vape CBD should be your best choice if you are a beginner of using CBD and want to find a quick way to meet your body’s demand. Vaping CBD refers to the intake of CBD by inhalation to relieve the pain or injury caused by the disease. People who know our website may be familiar with Vaping because we have written an article “What is the best way to take CBD”. In this article, the characteristics of vaping CBD are briefly mentioned. In today’s article, we will give a detailed introduction to vape CBD and provide the most comprehensive vape CBD guide for CBD initiators. i will spare it for now. But before we get to the point, we will first introduce the main content of this article to you.

The introduction to vape CBD is divided into three parts:

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of vaping CBD
  2. Main methods and our option
  3. How to choose the right vape pen

Let’s take a look at the details of each part in turn.

一、Advantages and disadvantages of vaping CBD

When it comes to the popular CBD intake of vaping CBD, we have to mention CBD vape oil. CBD vape oil is a type of CBD oil and is often referred to as CBD e-juice, CBD e-liquid. Unlike traditional CBD oil, CBD vape oil contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), which dilute the oil and facilitate evaporation. Of course, the diluent used in different types of CBD vape oil may vary. The main feature of CBD vape oil is the need to heat it to achieve a transition from liquid to gas that eventually becomes respirable steam. This process is what we usually call vaping CBD, and it also proves the importance of CBD vape oil in the process of vaping CBD.

1.Advantages of Vaping CBD:

Vaping CBD has become more popular in recent years thanks to its benefits. First, in history, people used hemp in medicine and treatment. Later, with the development of science and technology, it was discovered that CBD interacts with endogenous cannabinoid systems in humans and other mammals. Therefore CBD can take effect on human bodies such as mood, sleep, and appetite, and help maintain the dynamic balance of the human body. These are also the well-known general benefits of CBD. To learn more characteristics of vaping CBD, we need specific analysis.

Regarding the use of vaping CBD, there is a general consensus that this approach is more efficient and easier to operate than other methods. Especially for patients with chronic diseases such as pain, inflammation, severe depression, and anxiety, vaping CBD may produce more effective treatments. Why do we say so? Because vaping CBD allows users to inhale CBD through the lungs, thus leading a curative effect on human diseases, which is different from the traditional way of digesting by the stomach first. On the one hand, CBD can enter the blood directly through the lungs and quickly benefit our body. On the other hand, this method greatly reduces the waste and consumption of CBD, therefore retains the value of CBD to the greatest extent. Vaping CBD can provide higher CBD bioavailability than other methods. At the same time, it is simple and easy to learn and operate. What’s more some CBD vape devices allow people to carry around anytime and anywhere. Vaping CBD is also an excellent substitute for smoking.

Additional Knowledge: Bioavailability of vaping CBD description

In general, not all of the CBD we consume has an effect on the body. That means only a portion of CBD can enter our body’s circulation and have a positive impact. This percentage is called “bioavailability“. Scientific studies have shown that the bioavailability of oral CBD is about 15%. The bioavailability of vaping CBD is the highest among all intake methods, which can reach 50%-60%. This means that when you ingest the same dose of CBD, vaping CBD has the greatest positive impact on the human body. Oral CBD is not as effective because CBD is insoluble in water. When we take CBD by oral administration, it needs to be metabolized by the liver, further reducing bioavailability. However, vaping CBD allows CBD to enter the lungs directly and then spread into the blood, reducing the consumption of CBD.

2.Disadvantages of Vaping CBD and how to solve:

Vaping CBD has many benefits, which is also an important reason for attracting many people to ingest CBD in this way. But everything has its double side. Studies have shown that vaping CBD does have some drawbacks.

vaping CBD may cause mild sleepiness

One of the most common side effects of CBD is the phenomenon of mild sleepiness in the user, which means that this may happen regardless of the way in which CBD is ingested. And it’s worth noting that this phenomenon often occurs in users who are using CBD for the first time. When they take too much of CBD, the body will feel sleepy. When the user’s body gradually adapts to the role of CBD, the symptoms of mild sleepiness can gradually subside.

Excessive temperature may cause carcinogens 

CBD vape oil is the main product of vaping CBD, and the thinner in its ingredients may be a potential health hazard. It is well known that when the feedstock oil containing the active CBD extract is too thick or too viscous, it is not suitable for use to vape. Therefore, the concentrate must be treated to reduce the viscosity and make it more fluid, so that it can be effectively used for vaping. This means that manufacturers need to add chemical diluents such as propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. These chemicals are not harmful at normal temperatures. However, when they are exposed to high temperatures, they may break down into carcinogenic compounds, which may cause harm to the human body.

