We have written a lot of articles about CBD, including the benefits of CBD, comparison with THC, various CBD productions and so on. Recently, I have seen some comments from readers.  Through our website and other sources, they have learned more information about CBD which they have not touched before. And they have a comprehensive understanding of CBD. They believe that CBD and its products can really play an important role in people’s daily life. Especially, it is more beneficial for people with physical illnesses. But they have an important question about CBD. They want to know the result of testing CBD before using it. That is because many foreign companies and institutions have relevant drug tests before recruiting or collecting students. CBD users are willing to treat their illness, but they don’t want to delay or lose their study or work because of CBD.

So today we will discuss the question about  CBD can be detected in the drug test or not. At the same time, I hope that readers will leave a lot of comments after reading this essay. And they can put forward their own ideas and opinions on this.

In fact, the problem with the result of testing CBD has been divided for a long time. Everyone has different opinions. People usually use CBD to treat their illness by the way of taking CBD productions instead of simply taking in CBD. So the drug test on CBD products will interfere with many factors in the actual process. Let’s take a concrete discussion.

First, let’s look at the factors that can affect the results of testing CBD.

1.the content requirements of CBD in the drug test

In fact, the drug test for CBD is not intended to detect the concentration of CBD, but to detect the content of THC in CBD products. Why do we say so?

It is well known that CBD can benefit human diseases through interaction with endogenous cannabinoid systems in the human body. THC can also interact with ECS, but they are different. CBD and THC could lead to different effects because the receptors that bind to them and the nature of their own are different. THC is psychoactive. It can make people high when combined with the CB1 receptor, while CBD does not. This is the reason for opposing the use of THC, and it is the real purpose of drug testing. The content of THC in legal CBD products does not exceed 0.3%, which is much lower than what is usually detectable in drug testing. Moreover, CBD can offset some negative effects of THC. So people do not need to worry about whether the required CBD products can pass drug detection.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the maximum content of THC should not exceed 50 mg / mL to pass the drug test. This is also the experimental standard recognized by most companies and institutions. Qualified CBD products will undergo a series of experimental tests. The information about the experimental results will be published on the brand’s official website before they are actually sold in the market. Therefore, most of the CBD products on the market are qualified products which can meet the requirements. People can pass the drug test successfully if they are using these productions. However, for some users who use high-dose CBD, the results of the experimental test may be unexpected. For example, they need to consume more than 2000mg of CBD oil per day. But there may be conclusive results in subsequent tests.

Although studies have shown that individual CBD products are unlikely to produce unfortunate results in drug testing. It is important to note that CBD is found to interact with certain compounds in the body. This means that CBD users who also use cannabis may actually display higher levels of THC longer than cannabis alone. Therefore, for the most insured scheme, it is the best way for CBD users not to take CBD before the experimental test temporarily.

2. The excessive THC exists in CBD products

The content of THC in normal CBD products should not exceed 0.3%. That is much lower than the range of doses that can be found in the drug test. Although many unscrupulous merchants claim to be free of THC in their CBD products, this is not the case. The real situation is that THC exists in these CBD products. And its content is seriously excessive, which can easily lead to the failure of drug testing.

The problem of excessive THC content is also related to many factors. Objectively, the source of CBD products determines the content of CBD and THC in the products. While the subjectively substandard or human error may lead to more excessive THC mixing in CBD products. Let us explain one by one.

First, legal CBD oil is extracted from industrial cannabis seeds, which contain almost no THC. You may find that some brands have THC traces, but the dose of THC is not exceeded. Because the outer leaves of the hemp seeds are used during the extraction process. This source of CBD oil can pass the drug test successfully. In addition to this oil extracted from hemp seeds, there are two forms of CBD oil that can show up in testing drugs. They are extracted from cannabis plants and full-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD oil extracted from cannabis plants are known for their high levels of THC. Full-spectrum CBD oil is usually made from cannabis flowers, sometimes using cannabis leaves during the extraction process. This type of oil separates the hemp resin from the plant material by the use of a solvent, resulting in a high product concentration, which means including a high THC content. Extracted from cannabis plants and full-spectrum CBD oil can show up in the drug test. So when purchasing CBD products, we must pay attention to the source of CBD products. And select the industrial cannabis extract that meets the requirements and standard.

Secondly, human factors can also cause the purchased CBD products to fail to pass the drug test. This is most common when people choose to buy CBD oil in a pharmacy. There are legal CBD products and THC products in the pharmacy. It is easy to take more THC if the pharmacy staff mistakes the labels of the two or mix THC products into the CBD products accidentally. Finally, the user can’t pass the drug test.

3. Inadvertently exposed to THC

If we accidentally come into contact with THC or used THC before drug testing, it may lead to failure in drug testing. The second-hand THC is like second-hand smoke. Although the human who does not smoke directly inhales other people’s smoke, it will also find traces in the lungs and cause harm to the human body. However, the probability of this happening is very small, because you need to stay in a room with heavy smoking and poor ventilation for several hours. After that, THC that you inhale is possible to exceed the specified content in the drug test. Otherwise, Secondhand smoke is not enough to leave enough content in your system.

However, there is another situation that is more likely to cause the content of  THC to exceed the standard. It is the hemp hair test. This is due to direct contact with marijuana or someone touching your hair after exposure to marijuana. You may find that there is excessive THC dose on your hair in the subsequent drug test. However, it can be assured that this kind of second-hand exposed THC will not happen when people pay more attention to it.

Normal results and THC detected results

Normal CBD oil can’t show up in drug testing, while CBD products with excessive THC content are positive in the drug test.

How to avoid the failure of drug testing

Since we have already known the reasons that may affect the failure of CBD products in drug testing, we should actively avoid them from these aspects.

First of all, we already know that the real purpose of drug testing is THC, we need to ensure that the CBD products we purchase are legal and meet the requirements. Before purchasing CBD products, do thorough research to ensure that the used CBD products are pure and legal. We try to buy CBD products online because regular companies will post relevant experimental results and guarantees related to CBD products on their official websites.

Considering the factors that may exceed the THC content, we need to ensure that CBD oil is a separate product extracted from a viable industrial cannabis supply. And it is not a low-quality tanning agent. Whether buying online or offline, you need to carefully consider whether the CBD products are labeled or not. Of course, most insurance is to buy online.

Ask about the processing technology of the product and the possibility of cross-contamination. Avoid contact with second-hand marijuana before drug testing. Do not stay in heavy smoking areas or hair exposure to THC users. For patients taking large doses of CBD products, it is safer to avoid using CBD products or reducing the dose before drug testing.

At last

All in all, if you buy a reputable, quality-assured CBD oil that is extracted from viable industrial cannabis with the content of THC less than 0.3%, then you will have no surprises in drug testing. Therefore, taking good quality of CBD oil every day will not cause you to be positive in the detection of drugs. But to be on the safe side, make sure to buy CBD from a reputable manufacturer. You even can try to isolate CBD temporarily. Finally, it should be noted that users stay cautious as much as possible. And they will be responsible for their own results because of many factors that may lead to the failure of drug testing.

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