safety.



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