1. What is Cannabis Strain?

Cannabis has male cannabis plants and female cannabis plants, as well as rare androgynous cannabis plants. When marijuana blooms every year, female marijuana can produce seeds if it receives pollen from male marijuana and is fertilized. This is the hemp seed, which also produces the right amount of CBD, which can be made into cosmetics, oil, and other consumables.
When different males and different females multiply – the strains of the thousands of named varieties we consume today have been produced.
When discussing cannabis varieties, you may have heard of the words “indica”, “Sativa” and “hybrid”. These three types mainly refer to the shape and structure of various plants, which are important to the grower. Indica has a sedative effect, Sativa promotes energy, and hybridization effects are somewhere in between.

2. The Black Cannabis Strain and The White Cannabis Strain

2.1 What is black Cannabis Strain?

In the late 1980s in California and on Vancouver Island. However, the genetic lineage of black cannabis strains is largely unknown.
The laboratory results concluded that the ratio of black is 90% indica and 10% in sputum, so although it has sufficient sedative and painful numbness, it does include some nutrients to balance these effects.
Flowering time: indoor, 7-8 weeks, outdoor growth, early October

2.1 what is white Cannabis Strain?

White Cannabis Strain is the main hybrid of indica, cannabis, which can only be grown by cutting grass from mature plants of the same variety. The Cannabis lab Analytical 360 measures white THC levels between 25% and 30%. White is a particularly thoughtful tension that is useful for general meditation or specific problem-solving tasks.
Flowering time: Indoor planting, flowering within 6-7 weeks.


3. Appearance: black VS white

3.1black Cannabis Strain

The appearance of black marijuana is simply amazing, like a blonde in a velvet purple dress.
Looking closely, we found that the black cannabis strain is not black, but dark purple. It’s just that the purple color is too dark, so it gives a black impression.
Deep purple leaves covered with thick hairy crystals that sparkle when placed under the light.
Between its leaves is a brass-colored orange pistil with tiny hair curled and twisted.

3.2white Cannabis Strain

White marijuana gives me the impression that it is like a white crystal tower.
The white leaves are medium-sized and very dense, and the leaves, covered with thick hairy spider webs, produce a large number of shiny THC resin crystals, giving a silver-white appearance, very unique and eye-catching.


4. Smell: black VS white

4.1black Cannabis Strain

Black marijuana has a strong aroma, fruit and grape flavor, as well as a hint of earth and spices. Once the flowers are ground, they will have a slightly different scent, giving off a more spicy scent.

4.2white Cannabis Strain

The white aroma is citric, pine and earthy, sometimes with some strange sweetness, mixed with a hint of musk.


5. Taste: black VS white

5.1black Cannabis Strain

The taste is stronger than the smell, hitting the tongue with the taste of pepper and spices. Of course, the taste of berries and grapes is also mixed and transformed into a whole sweet and sugary taste.

5.2white Cannabis Strain

White exudes a loose taste with a musky aroma. The smoke thickens and swells, filling the chest, and some people may cough when exhaling, but it will hit you like the speed of light.


6.Effect: black VS white

6.1black Cannabis Strain

Black may be best for those seeking pain management, stress relief and sleep problems (insomnia). Especially for stress, it is important to start with a smaller dose because some individuals can react negatively to higher amounts of THC from any cannabis line, further increasing the level of anxiety. For insomnia, pain, migraine/headache, nausea and loss of appetite, a higher dose of black may be required.

6.2black Cannabis Strain

The climax of white quickly reaches in the form of supporting brain energy. Even with small doses, users describe the ability to be strongly focused, making it a valuable strain for treating ADD or ADHD. White is a particularly thoughtful tension that is useful for general meditation or specific problem-solving tasks.


7. Experience: black VS white

7.1black Cannabis Strain

Black will sink into the body and begin to relieve any severe pain and pain in an instant. Quickly calm down, these anesthetic-like effects can quickly get users into a deep sleep

7.2White Cannabis Strain

You will feel high intensity when inhaling white from the first bite. When you are finished, you will fall into a sleepy state. Your head feels like you are touching the pillow and the whole body feels extremely relaxed.


8. Side effects: black VS white

8.1black Cannabis Strain

For most japonica cannabis strains, black does produce very strong dry mouth (cotton) and dry eye. However, these adverse effects are small and can be easily managed with a little extra preparation and planning.
Consuming a large amount of moisturizing liquid before, during and after high temperature can prevent unnecessary dry mouth and prevent dehydration of the body, which means reducing headache or drowsiness the next day.
In rare cases, side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and paranoia may occur, but unless you know that you are prone to anxiety caused by THC, this should not cause concern.

8.2White Cannabis Strain

The taste is very strong, the taste may make the beginner suffocate, and some people may cough when exhaling. In addition, white THC levels range from 25% to 30%, and excessive use can easily induce potential paranoia or anxiety.

Review The Black Cannabis Strain and The White Cannabis Strain.

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