Rosebud CBD was launched in April 2018 and is a relatively new brand. Its founder, Alexis Rosenbaum, said she launched the Rosebud CBD because the CBD affected her life. CBD is a great natural anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pain supplement.

Alexis Rosenbaum promises not to add ingredients such as additives, flavors, fillers or preservatives to the product to ensure it meets industry standards through third-party product testing.

To raise the bar, Rosebud CBD organically grows CBD plants on a small farm in Oregon, producing a full-hydrocarbon by carbon dioxide extraction. At the same time, Rosebud CBD publishes their third-party laboratory results online to ensure the purity of the product and the transparency of the results, without adding any oil or even sweeteners or flavors.

CBD products

Rosebud CBD’s products include CBD oil and CBD Salve. The CBD oil is available in three different sizes, 350 ml, 700 ml, and 1000 ml. The CBD Salve has only one 350 ml size.

Rosebud CBD oil ingredients include coconut oil and hemp extract, and we guarantee its quality:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • The Cannabis plant is grown in Oregon
  • Extraction with carbon dioxide
  • Free of herbicides, pesticides, and solvents, no fillers, additives, preservatives or flavoring agents
  • Third-party laboratory testing quality and effectiveness guarantee

Contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol

  • Non-GMO organic products

Rosebud CBD Salve is a topical moisturizing cream designed for a variety of uses. It uses all-natural food grade ingredients including hemp seed oil and CBD to provide double layer marijuana protection. Its ingredients include organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, hemp extract, lavender organic essential oils, and other organic ingredients.

1. Rosebud CBD Salve works with Lauren

First of all, the brand philosophy and values of the two are completely the same. They are designed for women, women-owned, and only grown and manufactured on farms in the United States to ensure the purity of raw materials. And without adding any fillers, preservatives or flavorings, retain the natural properties of the product.

Secondly, Lauren is a brand that advocates green beauty products. All Purpose Salve is the favorite of the entire New York community, and it is a brand influence is self-evident. So working with it is to expand the market penetration of Rosebud CBD Salve with the brand influence of Lauren.

The same Rosebud CBD Salve can inject new vitality into Lauren, interacting and enhancing each other.

2.Product taste

Rosebud CBD oil has a very strong marijuana flavor. For some people who like a dull taste, this is a challenge. When Alexis Rosenbaum gave the product to people who liked the smell and smell of marijuana, they liked it because they said it was very real and it felt like it would work.

3.Product specifications

Rosebud CBD Oil focuses on four simple products, three of which are CBD oils with different strengths, 350 mg, 700 mg and 1000 mg offering consumers different options.

①350 mg of CBD oil can give consumers a good relaxation.

②700 mg of CBD oil is more effective and is a good dose for treating insomnia.

③1000 mg of CBD oil mimics medical marijuana to deepen relaxation.

Rosebud provides a measurement guide card for each order. This is very useful for people who are new to the CBD and trying to figure out how to properly take CBD oil because they usually need to be accurately calculated to figure out how many CBD is in the CBD.


Through research, we found that the difference between Rosebud and other brands of CBD is that Rosebud directly establishes cooperative relationships with farmers to raise the standard of CBD oil. If you see the pages on the Rosebud website, you will find that they are highly transparent and will be happy to share the quality assurance and effectiveness of the products and provide third-party laboratory testing. Rosebud offers premium CBD products, a full-scale CBD oil that is extracted from Oregon-grown cannabis plants by carbon dioxide and contains no additives, fragrances or preservatives. It is a natural full-spectrum CBD oil.

Rosebud is a full-spectrum or whole-plant extract, which means it contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants. This differs from the isolate in that it contains only one component of the plant. Since the full-spectrum extract contains a small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (concentration below 0.3%, it is not exciting), isolates are the best choice for those concerned with drug testing. However, a 2015 study showed that full-spectrum CBD has higher levels of remission than CBD isolates.

The CBD oil product package is simple and elegant, with soft colors on the product label to show the product and all the necessary information, without any fancy letters or images.

Dosage and method

We recommend using Rosebud CBD 700 mg for adults, taking 1-2 times a day, taking 1-2 servings each time, serving between one-quarter and one-half full dropper. When you determine your own dosage, we hope that you can use the same dose for a long time to see how it works. When your symptoms are severe or special, you can use a higher dose to ease.

the One-quarter dropper is about 12 mg CBD

The One-half dropper is about 25 mg CBD

Three-quarters of the dropper is about 37 mg CBD

1 complete dropper is about 50 mg CBD

The CBD oil can be used orally or topically when used.

Shake well before use, unscrew the protective cap and fill the dropper to the required dose. If it is placed directly under the tongue, keep it for 15-30 seconds, then swallow it and you will feel a weak earthy taste in the mouth. This taste is lighter and more natural than many artificially flavored tinctures. Or add it to your favorite drink or food. When the CBD is digested, it is metabolized more slowly by the body, but with a more lasting effect. This special tincture tastes very light, so you can add a few drops of water. For topical use, it can be used for external application, and the drops are directly dropped onto the skin or the desired position. The tincture contacts the skin and acts by directly stimulating the endocannabinoid receptor to relieve pain quickly and effectively. This tincture can also be added to your favorite lotion, oil or lip balm to enhance its daily use. By the above method, the oral administration of the CBD tincture, the external use or the use of food can play a corresponding role.

Differences from other CBD products

Rosebud CBD is the biggest difference from other CBD in focusing on the production of CBD oil. Unlike other CBD brands, we have developed a series of CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD syrup, CBD Gummies, and CBD beverages. The CBD products have been developed to the extreme, but the quality and effectiveness of each CBD product cannot be guaranteed. Rosebud CBD focuses on the production of CBD oil, and the focus on one product is the best proof of product quality. Although there are also productions of CBD Salve, it is only required for cooperation with other brands.

1.Different brand concepts

The founder of Rosebud CBD is a woman who created the brand because of the benefits and convenience of the CBD. The core values of the brand are for women and women. Because there wasn’t any CBD oil specially designed for women at the time.

In 2017, Rosebud CBD founder Alexis Rosenbaum frequently switched between work, meetings, and travel. Her life was full of anxiety and she wanted to use a natural therapy to alleviate her anxiety. By chance, she was exposed to the CBD. She wanted to try but was a little embarrassed. Later, with the support of her sister, she tried to use the CBD and found that the symptoms improved. Even so, she wants a more pure CBD oil, and there is no gain in finding the market. In view of this opportunity, she intends to develop a full-spectrum CBD oil, without adding insecticides, flavoring agents, herbicides, etc., to ensure the pure and natural CBD oil. As it turned out, she succeeded, Rosebud CBD aims to provide you with a high-quality organic CBD oil.

The efficacy of Rosebud CBD

It is well known that Rosebud CBD can alleviate anxiety and stress, relieve inflammation and pain, and treat local diseases such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. And Rosebud CBD has basically no side effects.

If you have the above-mentioned conditions, you can use Rosebud CBD oil for treatment. The new user’s recommended starting dose is 5 ml at a time, and you can also test your own minimum dose in advance. Everyone’s body has a unique endogenous cannabinoid system that has a different receptor point for each person. So you can check the dosing guide for more information on the starting dose for each Rosebud CBD formulation. Record and track progress until the dose reaches the desired effect.

Knowing the above information about Rosebud CBD, I believe that you have already gained a lot. If you have any need, you can log in to the official website for consultation and purchase. In addition, we have prepared coupons for you. If you have a lot of demand for CBD, then using coupons is your best choice.


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