Facing with this possible situation, in order to ensure the safety of vaping CBD, we need to buy a high-quality vape pen. Because the heating temperature of the vape pen represents the presence or absence of carcinogens. The high-quality vape pen produces effective evaporation, which prevents the decomposition of the diluent into carcinogens that are harmful to the human body. It is important to ensure the heating temperature of the tool when we vape CBD.

It May cause respiratory problems

One aspect that is less discussed the safety of vaping CBD is the potential respiratory hazard of the stratum corneum wax in CBD vape oil. The stratum corneum wax is the outer layer of oil that covers the surface of the cannabis plant. When we vape CBD, if the wax layer is burned, it usually does not cause any problems in respiratory health. However, when the temperature of the atomization is low, the stratum corneum wax is often not burned. This oily waxy debris may get together and eventually settle in the lungs or somewhere. This can cause serious long-term health problems. Fortunately, this is only speculation, and there is no clinical evidence to prove this phenomenon. However, in order to ensure the safety of vaping CBD just in case, this is worthy of attention.

Therefore, people can use CBD products that have removed all cuticle wax when they vape CBD.

2、The main methods and options of Vaping CBD

There are two main methods for Vaping CBD, one is to use CBD vape e-juice and the other is to use CBD vape pen. Let’s take a look separately:

1.CBD vape e-juice

CBD vape e-juice is CBD vape oil or electronic liquid, which basically enters the human body through the action of an evaporation device or an atomizer. Due to the diversity of CBD vape e-juice, you should consider a variety of options before purchasing:

Taste: It depends on your personal taste. There are many different options for each flavor of CBD vape oil, from which users can choose the flavor you like.

CBD concentration: The concentration range of CBD vape e-juice varies greatly. Some products contain only 25 mg of CBD, while other products have a CBD content of up to 500 mg. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a low dose and gradually increase.

2.CBD vape pen

Most CBD vape pens come with pre-installed CBD cartridges that allow users to quickly start using CBD when they get it. The only thing users need to do is to buy a CBD vape pen from a trusted manufacturer and charge the device when there is no power.

Through these two methods, people can achieve the purpose of vaping CBD. But different ways are suitable for different users. If you just start to use CBD and are interested in new things, the CBD vape pen should be the best method for you. Because it is easy to learn and easy to operate. For experienced vape users, CBD vape e-juice is their first choice. Because they use a nebulizer to give them a special experience, they can add their favorite viable substances to the CBD vape e-juice.

三、How to choose CBD vape pen?

CBD starters typically choose the CBD vape pen as an entry-level product. Some old CBD users will also use it due to the performance and portability of CBD vape pen. So how do you choose the right CBD vape pen among the many products on the market?

The CBD vape pen is generally divided into two categories according to the use: one-time CBD vape pen and refillable CBD vape pen.

1.One-time CBD vape pen

Disposable CBD vape pen refers to a vape containing a battery and a nebulizer, which contains a preset CBD electronic liquid. It is somewhat similar to a cigar and presents a small cigarette type. This disposable item can be supplied hundreds of times before it is exhausted. Moreover, CBD users do not need to make other investments after purchasing such products. The one-time CBD vape pen is usually stretch-activated and the operation is very simple.

Its main advantages:

•Great for users who are starting to use CBD for the first time

•The price is relatively cheap and the user does not need to purchase any other items.


•Can only be activated by stretching, not freely adjustable

•Less selective

•CBD content is low, people may need multiple vapes to meet their own needs.

2.Refillable CBD vape pen

Refillable CBD vape pen is a vape pen that can fill the CBD vape e-juice by itself and can be used for a long time. It usually has a water tank connected to a rechargeable stick battery. Because this vape pen needs to be used for a long time, users need to purchase related products mainly including CBD vape oil.


•This device is more cost effective from a long-term perspective.

•Most refillable CBD vape pens have adjustable controls that allow people to adjust power and airflow as needed.

•Have different styles and choices


•People need to know more about product use before using it.

•After use, some maintenance is required.

We have clearly listed the classification of the CBD vape pen and their respective advantages and disadvantages. People should choose the CBD vape pen that suits them best. At the same time, you need to know the total amount of CBD vape pen and how many doses of CBD in a milliliter of vape e-juice. For example, if your vape pen can hold a total of 1.5 ml, and the filled CBD vape e-juice contains 25 mg of CBD per mg, there will be approximately 37.5 mg of CBD in the entire cartridge.

Since the CBD Vape pen has different heat or power settings, you should study it carefully before use to achieve the best results.

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