Today we want to introduce a CBD brand in Oregon, Select CBD. Mainly engaged in drops, CBD vape, tinctures, gel capsules, topical agents, pet tinctures and capsules formulated by Montel Williams.


Who is Select CBD?

Select CBD from Cura Cannabis which is the largest cannabis oil company in California and Oregon, based in Oregon.

In May 2019, Curaleaf Holdings acquired Cura Cannabis for nearly $1 billion. Curaleaf Holdings is America’s most valuable cannabis company, the largest acquisition of US companies in the cannabis industry.

And Curaleaf holdings has its own CBD production line. It can guarantee the cleanliness and safety of the products.


Where is Select CBD comes from?

Select CBD to source their marijuana from Oregon.

Select CBD is licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which is mandatory for all companies dealing with cannabis derivatives.

“Our brand differentiation lies in our completely legal supply chain,” said Cura Cannabis’s brand representative.

Cannabis is transferred to the chain of custody that selects the CBD, and when it arrives, it carries a certificate of authenticity.

Finally, the product is manufactured, packaged and shipped by facilities approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

it was named by Oregon Business Magazine as the Top 100 company working in Oregon in 2018. A new company is growing so fast, it must have different and outstanding places. compared with many other companies who make CBD these days.

Why i choose Select CBD?

Select CBD Drops




  • Quality:

purity, safe, effective products. No PG/VF/glycerine/glycol or any other additives. Select CBD to use food-grade ethanol or coconut oil to extract CBD, without the use of butane or other any other harmful chemicals. No other ingredients found in final products expect herbs and spices which are used to flavored.

Select CBD is non-psychoactive. Select CBD products are third-party tested to ensure they contain less than 0.03% THC. So it would not make you high and more anxiety.

  • Price:

Select CBD Drops sell for $65 for 1000mg, about $3.5/mg, Attractive price.

On the other hand, A 1,000 mg CBD may sound like a high amount to some users.

But don’t worry, Select CBD products within 2 years of the manufacture date. Keeping them in an upright, cool, and dry place is another step you can take to make sure you are able to enjoy them the way.

  • Flavors:

Select CBD has four flavors: lavender, lemon ginger, peppermint, unflavored drop. I bought the lavender drops. of course, many users have recommended me the delicious lemon Ginger drop, but i really don’t like ginger. But Ginger and turmeric are good for stomach pain and strengthen the immune system). Although the health benefits of this mixture are amazing, the taste is orange.


Trust me, the lavender flavor is awesome. The feeling just like you are in a lavender garden when you drop it in your mouth, a little bit sweet and the scent of lavender can relieve tension, without any nasty after taste associated with CBD.




2.CBD Vape Technology




The use of Vape is very simple, just find the filter and start pumping. Each puff is sustained for about 3 seconds, absorbing 1-2 mg of CBD each time.

I feel that my neck and shoulder muscles are immediately slack. After inhaling again, my heart feels more peaceful. I didn’t feel sleepy by inhaling this pen, but it was definitely more relaxing. I have used it several times a day since then and plan to buy another one to continue using.

Select CBD vape is the star product of the CBD market and the main product of Select CBD. This product makes Select become the first brand in Oregon, California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Unlike other brands of vape pens, Select CBD uses unbleached organic Japanese cotton cores in their vape pens.

Because the wick is in direct contact with the electronic fluid, a high-quality wick is critical to enjoying the atomization experience. However, cotton treated with bleach and dye can destroy the experience and worsen your health.

The use of unbleached organic cotton (Select CBD) ensures a healthy and enjoyable vaping experience, which is considered to be the most suitable cotton for moisture absorption.

  1. Many other CBD companies’ vape are using silica glass fiber cores, which is incorrect heating elements
  2. Each Select CBDpen undergoes seven levels of quality control during production.
  3. During this process, the pen is cured for at least 24 hours before being sent to the pharmacy.
  4. Curing allows wicking oil to saturate, which reduces the likelihood of mechanical failure or burnout.
  5. Choosing the CBD also noticed that their vape pen failure rate was less than 1%.


How about other products that Select CBD?

CBD capsule box

Each bottle of 30 x 50mg CBD gel capsules costs $80. You can choose between Relax and Alert, and because of the different terpenes used in each option, there is a difference in performance.

Select Pets

The company’s pet line contains 750 mg of CBD oil for $50. It has five flavors: odorless, bacon, peanut butter, salmon and chicken.

Select  Muscle Rub

The final product is Select Muscle Rub, which contains a variety of added ingredients such as menthol, vitamin E and tea tree oil. The result is a balm designed to relax and soothe muscle soreness. Each bottle of 3 oz. contains 250 mg of CBD and costs $35.


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